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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

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Spectre AI Review – Decentralized. Broker-less. Fraud free

Spectre AI is the first blockchain based platform for CFD and binary option, allowing direct trading through a localized account on their platform or decentralized from your wallet! Read my full Review to learn more about the first smart contract based platform for binary options and CFDs! Or watch my review video in German with your favorite subtitles:

Introduction to

SpectreAI, controlled by Spectre Global Limited, a financial company owning spectre! Withdrawals, deposits, and trading transactions are managed by a smart contract or a set of smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain! Read on to discover why this makes a huge difference! Spectre is regulated by the Costa Rican oversight, licensed under certificate number 58373902020!

“Traditional Broker” and why they are a problem?

If you browse the web for bad broker experiences, I bet you will discover 1000s and more entries in forums and blogs. This does not mean that every broker is scamming its clients, but it happens often, sometimes by accident and sometimes with pure intention!

Most common problems are manipulated charts, unfair bonus terms or terms of use, hidden fees (for inactivity for example), and finally, the danger that the broker doesn’t pay out your winnings.

The problem here is, that the broker will only make a profit when the trader makes a loss (for binary options trading). So if the majority of traders win the most of their trades, the broker will lose money! Read on why Spectre is completely different !

Spectre — Broker-less Binary Options Trading

For several months, the whole world is talking about the Blockchain-technology, Bitcoin, and Ethereum as well as other cryptocurrency projects! One of the reasons is, that the blockchain technology almost instantly generates trust, as all transactions are viewable for everyone.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

Since the Ethereum blockchain, so-called smart contracts, set of rules and actions running completely decentralized on the Ethereum Blockchain, can be used to control and automate whole businesses.

All transactions, withdrawals, and deposits on Spectre are handled by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, so no one can access any clients capital , except the client itself! If you make a trade, a smart contract takes care of the needed transactions!

This ensures that no one will run away with your money as it simply is not possible! You also can examine the smart contracts used by Spectre as they are completely open source!

SpectreAI also offers two types of trading accounts (besides the demo account you can get here), the regular trading account, working like a normal broker account, you make a deposit and can trade with your deposited money! The other type is the Wallet trading account, here you do not need to make a Deposit, instead you send your investment amount directly from your Ethereum Wallet, if you win your position, your Return is sent back to your Wallet, if you, lose Spectre will keep your money and send it to the winning party!

Click here to learn more about Spectre on their Website!

Security & The Ethereum Blockchain

As Spectre runs on the Ethereum Blockchain, it takes advantage of all benefits a blockchain has to offer.

The Blockchain can´t be manipulated afterward. And no third party can make changes to any data!

As Spectre is running on 1000s of PCs at the same time, a downtime is almost impossible! As long as Ethereum Blockchain is running, Spectre will run too!

Spectre has a high-security standard and uses cryptography to protect accounts and sensible data from fraud! Watch this short video from Spectre showing these aspects in detail:

Click here to Create a Free Account and Try It For Yourself!

Spectre Trading Platform, Minimum Trade, Assets and Expiry times

Spectre offers a clean trading platform with some amazing and unique features. One downside for many may be the fact, that Spectre only accepts payments in Ether, so you need an Ethereum-Wallet in order to create an account with Spectre!

After entering your email, name, Eth Address and some more information, you will get an email you need to confirm in order to activate your account!

After the first login, you need to set up your account settings, like personal details, Token privileges (You can invest Utility Tokens in order to get some benefits), risk management, trading signals and much more…

SpectreAI provides 3 forms of investing: A-Bock Trading, Smart Options, and CFD trading, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages :

A Book Trading — Here you can trade CFD Options between several assets. It is very similar to CFDs, depending on your investment you will earn a specific dollar amount per pip!

A Book Trading is highly regulated and it is the only centralized trading option Spectre offers its traders. Spectre connects to A Book platform using fiat money to be able to offer this type of trading to its clients! It can be seen as Low Risk/Low reward trading if it is used the right way!

CFD Trading — CFD Trading at Spectre also is Low Risk/Low reward trading. You can invest in many different assets and there is no expiry time or time limit for your trade! Just set a “Stop-Loss” level to limit your loss in the case the price moves against you and set a “Take Profit” Level to secure your profit when it hits a specific level!

Smart Options — These Options are very similar to High Risk/High Reward binary options. if you win a position, you will make between 60 — 90% on top of your investment, if you lose a position you lose your entire money in most cases! You can trade smart options on several different assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, currency pairs and much more!

Spectre even allows you to trade exotic types of binary options like ladder options, High/Low, Call Put and many more…

SpectreAI offers more than 70+ Assets to trade. You can choose expiry times from 10 Seconds till the end of a day or you can completely specify the endpoint of your smart option trade! Payouts depending on the traded asset and expire time, as well as market conditions. They range from 5% on Weekends with no movement at all up to 90% in highly volatile markets!

Click here to Create a Free Account and Try It For Yourself!

Minimum Trading and Deposit Amount — The minimum trading amount at Spectre AI right now is 1 USD in Eth, the minimum deposit amount is just 0,10 Eth right now!

Trading Signals on Spectre

As Spectre is working different compared with binary brokers, it really provides useful trading signals for different strategies you can choose in the settings menu!

While binary options broker doesn´t want you to win a trade, spectre just earns 2 % from every trade flat, so they do not have a problem to provide useful trading signals to let you make a profit while they still earn their money!

I suggest you just create a demo account and check out the different signals and how they are working for yourself!

Spectres Chart system

As you can see inside the video or the pics on this site, SpectreAI offers a clean and usable chart system, with many tools to analyze market conditions and predict market movements!

Risk Management

Here you can see another direct difference between Spectre and traditional broker, while broker wants you to trade, without caring about risk, Spectre forces you to choose a risk management, and to keep it for at least 7 days!

This way you can define a max. drawback, max. amount of lost trades and much more — if a condition is met your account is restricted for 24 hours! This ensures that you have enough time to control your emotions and get back to your logical thinking!

Spectre.Ai Free Demo account

Spectre offers a free demo account preloaded with 99 Eth to try their platform and trading strategies! If Spectre sounds interesting to you, just click here and create a free demo account to try this platform yourself!

Spectre Worldwide (Except US)

Right now, spectre accepts traders from all around the world including European Countries, Canada, and almost all others! The only exception: Spectre does not accept traders from the US!

Click here to Create a Free Account and Try It For Yourself!

Withdraw and Deposits at Spectre AI

Like mentioned already, does Spectre only accept Deposits through the Ethereum Blockchain, this means you need an Ethereum Wallet (My Ether Wallet for example) in order to create an account and make a deposit!

This means you need to invest in Ethereum, and you need to send it to Specrte if you want to trade on a regular account! Click here to find out how to purchase ethereum! I recommend to use HODLY or My EtherWallet as wallet for Ethereum!

Real Money Trading Without Deposit

Using an Ethereum Wallet, and the wallet Account option, you do not even make a deposit, as you can trade directly from your Ethereum Wallet — using this feature you really trade completely decentralized!

If you want to enter a position, you will get a specific Eth address, afterward, you just send the investment amount per Ethereum Blockchain to this address, if you win you will get your investment and your return if you lose it will be transferred to the Liquidity pool!

Spectre Disadvantage

The main disadvantage is the fact that you need to use the ethereum blockchain to make a deposit. It is secure and a great technology, but you need to know how it is working, click here for a full guide to cryptocurrencies and how to use them!

Another point to consider is, that your account balance in Spectre is counted in Ether, this means that your capital is directly connected to the Eth price, if it is losing value, your account balance does lose value as well!

How Spectre Earns Money?

If you take a look at the technology behind Spectre, you will learn that it is almost impossible for spectre to scam anyone. They also use a completely different business model compared with traditional binary options broker, as they earn a volume based fee from every trade, while traders trade against each other or against the “decentralized autonomous liquidity pool”, a financial pool from Spectre and a few other ethereum blockchain based Dapps only accessible from specific smart contracts!

Spectre AI- Decentralized. Broker-less. Fraud-free!

Like you should have read inside this Spectre AI review, Spectre offers a lot of unique features and benefits, while the decentralization and fraud-free operations of spectre are the most important aspect in my opinion!

The only real downside is the needed knowledge about cryptocurrencies, but it only takes a few hours to get into cryptos and learn how to use them!

I really like spectre and will make it my main broker for binary options, ensure to create your free demo account by clicking here and see why I already love this broker!

Click here to create a free Account NOW!

Spectre Ai FAQs

If you have any questions about the Spectre trading platfrom not covered in my Spectre Review, please be so kind and leave me a short comment with your unanswered questions! I will do my best to answer them here as fast as possiple!

OptionFair Broker Review 2020

OptionFair is one of the long-lasting binary options brokers on a global market. This brokerage company is online since 2020 and owned by B.O.TradeFinancials.

To interested traders who are eager to learn all tips and tricks of binary options trading, OptionFair provides a modern and easy to handle trading platform. The entire platform is user-friendly and traders can search for different trading tools and instruments in order to potentially make a profit from this binary broker.

OptionFair’s platform offers an amazing list of 130 underlying assets to choose from, such as a wide range of currencies, commodities, stocks and indices.

For more details about this broker and how to trade successfully, read further in the OptionFair review and gather valuable information.

OptionFair Special Trading Features

As one of the first elements we learned in OptionFair review is that required minimum deposit to start trading is $100. This deposit amount seems very attractive for traders around the globe because it is much lower that binary industry average.

On OptionFair platform, traders can choose between several different currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, and HUF. Maximum deposit with OptionFair broker is $150. Also, minimum investment amount per trade is $10.

Interested traders would be glad to learn how this binary broker is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (license number 216/13).

For this OptionFair review, we were in a search to know is there a demo account. Support agent informed us how the demo is available, however, traders first need to register and make a deposit. Afterward, they can directly communicate with the account manager and get more details about demo version of the trading platform and how to benefit from one.

In binary industry, a demo account is a strong and powerful trading feature which enables inexperienced traders to gain more trading knowledge and increase their chances of winning in this binary trading process.

On the demo, traders don’t have to worry will they lose any funds since they are able to place trades with virtual and not real funds. Therefore, they can only benefit from trading binaries on the demo and learn valuable elements of the binary trading process.

As the latest upgrade of their platform, we discovered by customer support agent that OptionFair now provides just one standard account for all interested traders in binary options. There are no more different trading accounts for traders to choose from.

OptionFair Trading Software

What we learned in OptionFair review is that they operate on TechFinancials software. The interface is user-friendly which is especially significant for all traders around the worldwide, regardless if they are professionals or beginner traders.

Available trade options we found by reviewing this broker are followed: High/Low, Touch/No Touch, 60 Seconds and Boundary Options. For the binary trading process to be properly executed, traders need to choose between several times of expiry, such as 60 s, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr and over 24 hours.

A very popular trading features which traders can encounter on OptionFair platform is an opportunity for them to choose between a web-based and mobile version of the trading platform. According to OptionFair review, mobile app works well on both operating systems; iOS and Android and can be easily downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

On the mobile application, traders who are busy all the time have an exceptional opportunity to trade binaries when they are on the go. Mobile display is simple and beginners shouldn’t experience any inconvenience when navigating over the mobile platform.

We find it important to note how OptionFair broker offers a lot of education opportunities for interested traders across the world. These educational segments cover following: FAQ, Trade Binary Options, What are Binary Options?, Traders Basics and Glossary.

FAQ is especially detailed and consists of much useful information, which might help traders from early beginning and how to register, what are the requirements and much more.

Under Trader’s Center, traders can get more type of information regarding banking, asset index (list of underlying assets), trading questions and mobile trading.

OptionFair Support Information

So far, we noticed in the OptionFair review how provided trading platform is available in English, French, German, Russian and Hungarian.

Under Contact Us tab, traders can get detailed information about how to contact this broker and what are the best options to achieve needed info. Traders can reach OptionFair broker via email [email protected] , live chat and phone numbers on following languages (English, French, Italian, German, Hungarian and Russian).

We have to mention how we tried out live chat and had a positive opinion on it.

First, we had to choose available language and once selected, agent joined us shortly. Lady was very helpful and polite where she provided us with needed information regarding how to register, are there different trading accounts and does OptionFair offers a demo account.

Tip: Trade with reputable and regulated brokers on FX-Advisor.

OptionFair Banking Information

As one of the first elements, when traders want to join this platform, is to register and provide few documents for account verification. They include photocopy of ID card, proof of address and credit card copy with visible first and last four digits.

Traders should know how OptionFair uses SSL encrypting technology which protects their data which won’t be shared with a third party. Under Legal and Company Policy, traders can find a thorough information about the safety of the trading platform, such as T & C, privacy policy, complaints, investor compensation fund etc.

Regarding how to deposit, in this part of the OptionFair review, we will list accepted deposit methods by this broker:

  • Credit and debit cards – Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and Mastercard
  • Bank wire transfer
  • E-wallets: MoneyGram, Skrill, Western Union, CashU, QIWI, Neteller, Abaqoos and iDeal

As mentioned in the beginning of the OptionFair review, the minimum deposit is $100. For card payment and e-wallets, the required deposit amount is $100, while for wire transfer is $500 and for MoneyGram and Western Union it is $1000.

Concerning withdrawals, there is no minimum withdrawal on the OptionFair platform. This broker allows traders to have one free withdrawal per month, whereas each additional will be charged $30 in the same time frame.

To make a withdrawal, traders need to login first and submit a withdrawal process which will most likely to be processed the same or the very next day.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

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