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™Swarm Intelligence Trading System is SCAM or Legitimate?

Is Swarm Intelligence safe, trusted and profitable binary options system OR it’s yet another SCAM?

Swarm Intelligence is new binary options trading software that has been just recently launched to the market. When it comes to binary options trading you should always be careful in terms of which program you use and whether or not it is credible, legitimate, and trustworthy. It is no secret that binary trading is a great way to make some extra cash so you don’t have to work as much, but the trick is to find a good automatic trading system such as the Swarm Intelligence App. The Swarm Intelligence program is a brand new binary trading application that has just come to light, which is why we are here to do a swarm scam review.

Real and Legitimate Service OR Scam?

Our Swarm Intelligence report 2020 is going to include several of the most important things that anybody should look for when investing money in any binary options trading system. This Swarm Intelligence program review is going to cover all of the basics and we are going to help you make the right choice. Usually when we do these app reviews we unfortunately have to tell people that it’s all a scam and you should stay away from it, but that is not necessarily the case with the Swarm Intelligence trading system.
This particular system has been labeled as one of the best binary options autotraders out there. We were pretty skeptical at first, but after we did extensive research on it, we were actually swayed in the opposite direction. It’s our pleasure to tell you that this scam review is a positive one, and for once, the app we are reviewing, Swarm Intelligence, is in all reality a really good investment for you to make, keep reading to find out why!

The Man Behind It All: Dr. Steven Francis

One of the first things that we always look at when we do a scam review, such as for this app, is who is behind it. The reason we want to know who is behind the app in question because that fact alone will often dictate whether or not the trading system is reliable or not. Usually when we do these scam reviews, the vast majority of the spokesmen, CEO’s, and owners are all frauds or made up personalities, yet that does not seem to be the case with the Swarm Technology trading system.
When it comes to Swarm Intelligence, we are greeted during the presentation video by a man named Dr. Steven Francis. Right off the bat we notice something about him, and that is that he has this air of confidence around him, almost like he actually knows what he is talking about, something that is already a good sign.
Moreover, Dr. Steven Francis Claims to be a doctor in animal behavior, or in other words, he has his PhD and has spent the last 15 years studying animal behavior, which is of course what this app is all about, in a sense anyway. We would like to say right off the bat that we did some research on Dr. Steven Francis, and everything he has said up to this point is completely true. We checked out the man’s credentials and he checks out as a legitimate guy with real life schooling, something that definitely inspires confidence. He has plenty of different search results online and he has several social media profiles too. In other words, this guy is not just a paid actor, he is the real deal.

Backstory Of The Swarm Intelligence App

Furthermore, Steven Francis tells us that he was a project director and worked together with a Silicon Valley company named Unanimous A.I, which specializes in things like focus groups and market predictions. In other words, they do experiments to determine whether or not a so called swarm of humans can increase their odds of being correct and making accurate trades by working together as a whole.

They did this experiment on the Kentucky Derby, a horse race, to see if the participants could predict the first 4 horse to cross the finish line, and they found that when people all worked together the results were astoundingly accurate. Now we were kind of skeptical, but once again, we did some research and things panned out positively.
Usually when these binary options presentations talk about companies they worked with, and the projects they worked on with them, they are usually made up and completely fictitious. However that is not the case when it comes to this story. Unanimous A.I is a real company that exists in Silicon Valley, they do in fact specialize in swarm technology, and Steven Francis was indeed the leader of this Kentucky Derby experiment.

Furthermore, Dr. Steven Francis goes on to tell us that he was on another panel which oversaw an experiment which predicted who the winners of the Academy Awards would be. Once again, the group employed a swarm method and the results were overwhelmingly positive. Of course we had to look up if this actually took place, and guess what, it did. In other words, everything in terms of Dr. Steven Francis’ backstory is true and accurate.

The point is that the Swarm Intelligence app uses this same kind of group method to make accurate predictions in the trading industry. After Steven Francis discovered just how accurate the swarm method could be for making accurate winning predictions, he decided to transfer this method into a binary trading algorithm to help himself and others make a whole lot of money. Steven Francis is a pretty experienced trader and he knows what he is doing, moreover he spent 3 whole years learning about every trading strategy out there to find out what works the best. He realized that the Swarm method was a fantastic thing to incorporate into trading algorithms, and that is exactly what he did.

The Backstory Continued: David Baltaxe & Tom Porter

Dr. Steven Francis, a man who we established as being legitimate, was kind enough to admit that he has no knowledge of computer programming, and therefore had to reach out to his colleague at A.I Unanimous, a man named David Baltaxe. As soon as we heard this name we became highly suspicious, but our doubts were rendered as false when we did some research. David Baltaxe is a real person and he is definitely a higher up person at A.I Unanimous, or in other words, he is a real and trustworthy guy as well.
Furthermore, Steven Francis was put into contact with a man named Thomas Porter, a guy who claims to have been a recently retired scientist at IBM, where he spent over 30 years as a computer programmer. Together with Tom, Francis was able to create the proper trading algorithms to put his plan into motion. Once again, we had to do research on this Tom guy, and once again we were delightfully surprised that everything is true. Tom is a real person and he definitely did his time at IBM according to records.

All the signs are very positive in the sense that everyone involved with this trading venture is credible, reliable, legitimate, and trustworthy. None of these guys are paid actors or empty minded spokesman; they are the real deal and that inspires a whole lot of confidence in the Swarm Intelligence software.

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So How Exactly Does The Swarm App Work?

The problem with trading in binary options is that there are so many different trading strategies out there, in fact there are way too many to analyze at once, and that is true even for computers that can do data analysis very quickly. This is where Swarm Intelligence technology comes into play. The Swarm Intelligence trading system works by employing a multitude of computers to analyze several trading strategies at the exact same time. Moreover, the trades that were to be executed were only those which had unanimous consensus.

In other words, there had to be a unanimous decision made by all of the analyzing computers in terms of an effective trading strategy, for that strategy to be chosen and a trade to be placed. The Swarm trading system use this group consent method to predict multiple winning trades. Each of the trading strategies was then combined with a highly sophisticated trading algorithm specially designed for that particular strategy, and then each of those algorithms was programmed into its own separate computer. Each of these algorithms is backed up by this swarm group consensus method and therefore has the power to execute some highly successful trades.

HOW IT WORKS: Furthermore, The Swarm Intelligence tech program trades in 3 fundamental ways. You should see a pattern emerging here, and that is that there are always a multitude of options and strategies employed by this venture to get the best results possible. Swarm trades in 3 main ways, those being:

1. Mechanical trading,

2. Technical trading, and

3. Fundamental analysis.

In other words, this binary options trading app collects as much data as possible in terms of historical market trends in order to make accurate predictions for the future.
The mechanical trading part determines which points are the best for entry and exit in the binary world, all without human emotion and error. This is combined with a comprehensive analysis of everything to do with historical charts and market data. Moreover all of that is combines with a variety of indicators, all of which work together to determine the best trading signals possible. All of these different types of technology and market analysis are then put into a super computer, where Swarm Intelligence technology is employed in order to generate group signals that are placed in the automatic trading application.

We know that this may seem a little complicated, but in essence, this automatic trading platform uses 10 different trading strategies on 10 different computers. Each of these strategies is used on a separate computer to accurately predict winning trades. All of these predictions are then fed into the super computer, which analyzes them, and picks the best ones. To be exact, the trades that this app will actually place are those which were picked by at least 9 of the 10 computers, with swarm technology being used to determine which ones were picked at least 9 out of 10 ties.

What this means is that the Swarm Tech Autotrader could be the best binary options autotrader out there. We know it is complicated and it is because it is the most accurate and highly advanced autotrader in the world at this very moment. Swarm Tech trader produces just as many trades as other leading autotraders, but with the main difference being that Swarm Intelligence Trader produces the most accurate trades around with over 83% ITM winning rate accuracy performance.

Winning Trade Rate & Profits

During the presentation video Dr. Steven Francis informs us that the Swarm Tech Trading System has a winning trade rate, or an accuracy rate of 83%. While this does sound quite high, it is not unusual. In fact the best automatic trading platforms out there can muster maximum accuracy rate of 85 percent, making the Swam Intelligence system a very competitive in it’s field. Let’s just say that it inspired confidence in the app when the creators can be completely honest about the results. Don’t get it wrong, 83% is a very good accuracy rate and it’s nothing to look down at, and even better is that it is believable. Furthermore it has been proven that this software involves less risk than any other binary options autotrading software in the market, due to the Swarm Technology and swarm algorithm behind it. Some automatic trading applications, especially the scams, will claim that they have a 100% win rate, an obvious lie, one that is not told by these credible people.

The Swarm Tech Trading System can generate consistent daily/ weekly profits with minimum deposit and minimum investment per trade of $25. Well, with Swarm Intelligence trading program, with a small investment of around $250 (depending on user’s assign broker), you can make close to 10,000 dollars per month. We really like that number, especially because it is not too good to be true. We are all on board and definitely believe that this awesome app can make several thousand dollars per month with ease.

How To Use Swarm Tech

Something that we really like about the Swarm Intelligence trading software is that it is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is go to the website, sign up, pick your broker, make the minimum investment, and turn the software ON and start placing winning trades. The beauty here is that you can change the Swarm settings. In other words, you can choose how many signals that the trading algorithm generates by choosing how many of the 10 computers had to recommend the trade.

You can keep it at the default of a 9 out of 10 unanimity rate, or you can change it to be lower or higher. Of course, as discussed before, the more trading strategies recommend a trade, the better of you are placing that trade. Another cool factor is that you can choose to invest anywhere between $25 and $500 dollars into each trade. Yet another great aspect of this trading software is that it comes with a tool to help you determine what the optimal trade investment amount for each trade is, which is based on your current account balance.

Perhaps one of the things that we like the most about this autotrading app is that for a limited time you can use Swarm Tech for Free, and even better is that if you are one of the first people to sign up it will always be free for you to use. You don’t need a debit or credit card to sign up; it’s free to use for the time being and that is something which we can definitely appreciate.

VERDICT: ™Swarm Intelligence is NOT a scam, it’s real and legitimate service with real & verified creators behind it

After our in-depth research it turns out that Swarm Intelligence Trading Program is legitimate and verified service which has been also regulated. Despite the fact this binary options software is relatively new we have already received several emails from the actual users of this program. People are able to generate around 80% to 84% ITM win rate trading performance so far. No, it won’t make you the richest man in the world, but it can definitely make enough money for you to survive. In this Swarm Intelligence tech report we covered all of the most important aspects which would usually indicate that a scheme is afoot. All of our research turned up overwhelmingly positive results, all of which go a very long way in indicating the Swarm trading system is in fact legitimate, reliable, and highly profitable. Due to positive responses from users and actual traders we received, we are going to register and sign up with this trading software ourselves. Please subscribe to our blog & YouTube channel because we are going to do a LIVE test with this trading app and we will keep you updated on every single step when it comes to Swarm Intelligence trading software.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to register with ™Swarm Intelligence from our blog then you will automatically receive our full FREE SUPPORT in case you run into any issues or problems or you are not happy with the results, we will always help you. Remember that you are not alone, we will always assist you, we always reply to all our emails.

Email: [email protected]

Thank you very much for reading this detailed scam review. Subscribe to our blog in order to be fully protected and to be up to date with all binary options services out there. Additionally please share and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest . See you next time!

Swarm Intelligence Scam: The Sugarcoated Lies

Swarm Intelligence Scam: The Sugarcoated Lies


Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020 @ 10:22 am

The distance between expectation and reality is called stress. This concludes why most traders are stressed all the time. They set up unrealistic expectations and end up being disappointed. Yes, most traders fall for the claims of trading bots promising them big fortune overnight.

Note: A good alternative to this Swarm Intelligence Scam is the Super Simple Bot.

Trading scams have become very common, and every day we see the so called new breakthroughs in trade. These are so common that the crux is to gradually avoid falling for one. Speaking of which, Swarm Intelligence is the new “so called” trading breakthrough. We are going to crack the case on this nut and show everyone the scam it is.

Swarm Intelligence: The So-Called Breakthrough

Swarm Intelligence beta has just been completed and it generated 80% of winning trades. The system was created in early 2020, and was being tested for months. Swarm Intelligence came up with a stunning 72% ITM winning percentage. It sounds exciting, but is it true? How can be one assured that Swarm Intelligence is not fraud.

To answer those questions, we will start with the basics, such as what does the term mean. Swarm Intelligence (SI) means a form of Collective intelligence of natural or artificial intelligence. These systems mainly contain agents or boids which interact with each other or their environment. This inspiration can be drawn from nature. The agents work on simple rules and there is no centralized control structure which shows how individual agents should really behave. The interaction between these agents forms emergence of global behavior which other members know nothing about.

Dr. Steven Francis, expert on Animal Behavior Specialist and Founder of Swarm Intelligence explains this Phenomenon as a group of organisms joining forces for the greater. Now change the perspective a little, and instead of joining of joining forces, the concept is to join intelligence. This is what Swarm Intelligence all about. Instead of leaving bots to figure out everything on their own, Swarm Intelligence brings together a group of trading bots and makes them join intelligence to ensure their clients win on every bet.

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So it can be deduced the whole fuss is about how the bots are working. But, does it really make a difference? Every trader knows for sure that they cannot win every bet. Sure it will help you win more than usually but it’s not fool proof. Every calculation is based on three aspects, mechanical, technical and fundamental analyses. It sounds good but fails to convince that the platform is actually has any use.

Note: Choose the credible bots and avoid the scammers.

All the winning figures given on official Website has no backing evidence. The Claims like 83% win is not given anywhere else rather than the video. So it may be fabricated. What else makes Swarm Intelligence trading unique?

Apart from the Swarm Intelligence concept, the agreed swarm is one of the highlighted features which help to make you win your bid (if it’s true at all). After you log in, you have to choose between recommended brokers. Every network has 10 computers connected to a super computer. Every user has these 10 computers and their joined intelligence. The swarm level means how many out of 10 computers agrees on a bet. The default is 7, but users can change as they like. Swarm Intelligence also lets you select the amount per trade. The allotted amount can be $25-500.

Money management is another important feature of Swarm Intelligence, the money management calculator. This feature assists user with trading amounts according to current balance. While it all sounds great and convincing, let us remind you there is no supportive data backing any claims or any reviews about how the system works or is it really helpful? Therefore, everything about Swarm Intelligence sounds a bit cheesy.

One thing about Swarm Intelligence that makes it convincing is it doesn’t promise you to win any particular amount a day. However, there is a demonstration in the video, but again, it can be fabricated.

Enough of the chit chats, let’s get real here. The only impressive thing about Swarm Tech (the parent company) is its marketing effort. The company marketed their product beautifully and we don’t blame if any amateur trader falls for their trap. The only thing that makes sense on their website is the video, which haven’t any backing data.

Before you sign in, you can be convinced that the official intro makes sense. But once you log in with the company and follow every instructed. This is when you actually make sense of it. The video was scripted and the Actors did a great job to convince you Swarm Intelligence is legit. The company didn’t invested half of the effort on their original product, Swarm Intelligence as they invested on its promotion. Still the marketing had some loop holes.

Note: Stay away from the scams and pick the credible bots.

The founders (as seen in the video) are saying this is a breakthrough product, but why they are giving it for free? Its because Swarm Intelligence is worth nada. It won’t make a difference and the 15 minute long video explaining all features was just a big fat lie. Swarm Intelligence makes it final fragile attempt to look convincing by adding a fake publication, Wiki page explaining the concept of Swarm Intelligence, not the product. The handful testimonials at end of page are fake. The testimonials are basic and they don’t have an given figures. So they are hard to trust. The most hilarious thing is the so present founders and CEO is giving away their business plan. Who does that?

Final Thoughts on Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence is a newcomer to the Binary World, it’s not tested and clearly begs for user base. Don’t take our word, see the official website, sign up and trade with it. There are a few recommended brokers are in the list. The company is clearly giving away the fact that it’s all fake and everything being mentioned or said there is fabricated and a clear lie. It not rocket science. Swarm Intelligence just want to target new and amateur traders looking for a short and dirty secret to success, and capitalize on their futile mental state.

Binary Options Review: Swarm Intelligence

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Library of binary swarm intelligence mainly used for obtaining optimal solution of feature selection

This Python library is a summary of the algorithms I used for my graduation research at bachelor.

The implemented algorithm

  • Binary Genetic Algorithm
  • Binary Particle Swarm optimization
  • Binary Cuckoo Search
  • Binary Firefly algorithm
  • Binary Bat Algorithm
  • Binary Gravitational Search algorithm
  • Binary Dragon Fly Algorithm
  1. Import library.
  2. Set evaluation function in class.
  3. Specify the class as the argument of the algorithm.
  4. If possible parameter setting.

Example code: Suppose svm is used

common arguments with algorithms

  • Eval_Func: Evaluate function (class)
  • n: number of population (int)
  • m_i: number of max iteration(int)
  • dim: number of all feature(int)
  • minf: minimization flag. min or max?(bool)
  • prog: Do you use progress bar?(bool)

In my research, I proposed reducing the feature dimension from half to one-third without substantially decreasing the evaluation by giving a penalty equivalent to the number of features to the evaluation formula at feature selection.

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