Are there any 10Trade Complaints

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Realty Trade Complaints & Reviews


Hal called me from realty trade promised if I would just give them $790.00 from my credit card, that my timeshare would sell. If it didn’t sell they would refund my $790.00. I told him I needed my money, and he promised I could call him at any time. I still have the original sheet of paper that I wrote his information he gave me on the first phone call. He told me they would send me a contract, but before he could get the contract drawed up he would need my credit card on file. Well before I ever received my contract and signed it they took the money from my credit card. I have all the paperwork. I have all the dates, the contracts, my credit card statement. I asked for my money back, because for about 5 months I had not heard nothing from them. When I called and felt like I was being given the runaround, they told me they had an offer for me. Well, they shot me the offer through to my email, I responded to the person with the offer, but did not get no response. I tried calling hal several times but with no luck. I even tried talking to other people to get in touch with him, and they would just tell me he had been transferred to another department. I need my money back, how do I need to go about it.

Signed an agreement with Realty Trade in August 2020 to market our Monarch Vacations timeshare. They guaranteed that they will refund our money, $894, if we failed to receive an offer from a buyer. Prior to this we discover that this company is a fraud and made several false representations in their website. As an example, the sales rep that we spoke to mentioned that they do have scarce resource of our timeshare, the Monarch Vacations. When I went to their website, there were marketing several Monarch properties. We asked for a refund after 6 months passed, we did not receive any offer and they do not want to refund our money. We also foudn out that there is a mass action lawsuit filed in Florida for this company for misprepresentation charges.

My Uncle and I decided to use Realty Trade in August of 08. To date they have not sold our Timeshare nor have the been willing to give us back our Money. In addition in the first call that I had with them I was told that all the hasle would be taken off our shoulders as they did everything from soup to nuts.

I called them repeatedly and was told that they were working very hard and would we extend our contract. We told them yes. Now we would like our money back. There is no response on email and their phone number listed on the internet is now not a valid number. If anyone out there can help me with information, please email me at [email protected] Bette

You could write the attorney general. I don’t think she will do anything, but a class action suit would be in order. They are terrible. I don’t know who this “Hal ” is, but I think he replaced Larry williams. It probably isn’t evenhis real name.

refund. will only refund 1/2

Long story short, here is another story just like the rest of the others.

I signed contract with them and have since recieved no offers. They claim 1 email was sent to my email. I have asked to get a copy of the offer or the person interested, and they said, we are not allowed to give their phone numbers out. As a seller I was eager to sell. Even at a reduced price. My timeshare was priced at 19k, I would have even took 15k for my time share.

Unfortunatly, I didn’t recieve any offers, and they have refuse to give me back refund.

I am writting this in order to get some type of positive outcome from your company (realty trade // virtual group inc. (registered with bbb with 214 complaints in 30 days)

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I am hopping some one from your company contact me, and initiate a full refund, as you have not honored the contract, nor have your company been honest about anything.

I am here to see if I can recieve my full refund. Not the lazy 1/2 refund offered.

Please mr. Timur shamsutdinov, me. Tim harrison, ms. Gyna bien-aime, mr. Boris harutyunyan, mr. Brian wrobolowski

Contact me at [protected] or my number listed with your company account # [protected]

I would like to get a final decision from the responsible parties of this company in writting.

I appriciate if you contact me with having a solution in mind so we can work this mess up.

We are trying to file a class action law suit in Florida, we would like all the people who had been Scam by Reality Trade to e-mail us at [protected] or [protected]

Real in their sales pitch to me claims that they bought out Realty Trade and they have a stellar reputation, that all the scams are Realty Trade and not them. Why would they buy them out and carry this baggage with them? Did they just change their name from Realty Trade to Real Property to keep on scamming?

Go to: and file a complaint. It needs to be done by everyone who has been taken by these internet thieves. A class action suit would not be advisable in Florida. That’s what they want. The suit should be filed in a U.S. District Court as a “diversity of citizenship” suit in a neighboring district. You need to have enough people claiming losses over $75, 000 in order to file suit in federal court. But, it may be the only way to hold people at that company both criminally and civilly responsible. The catch here is that the company has been changing their name frequently and the employees all have fake names. I do not know what licensing agency has given them their licensure. They need to be complained to as well. Rumor has it that these professional thieves may have foreign mob connections as well.

Realty Trade / Realty Property Update on their Company Scam.
Report just came in 4/1/2020

Florida: On March 17, 2020, Virtual Group, Inc. d/b/a Realty Trade; and Boris Harutyunyan; Timur Shasutdinov, a/k/a Tim Harrison and Brian Wroblewski; individuals, (Respondents) agreed and consented to the the entry of an Agreed Judgment and Final Order with the State of Florida, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Legal Affairs. The Respondents entered into the settlement without any admission that they have violated the law for the purpose of resolving the complaint.

Under the terms of the settlement, the Respondents will not engage in any deceptive and unfair practices, including, but not limited to, the following:

Soliciting by telephone any customer listed on the National or Florida Do Not Call List;
Collecting or attempting to collect payment for services without the Express Verifiable Authorization of the customer as required; engaging in Commercial Telephone Solicitation with a license; make any false or misleading statements including that they have people waiting to buy or rent customers’ timeshares, they have experienced a high demand for timeshares in the area in which the customers’ timeshares are located, potential customers’ timeshares will be sold or rented within a short period of time, misrepresenting to customers the number of timeshares sold or rented as a result of their advertising services, misleading customers into believe that sales representatives will personally market the customers’ timeshares; misrepresenting the terms of refund, cancellation, exchange or repurchase policies and misrepresenting that they are affiliated with the customers’ timeshare resorts.

In addition the Respondents shall offer and provide within thirty (30) days of the customers’ request, full refunds to eligible consumers of any amounts paid. Customers that are eligible for a full refund shall include consumers who have received services that were misrepresented and those who notify the Respondents of cancellation with seven (7) business days of receiving the confirmation of the sale.

As part of the settlement the Respondents will continue to respond to any and all complaints received by the Better Business Bureau.

Case No. 2020-CA – 6491-0

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The BBB has no information regarding Ad Reviews at this time.

Additional Information
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Realty Trade and are fictitious names filed with the State of Florida. Both names are owned by Virtual Group Inc.

Industry Tips
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If you’ve been contacted by a company offering to sell or rent your timeshare the BBB advises using caution, especially if an advance fee is involved. While these companies claim to have ready buyers or renters, imply they are representing foreign investors; or that corporations are interested, most are just offering to advertise your timeshare for sale. Do not confuse the service of an advertising or marketing company with those of a real estate company. In most real estate transactions it is the buyer who puts up a deposit and the real estate company gets its commission from the seller only after the deal closes. Ask if the company’s salespeople are licensed to sell real estate or whether they are selling an advertising program. If you’re contacted by a marketing service, don’t allow the caller to pressure you into making a hurried decision. Request detailed written information about the company’s services, find out where they currently advertise and visit other Internet listings the company may have. Most company’s can not tell you whether a timeshare has rented or sold because these are generally “For Sale (or Rent) By Owner advertisements. Fees for timeshare listing services can range from $295-$600 with little guarantee that your unit will be sold or rented.

In the State of Florida – the collection of advanced listing fees from Florida residents, regardless of the location of the property, and owners of Florida timeshares is prohibited. Section 721.20(6), Florida Statutes, prohibits the collection of any advance fee for the listing of any timeshare estate or timeshare license, and requires that any seller of a timeshare plan be a licensed real estate broker, broker associate or sales associate as defined in Section 475.01, Florida Statutes.

Be sure to get all promises in writing, but remember that even then, those promises are only as good as the company that stands behind them.

As a matter of policy, the BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.
BBB Reliability Reports are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Reliability Report is believed reliable, but not guaranteed as to accuracy.
BBB Reliability Reports generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Reliability Reports are subject to change at any time.
If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted the BBB for a BBB Reliability Report.

ID: 172358692
Report as of: 4/1/2020 3:11 AM

10 Reasons Why Our Customers Complain

With the Internet becoming part of our lives users prefer complaining publicly about services or products. According to Conversocial 88% of consumers are less likely to buy from companies who leave complaints unattended. But what about those customers who just did not complain and went away silently? These will be forever lost for a company and will never come back. To prevent customers from switching to competitors businesses should pay more attention to their complaints and address them timely.

However, this is not enough. Complaints are the greatest source of learning, they show us where we fail and where and how we should improve. Here are 10 most common reasons why our customers complain.

1. Not Keeping Promises

If you give a promise ensure you keep it. Some promises sound great but if they have not been kept this may lead to multiple complaints, distrust and switching to competitors. Will you order again from a company which did not deliver in time as promised? I think we all know the answer….

2. Poor Customer Service

When customer service representatives are not trained properly, keep customers waiting for a long time and do not resolve issues, this is called poor customer service. It is very irritating to see rep’s efforts in resolving your issue and at the end having a simple question unanswered or no solution provided. In addition to this, when customers always hear only your voice menu, see offline live chat button and wait about a week for an email reply, they will definitely start complaining. And be sure, they will not complain to your staff, they will turn to social media because they want to be heard.

3. Transferring From One CSR to Another

Poor staff training leads to calls or chats being transferred from one agent to another. And there is nothing more irritating than telling your story again and again. As you can see a human side of your business can sometimes generate more complaints than your operational side.

4. Rude Staff

Do you check conversations and chat records of your staff with your customers? It’d be a good strategy to keep an eye on this as sometimes rude attitude, inability to listen and interrupting customers may become one of the main reasons for your customers to complain publicly and tell the world about your customer service quality. There are also people who treat customers as if they interfere into their daily routine. The way they communicate with people is enough to turn the most mild mannered of customers against your company. Do you have such reps in your company? Keep them away from your customers!

5. No Omni-channel Customer Service

Giving your customers an easy way to get in touch with you is one of the first requirements of good customer service. If your customers do not see convenient ways of getting in touch with your team regarding their questions they will contact your competitors and will tell the world about their experience. Today online shoppers use not only email and phone for communication purposes. Live chat and social media are gaining popularity among consumers and for some customers it is convenient to begin conversation using one channel and finish it using another.

6. Not Listening to Customers

Ignoring your customers and not listening to them is one of the biggest mistakes a customer service rep can make and one of the reasons for customers to complain. Just walk a mile in your customers’ shoes to see what they feel when they are not listened to.

7. Hidden Information and Costs

Play fair with your customers. Keeping some of your fees hidden and uncovering this in the middle of purchasing process is a frequent reason for a human to complain. The impression given is that your company cheats its customers.

8. Low Quality of Products or Services

If you promise high quality of your products or services and what you deliver is of lower quality, then be sure, your customers will share this bad experience publicly and most likely complain in social media networks.

9. Keeping an Issue Unresolved

Unresolved issues and complaints are deadly to any business. If you turn away from your customers and let everything go “as is” then you will lose most part of your customers. But if you keep on resolving issues and complaints improving your service at the same time, then you will win loyal customers who will be glad to share their positive experience.

10. Inaccessibility

How easy is it to contact you? Do you provide enough information about your company? When a customer is seeking assistance there is nothing worse than lack of contact information or unanswered emails and not returned calls. This drives people crazy, especially if they have already paid you.

Losing even a single customer can be very costly for businesses. The art of handling complaints is not only resolving them to customers’ satisfaction, it’s also about improving your business and taking needed measures to preventing such complaints in future. What do you do to prevent customers from complaining?

Is there any problem / Are there any problems?


Senior Member

I’ve got a question about how to ask if everything is ok using the specific phrase “are there any problems?”.

Imagine that you want to make sure that everything is ok with a customer that has just bought something from your store, and you ask him

Is there any problem?
Is there any problems?
are there any problems?

which one of the above would be acceptable?, which one would be the most natural?.

Are there any 10Trade Complaints?

Unfortunately, there are times when Players and Casinos disagree. In these instances, it is beneficial for independent 3rd party mediators to resolve the disagreement. For this reason, SlotJoint Casino has partnered with both the AskGamblers and ThePogg Casino Complaints Service. So if you have a complaint with SlotJoint Casino please contact either the AskGamblers or ThePogg Casino Complaints Service.

When gambling at any online casino, you might experience some issues. If that happens you are entitled to make a complaint with official government regulatory bodies which issue licences or an independent regulatory bodies, such as AskGamblers.

If you are experiencing any issues with SlotJoint Casino regarding Payment, Bonuses, Software, Deposit, Accounts or other, you are welcome to file a complaint with the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service

As it is important for us to be transparent, Slotjoint has joined AskGamblers circle of trust. We urge players who have complaints to post them publicly via the unique AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service.

To encourage both our casino and the player to solve a potential issue as quickly as possible, there is a timer installed, so actually each party has 96h to respond. Failure of each party to do so within the given timeframe will result in the closure of the complaint. Hopefully, it won’t come to this, but if it by any means does, we are willing to do our best to resolve all issues in the best possible way.

ThePogg has been providing his Dispute Mediation Service since 2020 and has quickly created a reputation for being one of the most respected mediators in the online casino industry. Their team holds qualifications with the Charted Institute of Arbitrators, has previously served as an ADR for the UKGC and has been approved to serve as an ADR for the Jersey Gambling Commission. You can submit a complaint to their service at ThePogg Casino Complaints Service.


As per our license obligations under the United Kingdom Gambling Comission (UKGC), site is required to inform you that player funds are kept in designated accounts which are separate from the Company business accounts. In the event of insolvency, player funds would part of the Company. This meets the UKGC’s requirements for segregation of player funds at basic level. For further information please see:

I’ve read and acknowledged the above notification

Click here to set your limits or alternatively you can contact our Customer Support who will assist you anytime.

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