Azure Method Review

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Azure Method Scam Review! Anthony’s Deception Revealed!

The Azure Method is a Fraudulent SCAM? No Loss Trading App?

Stumbled upon Azure Method by a special invite and looking to earn some extra cash from binary options trading? It’s essential for you to understand this Azure Method Scam Review before investing money into it. There is indeed no doubt that you are able to profit from this dynamic industry. However, is Azure Method the right trading tool for you? The binary options industry is targeted by scam-creators that only aims to lure inexperienced trader’s money. As such, to prevent bad decisions, our inspection hopes to shed some truth on the Azure Method as well as all other frauds we Blacklisted to all our readers!

The Azure Method by Anthony Azure (aka Tony), allegedly the CEO/Founder of this trading app, is said to be a “No Loss Software” that makes $8,000 an hour. Literally, “NO LOSS”! He affirms that this trading app has not seen a losing trade in months and has the capability to make you hundreds of thousands in a month! Despite the fact that there was no information on how exactly such a staggering performance is reached, the video presentation is very well staged. Well, can this be truly a “miracle software” that makes you hundreds of thousands richer by the end of the month? We investigated the offer and found alarming facts used in the proposal and offer that traders need to be aware of! Read below for more information.

The Azure Method OR BS Method?

Having experienced in reviewing auto trading system related scams/frauds, we typically have very strong skepticism against over-promising claims. Azure Method falls under one many auto trader that claims to have 100% winning rate (No Loss). Truthfully, there is no algorithm or even the best trader in the world that could realistically achieve such a track record. Trading simply does not allow such a performance! Also, growing your account from a $250 to $8,000 in a day is also another wishful thinking. These are typical dishonest allegation that scammer used to get viewers hyped up to invest. Such is the case of negative feedback we received from a victim, stating: “I have invested in Azure Method, but I lost 50$ at the end of first day”.

Still have a little faith that Azure Method may still be Genuine? Fraud Tactics Exposed!

Naturally as a consumer, you’d probably be looking for proof of success correct? The video introduction did provide snapshots of their “beta testers” like Paul Carr, Ann Moris, Terrance Sanderson and Carla. However, the photos are taken straight from their broker account instead of Azure Method’s trading platform. Apart from that, they are dated back in April 2020. A simple study would reveal that was created on 30th May 2020. Hence, the auto trading platform can’t have possibly made them money when it has yet to exist! We also found that Paul Carr, one of the beta testers, is known as Brian Fox from Perpetual Formula SCAM! This only prove that this guy is a paid actor lying in fraudulent trading systems!

The second registration page shares a “verified members’ results” that uses random pictures attainable from the internet. Hilariously, it returns “live trades” even on Weekends (as I am writing this analysis on a late Saturday)! There should be no trading activities during weekends as the market closes, but how could Azure Method have trades? Because this “Live Members Verified Results” are fakes with NO legitimacy in it. Same can be spoken for the “VIP SPOT TIMER” which prompts you to sign up before it reaches zero. Guess what? We were still able to register even it reaches zero and it refreshes itself upon your next visit!

WARNING! STAY AWAY from Azure Method!

Cunning tactics mentioned above are actually typical strategies that con-artist applies attract immediate sign-ups. Unfortunately, these sign-ups or registrations is not returning profits to it’s users but simply misleading information! This phenomenon does not benefit both the binary options industry and traders except for the scam-artist! As such, please refer to our site for information BEFORE YOU INVEST! We can be reached at [email protected], and certainly be happy to lend a helping hand.

As harsh that the real world sounds, there are in fact GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trading system which emerges every once in a while. Check out BELOW!

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Azure Method’s Conclusion!

With all the SHAM trickery exposed above, we have no choice but to declare Azure Method is a SCAM auto trading system! The deceitful expectation placed upon it’s viewers are illusions to lure immediate deposit! The fabricated bank snapshots & verified trade outcome, paid actors and meaningless timer are added lies supporting it! Invest Wisely, Do Your Research, and Trade Safe!

Azure Method Review

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Sample – Customer Reviews App with Cognitive Services (Azure Functions tools for Visual Studio 2020)

This sample showcases the new Azure Functions tooling for C# Class Libraries in Visual Studio. It has a website where customers submit product reviews, stored in Azure storage blobs and CosmosDB; and an Azure Function to perform automated moderation of the customer reviews using Microsoft Cognitive Services. It uses an Azure storage queue to decouple the website from the function.

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Please follow the Setup Instructions to get your environment configured.

Here’s a view of the architecture of the sample:

Deliver as a Demo

Here is the demo script.

And here’s an example recording of the demo:

Section 1: Azure Functions tools for Visual Studio 2020

This section highlights the benefits of creating Azure Functions in Visual Studio 2020: compiled class libraries, attribute based function definition, intellisense, live unit testing, local debugging.

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Source Refresh with updated tools (#6) Jan 6, 2020

Screen Steps Notes
In Visual Studio with the Content Moderator solution open, right Click on the ContentModerationFunction project and select Add -> Class -> Azure Function. The demo includes a website for customers to upload cat product reviews, including a picture and a comment. You can change the whole sample with a different type of product reviews by updating the sample images and the cognitive services code. The team already built a function to automate the moderation of those reviews, using an Azure Storage queue to decouple the website and the automated moderation performed by the serverless function using Azure Functions. By using Azure Functions, you don’t have to maintain a separate server. The platform scales out automatically based on the workload, and you pay per execution. And now with the great Visual Studio tooling you can be super productive in this new compute model. The first thing to notice is we have an updated File->New experience to create a new Azure Function project or to add a new Azure Function class, where you can set the triggers and bindings right here. But you can cancel out of it and explore the one we already created for the reviews moderation.
Review the Azure Function class definition.

You can see IntelliSense by typing image in the code inside the method.

Our new tooling is based on .NET class libraries, which means you get the full support of Visual Studio 2020 features like IntelliSense, debugging and more.
Enable Live Unit Testing if using Visual Studio 2020 Update 3 Enterprise Edition. You can also take advantage of the new Live Unit testing feature to see the latest unit test status right in the editor. There’s two simple tests that get run from the Tests project.
Check out the Queue, Blob, and CosmosDB attributes in the method You can now use attributes on your Function method declarations for its triggers and bindings, so you don’t need a separate metadata file for this. This makes it really easy to understand your function. As you can see, this function is triggering from a storage queue, where the website puts alerts for my function to know that there’s a new review; and binds to blob storage where the review picture is, and to a CosmosDB document where the review text and other metadata are.
Look at the text moderation code The function right now is only reviewing the text of the review, by calling out to the Content Moderation Microsoft Cognitive API to ensure the text is safe. Now you can edit the function to also moderate the image itelf to ensure it’s safe and contains a picture of a cat.
Select the following two lines:

InputDocument.IsApproved = passesText;
Bool containsCat = true;

and replace them with three new lines:

(bool containsCat, string caption) = await PassesImageModerationAsync(image);
inputDocument.IsApproved = containsCat && passesText;
inputDocument.Caption = caption;

If you use AutoHotKey there’s a Serverless.ahk file in the Reset\assets folder with Control+Shift+a configured to paste these lines.

Now you’re also using the Vision API to review the image too. It ensures there’s a cat in the image.
Add a breakpoint to the EmitCustomTelemetry line.

Click the Run button to start debugging.

Switch to browser tab with your Reviews website open.

Now that your code changes are done, you can make sure this is all working. By setting a breakpoint you now debug this function locally, while still interacting with Azure Storage and CosmosDB. You’ve started debugging locally.
Click on the + Add Picture button on the website. you can add a new photo that will add a message to the Storage queue and trigger the function running in Visual Studio. Try a photo that will fail image moderation (a photo without a cat).
Click on +Image .

Select the dog image.

Click on Review textbox.

Enter a review text in the textbox (or enter ctrl+shift+b to paste review text if using AutoHotKey).

Click create, wait for image and Pending status to show.

Switch to Visual Studio

Given this is a cat review site our Function should fail anything that’s not a cat. And that should trigger our function with this new review.
Once the breakpoint is hit, check out the values of queueInput, containsCat, and caption (not inputDocument.Caption).

Click Continue button and switch back to website

This is the amazing part, that no other serverless platform offers: you can trigger off Azure events even when you’re running locally. This is not an emulator or simulator, it’s the actual Azure Functions runtime on your local machine.

The function triggered from the queue message that the website created, and you can see the queue contents right here. You can also see the result that comes back from Cognitive Services. It will even give you a caption of the picture you uploaded. The function also uses the binding to update the status of the document in CosmosDB.

After the function finishes executing, refresh the website page. It should show the result of the moderation as Rejected and a description of the picture. Switch back to Visual Studio If you’re happy with the function code update, it’s time to ship it!
If you have Live Unit Tests going, check that the green unit tests ticks are there. Right click on project and select Publish. The unit tests would have automatically run again when you added the image moderation code. Let’s have a look at how easy you can publish and deploy the function. The easiest way to do this is to right click on my project and select Publish.
If using VSTS you can cancel out of publish window, otherwise you can publish it directly from here in Visual Studio. Here you can decide to publish directly to an Azure Function that you already have created on Azure, or create a new one using the Publish wizard.

If you and your team are leveraging Visual Studio Team Services, the best tool for teams to implement continuous delivery of any code to Azure, continue to the next section.

Section 2: Continuous Integration

This section highlights how Visual Studio Team Services can be used to implement continuous integration and deployment of the Azure Function code.

Screen Steps Script
Right click on the in Visual Studio and select Commit.

Select the commit textbox and enter a short commit text (or click Ctrl+Shift+c to paste the commit code if using AutoHotKey).

Click on Commit and Sync

Without even leaving your development environment you’ll commit these changes to your repo and trigger a build.
After a while, open Team Explorer – Builds in Visual Studio Team Services.

Right click on latest build and select Open

Commiting the code will trigger an existing continuous integration pipeline that you created with VSTS to build and test your changes. In a real scenario you would also submit a pull request from Visual Studio or in VSTS and let your function code get reviewed by your team, and once merged have it be deployed by VSTS to test and other environments using Release Management.

If you want to learn more about this build run you can right click and open it from Visual Studio

Check out the build running/or finalized if done already in VSTS Here you can see your build is successful, passed the unit tests, and your latest code was pushed up to your dev Azure Function by VSTS. You have this solution already deployed to Azure, and now you can close the loop and see how users are using it and how it is behaving.

Section 3: Application Insights

This section highlights how Application Insights custom telemetry can be surfaced on Azure along with overall telemetry from the demo website.

Screen Steps Script
Check out the code the EmitCustomTelemetry method to see how the custom telemetry is being sent.

Open your Azure Portal tab with the Customer Reviews cusom dashboard in the browser

In addition to the best development tooling and great integration with Visual Studio Team Services, you can take advantage of Application Insights to easily build custom telemetry into your application. You will see that with a few lines of code you’re collecting and storing application telemetry for deep insights and analysis.
Mouse over the donut wheel in the shared Reviews Insights dashboard.

Hover over a couple of areas of the donut to see their values.

Hover over the application map and interact with it.

Click on the edit query button in the donut to get to the Application Insights Analytics portal

When you go to the Azure portal you have rich visualizations and deep insights about how your app and your function are performing in a shared dashboard. For example you can see how many Reviews have been approved or rejected and why. You can also see how many calls are being made to your site, Azure Function, and their dependencies, and the latency of these calls. And if you need to you can drill into the specifics of the telemetry using Application Insights Analytics
You’ll see type of query result changed to barchart

You can click Go to run the query again and see the results as barchart.

Here you can drill in to individual requests, aggregate your results in a different way. You can change the view type and re-run the query. You can export the new view to your Azure Portal dashboard, or use this query as a source in Power BI.

So, with Azure Functions, Visual Studio, Team Services, and App Insights you and your team have the best tooling for creating, deploying and monitoring serverless solutions.

a Complete Guide for Binary Options Trading

The Azure Method is a proprietary binary option software allegedly created by Anthony Azure and is claimed to be a ‘no-loss’ software that can earn its users more than $8,750 per hour. Anthony initially had a team of 4 beta testers and is now looking for 46 other beta testers to add to his exclusive group.

And because this group are still beta testers, the software will, of course ,be provided for free and users can keep all the profits that this software generates. What’s more, Anthony promises that the broker will even throw in a 100% welcome bonus when you sign up. What a great guy this Anthony is!

So will Anthony Azure actually make you hundreds of thousands of dollars or is he just another phony? See our answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • Free of charge
  • Fake claims and testimonials
  • No real information at all provided
  • Unregulated and untrustworthy brokers

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What Is the Azure Method?

As you have already probably deduced from the bombastic claims of $8,750 per hour at ‘no-loss’, the Azure Method is just another scam with laughable claims. Firstly, anyone with even the most basic knowledge about trading knows that there is no such thing as ‘no-loss’ trading. Further, if the Azure Method could really deliver as promised, each tester, assuming that they trade for 40 hours per week for 50 weeks, would make $17.5 million per year! This is a truly absurd amount that totally defies reality and any binary options broker that traded with such a user would find themselves insolvent within a matter of weeks (remember that in binary options the broker functions more as the house in a casino rather than a true broker and that a customer’s gain is their loss).

We must say that the scammers have gone all out with the production quality, though, they’ve hired professional actors, rented luxury houses, cars, and even yachts! We feel that they could have done a better job with their ‘office’ however, which looks like they hastily pasted Azure method signs all over the place. Also, check out the obviously pasted ‘Azure Method’ sign on the back of their rented yacht.

As mentioned, professional actors are used, not some cheap F-grade Fiverr actors. Take a look at ‘Carla Bianchi’, who is actually Alexandra Blatt, an actress from Portland, Oregon which is where many of these scam promotional videos are filmed. Maybe they like the weather?

Another one of the actors in their video, ‘Paul Carr’ was also in another scam robot video, the Perpetual Formula.

The actor playing ‘Anthony Azure’, who looks like a poor man’s Donald Sutherland, was also the main character in another scam robot, Zeus 2, as yet another CEO of his own company this time called Matthew Harrison.


How Does It Work?

The way all these robots work is by luring you in with zero upfront costs and then getting an affiliate commission when you fund your account with their partner broker. This way, the performance of the robot is irrelevant and the scammers will also probably keep your information to solicit you for future scams or spam. Some of these scams also promise a ‘broker welcome bonus’ which as we know will actually lock down the funds in your account until you satisfy a minimum trading volume. This bonus policy is a standard practice in most binary options brokers, particularly unregulated ones, and is one we strongly disagree with.

In our case, the broke we were redirected to was TitanTrade which is not only unregulated but has been the subject of numerous complaints and allegations of misappropriation of funds.

Final Conclusion: Is The Azure Method a Scam?

The Azure Method is just another scam, easily found by a simple fact checking of its fantastical claims. The figures they promise are not even close to the realm of reality and we wonder why they went through all the trouble and effort in their promotional video when their basic claims itself easily exposes them as a scam. Anyway, don’t bother with this scam robot.

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