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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

Best MetaTrader Brokers

The annual forex broker review (four years running) is the most cited in the industry. With over 50,000 words of research across the site, we spend hundreds of hours testing forex brokers each year. How we test.

Having personally used MetaTrader platforms from several dozen brokers for more than a decade, in this guide I will outline some of the reasons why new and existing traders continue to use this online trading software. This guide starts with basics that will help beginners and then progresses to more advanced topics, such as social copy-trading and using automated trading systems.

Best MetaTrader (MT4) Brokers

Here’s a summary of the best MetaTrader brokers, scored on 3,180 data points.

  • Admiral Markets – Best overall for MetaTrader
  • FxPro – Full MetaTrader suite, average pricing
  • Pepperstone – Excellent pricing and customer service
  • Darwinex – Full MetaTrader suite, expensive pricing
  • Swissquote – Full MetaTrader suite, pricing varies
  • XM Group – Full MetaTrader suite, average pricing
  • HotForex – Full MetaTrader suite, average pricing

Best overall for MetaTrader

Forex and CFD traders choose Admiral Markets for its excellent investor education and advanced MetaTrader features, including the Supreme add-on and market research via Premium Analytics. Overall, Admiral Markets is our top MetaTrader broker for 2020. Read full review

Full MetaTrader suite, average pricing

FxPro competes among the top MetaTrader brokers, offering the full suite of MT4 and MT5 platforms with multiple account pricing options. Drawbacks to FxPro include a small range of tradeable products and limited market research. Read full review

Excellent pricing and customer service – Visit Site

Pepperstone offers a small set of tradeable products but provides forex and CFD traders with competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and one of the largest selections of third-party platforms, including numerous options for social copy trading. (73.6% of retail CFD accounts lose money.) Read full review

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

Full MetaTrader suite, expensive pricing

Copy trading aside, Darwinex is not an ideal choice for self-directed trading. To trade individual stocks and CFDs, you have to MetaTrader instead of the excellent proprietary Dukascopy platform. With MetaTrader, pricing is higher, research is weak, and no tools are available beyond the standard experience. Read full review

Great pricing for higher balance – Visit Site

While Swissquote’s Advanced Trader platform suite is user-friendly, its underlying platform technology needs an upgrade from flash to HTML5. Fortunately, Swissquote offers the full MetaTrader platform suite, which also comes with better pricing. (79% of retail CFD accounts lose money.) Read full review

MetaTrader Overview

Founded in 2000, MetaQuotes Software Corporation – the developer of MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5) software – was an early pioneer in developing forex trading and charting platforms. The Metatrader suite – which is licensed by brokers and offered to traders – continues to be one of the most widely used trading platforms in the retail foreign exchange (Forex) and CFD markets globally.

Today, MT4 and MT5 have extensive documentation, codebase, and articles supported by the developer and its global community of users, making it an ideal solution for retail and professional traders to find the resources they need to create algorithmic trading systems or carry out manual trading and even social copy-trading.

A key catalyst was the developer created the MetaQuotes Language (MQL) syntax to allow programmers to create automated scripts and trading systems.

The proprietary MQL language – both MQL4 and MQL5 – enabled the growth of a secondary marketplace supported by programmers who created custom scripts, including utilities, libraries, indicators, and automated trading strategies known as Expert Advisors (EAs). This ecosystem continues to evolve.

MetaTrader History

After launching its MetaTrader brand in 2002 as its third-generation software, MT4 was subsequently launched in 2005, and by 2020 the company followed with the launch of MT5 to expand into additional asset classes, including securities and futures markets.

By this time, the marketplace for EAs and custom indicators was becoming saturated, and traders could buy or obtain plugins for free, or even hire developers to code their Experts on the freelance section of the MQL5 Community marketplace or outside of it.

This led to the rise of more MetaTrader brokers, as companies competed for existing market share and new market entrants.

MetaTrader Brokers List

Today the MT4 and MT5 platforms are available across hundreds of online forex brokers, with the native version of the desktop platforms available for Windows operating system (OS) and a Mobile app for Android and Apple iOS devices available by default.

Based on our 2020 Review, which included 30 brokers, here is a list of those that offer MetaTrader:

A web-based version of both platforms are available, although the web-based versions are not offered by all brokers and do not support automated trading as the desktop versions do.

MetaTrader Charting and Tools

Starting with the desktop version of MetaTrader (MT4 or MT5), beyond an easy-to-navigate layout (with everything housed under seven categories from the upper toolbar), the scope of charting tools and number of available indicators by default give traders a good starting point for performing basic technical analysis.

In terms of the layout and charting, customizable chart templates can control how default charts appear; meanwhile traders can save all their charts into a profile so the entire workspace is backed up, including all trend lines and chart configurations. All such custom and default settings, including scripts, experts, and indicators, are stored in designated folders within the main data folder under “File>Open Data Folder.”

This structure of storing settings within specific files makes it easy for users to back up or transfer their settings to other devices or users, and it is what helps make the platform so versatile, as these settings are exportable.

Those seeking more advanced indicators and analysis tools (and even automated trading strategies) can buy or rent them directly from the MQL5 marketplace from within the platform under the options menu under “Tools>Options” or CTRL+S. In terms of fundamental news, the available news streams vary, depending on the broker and any related news providers the broker uses to deliver headlines within the platform.

Signals Market and Social Copy Trading on MT4

The signals market available on the MQL5 Community lets users copy the live trades of approved signal providers in what can be described as social copy trading, which is available for a subscription fee charged by each signal provider.

From within the platform, users can also sync their account with their MQL5 Community user ID to enable the signals market for social trading and in the mobile app to receive push notifications of their trading activity.

Automated Trading via Experts (EAs)

Expert Advisors (EAs) are used in the MT4 (and MT5) platform to run automated trading systems. An EA will either be a copy of the original .MQ4 file that contains the source code, which can be modified, or it will be an .EX4 (executable) file of the same code, which cannot be tampered with and is often chosen by those who want to distribute their strategies without revealing their source code.

Most EAs have a range of customizable parameters that let users specify the position size and risk/reward-related attributes, among other elements, that may be configured before automated trading is enabled.

Back-testing and optimizing EAs

The MetaTrader platforms also let users test how an EA would have performed over historical data, using a process known as backtesting in the Strategy Tester section. This is useful when users want to check out how an EA would have performed over a given period and for a given instrument.

When an EA is built and then tested on historical data for the first time, this is known as testing on out-of-sample data, which means the EA has never used these historical prices (in which case the result will not have the benefit of hindsight).

On the other hand, some developers may optimize their strategies over a historical data set (i.e., run it multiple times over the past three months of EUR/USD tick data) on purpose – which can lead to curve-fitted results. While there can be some benefits to optimizing a strategy over historical data, results of a curve-fitted strategy can be misleading as only the best trades are cherry-picked, and the results of forward-testing the same strategy can be significantly different. Therefore, forward testing a strategy can be even more important than backtesting it, before the value of results can be assessed.

Using VPNs and the cloud for automated trading

Another important distinction is that back-testing occurs locally on MT4 and requires users to have the platform running either on their local machines or using a dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The same applies to trading with EAs; the platform must be open and running as the EA runs locally, which is why many traders use VPNs to host their EAs so the strategies can run continually without interruption on remote servers.

Pros and Cons of using Expert Advisors

Just like manual trading, any automated strategy is only as good as the results it can achieve on a risk-adjusted basis over time, and just as there are some good EAs available, there are also some bad ones circulating on the internet. Therefore, while there can be pros to using EAs to automate trading, traders must be aware of the pitfalls and know how to vet an EA before using one to manage their investment capital.

Here are five tips to select a good expert advisor:

  1. Understand the trading methodology (strategy) the expert advisor follows.
  2. Consider its availability, cost, and historical performance for other traders (if any).
  3. Back-test it across multiple instruments/timeframes, if possible, or examine its historical performance (if available).
  4. Analyze the results of multiple back tests to see if they meet your expectations.
  5. Forward-test the strategy with a small test amount before getting serious.

MT5 – MetaQuotes’ latest generation platform

While MetaQuotes continues to update the MT4 platform to cater to the significant user base that still runs its prior generation platform for Forex and CFD trading, the developer has pushed many of its most innovative features into its latest generation MT5 platform. In addition to CFDs and Forex trading, MT5 can support Stocks and Futures, making it more of a multi-asset platform than its predecessor MT4, in addition to supporting more complex trading strategies.

A significant difference between MT4 and MT5 is in the syntax of how EAs are coded, where the MT4 EAs (based on MQL4) are not cross-compatible with MT5 (based on MQL5). Even though many third-party programs offer to convert MT4 EAs to run on MT5, this difference in coding keeps both platforms isolated from each other on purpose.

However, from build 600 onwards, MetaQuotes created a unified MetaEditor development environment and revised the MQL4 programming language to more closely match features available within MQL5 syntax. This unified compiler supports both languages, helping to aid the transition of many old trading robots to be compatible with the latest build or for use on MT5.

Overall, MT5 has a more modern look and feel in terms of visual layout and navigation, while much of the platform design still looks like MT4 in terms of the layout. Another key difference is the use of the MT5 cloud network, where users carry out backtesting through the developers’ own VPN available within the platform as virtual hosting. Otherwise, with the signals markets available for social copy trading, both platforms provide traders with plenty of options, yet MT4 is more widely available than MT5.

Trading Platforms Comparison

Taken from our forex broker comparison tool, here’s a comparison of the trading platforms for the best metatrader forex brokers.

Feature Admiral Markets FxPro Pepperstone
Open Account
Proprietary Platform No No No Yes
Desktop Platform (Windows) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Platform Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Trading / Copy-Trading Yes Yes Yes Yes
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Yes Yes Yes Yes
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Yes Yes Yes Yes
cTrader No Yes Yes No

Which MT4 broker is the best?

When it comes to forex trading on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) in 2020, the best MT4 broker is Admiral Markets. Admiral Markets offers traders a variety of excellent educational resources alongside the Premium Analytics add-on for MT4.

Is MetaTrader only for forex?

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is predominantly for forex trading. However, depending on the broker, MT4 often comes with a range of other symbols such as CFDs on indices, commodities, futures, energies, and metals.

What is the difference between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5?

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) forex trading platform is based on a prior generation (version) of software developed by Metaquotes Software Corporation, whereas, MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is the latest version. In addition to supporting individual shares, MT5 features advanced functions like utilizing cloud-storage to run strategies and to conduct backtesting. With MT4, backtesting must be done locally or through a virtual private server (VPS).

What are Experts in MetaTrader?

When using MetaTrader platforms, such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5), there are automated trading systems known as Expert Advisors (EAs), or Experts for short. Experts are not humans. Instead, they are automated trading systems created by traders designed to execute a trading strategy.

Is it risky to use automated strategies with MetaTrader?

Yes. Experts, which are automated trading systems in MT4 and MT5, are built by traders and rely on backtesting to prove their profitability. As the famous market adage says, “past performance is not indicative of future results.” The problem with automated strategies is that they rely on the benefit of hindsight bias. The reality is that very few trading systems are profitable over the course of an entire year.

Final Thoughts

While determining whether to use MT4 and/or MT5, traders should consider the range of markets available from their broker on each platform as this may vary. Other points to consider are any related tools that may be used, including custom indicators, scripts, libraries, or EAs, as these may not be cross-compatible, although an increasing number of developers are able to create dedicated versions for each platform.

All in all, after 17 years of development, MetaQuotes has proved to be a leader in developing forex and multi-asset trading platforms for online forex brokers and retail traders globally, with MT4 and MT5 providing nearly all user types with the necessary tools to trade and backed by its user-supported community and market place.

To sign up for a live forex account or demo trading account with a MetaTrader broker that offers MT4 or MT5, see our list of reviewed brokers for further guides and resources to choose a broker that best suits your overall trading needs.


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M Broker Review: Awry Forex Scam

M Broker Review: Awry Forex Scam


Last Updated: Jan 30, 2020 @ 12:43 pm

M Broker ( is a CFDs and Forex scam broker to hit the lucrative Forex world. MBroker is claiming to have genius traders who will aid newbie traders to trade successfully. Is M BROKER a real Forex broker who will actually realize your trading dreams? Sadly, this is another Forex scam as we have damning evidence to prove it. Read this M Broker review and know all the tricks used.

M Broker Review:

Once you open this platform, the website is originally made for Spanish speaking countries. That’s why most people who have been scammed come from South America. That’s not all; these scammers have used the same tricks to entice newbies into signing up. Homepage is the place where we will begin our investigation. This broker claims to deal in indices, raw materials, bonds, and digital currencies.

Note that scammers will say or do anything to get your attention. And that’s why M Broker is claiming to have all the trading commodities at hand. They have created a homepage with a rotating Bitcoin sign to try and prove authenticity. That’s what scammers are after, to try and grab your attention. Make sure to read this entire review and find out the bags of tricks used by these scammers.

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Who Owns M Broker?

According to the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, M Broker is owned by M Broker Management Limited. Disclaimer states that this company is registered in Dubai and has offices in more than 13 countries. These are fictional claims meant to entice the reader into believing that MBroker is a global brand. This broker is not recognized by the Forex trading community and most experts have never heard about it.

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A disturbing feature in regards to ownership is the fact that they fail to give real names of owners. Who is the CEO or CFO of M Broker Management Limited? Fact that they fail to disclose this vital information is proof we are dealing with a scam. Professional scam artists try as much as possible to remain anonymous. They don’t want to face any backlash from victims or the authorities.

Is M Broker Licensed or Registered?

This broker is conducting Forex business without proper authorization. And this is a major problem as anyone who signs up with MBROKER will not be protected by authorities. M Broker is not authorized to conduct any Forex business on behalf of third parties. Their practice is illegal and anyone who signs up is an accomplice.

A real broker usually posts their licensing and registration numbers for all to see. Why haven’t they posted their registration credentials and documents? It’s clear that we are dealing with a broker with no licensing credentials. Don’t sign up with such n entity as you will be dealing with a rogue broker.

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Platform used.

According to their homepage, this broker uses MT4 trading platform. Homepage claims that their platform allows their genius traders to monitor trades. How the genius traders help members who sign up is beyond our comprehension.

Problem with their platform is that download stalled at 15% which spells doom for users. This means that we are dealing with an unstable platform. Hackers find unstable platforms as easy breeding ground for credit card and personal data theft. Signing up with this platform is against everything that we stand for. Make sure to stay away from this broker.

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Fake Testimonials.

These scammers have produced testimonials that will make newbies easily believe them. Alexandre P is a user who claims he just wanted to visit the world. An adviser with M Broker made her realize this dream by depositing money to this broker.

Jonathan A is also a successful trader who claims to have bought his dream car thanks to smart investment. And who helped him make this smart investment? An adviser’s name kept hidden and not revealed. Problem with these testimonials is that we can’t put a face to their name. Nobody knows these people which would have made verification easy.

Are Funds Safe with M Broker?

Funds are never safe with a broker who is not licensed or regulated. This broker has refused to mention their bank partner. Where do they bank money deposited by members? It’s also possible that users are depositing money straight to owner’s personal bank account. Funds are far from being secure with this broker who has no license or registration number.

This broker does not segregate accounts; it means they are pooling funds in one account. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, funds will be lost. That brings us to our next red flag; this broker does not participate in a compensatory scheme. Any member who loses money with this broker will not be compensated even if the loss is not their fault. Best thing is to stay clear of this platform.

Accounts Used.

This broker offers three different account types to choose from. These accounts include Copper account, Silver account, and Golden account. Copper account is designed for traders who can work with the most popular trading pairs. Silver account is for traders for more experienced traders. This account is for traders who have knowledge for the broader marker. Golden account is for traders who want to enjoy the best services.

Problem with these accounts is that they lack proper details. It means that these accounts are just bogus accounts. These scammers simply want users to sign up and deposit money using and choose any account. That’s not the case. M Broker is using these accounts to entice newbie traders to sign up with them.

Is M Broker a Scam?

M Broker is definitely a scam with no regards to set industry rules and regulations. Make sure to mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by them. Warn your friends and relatives from signing up with MBroker as this is a fictitious broker.

M Broker Final Verdict.

Option left is to add MBROKER to our broker scam blacklist. Once authorities investigate this broker, they will soon shut down their whole operation. Make sure you don’t become another victim of M Broker and stay away from it.

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your future trading experience. Always stay safe!

Обзор брокера Trade LTD: реальные отзывы трейдеров и механизмы работы

Компания Trade LTD на своем официальном сайте позиционирует себя как самый лучший форекс-брокер нового поколения, но эта фраза на главной странице не имеет ничего общего с реальным положением дел. Брокер в своей работе использует мошеннические схемы и об этом не раз упоминалось в ряде негативных отзывов бывших клиентов. В этом обзоре мы подробно расскажем об условиях, которые предлагает платформа, и о том, почему компания попала в блэк-лист.

Обзор брокера Trade LTD: мошенники или надежная компания?

На первый взгляд, платформа лишена недостатков. Сайт хорошо оформлен, есть учебные материалы, а на главной странице у пользователей даже есть возможность ознакомиться с отзывами трейдеров (липовыми, конечно же).

На размышления наталкивает тот факт, что компания непосредственно связан с проектом Glenmore Investments, за которым тянется шлейф недоброй славы. После закрытия этой компании, всем трейдерам пришло уведомление о переводе их средств на другую платформу. Чтобы отмыть репутацию, фирме пришлось сделать ставку на ребрендинг, поэтому на месте Glenmore Investments появился новый проект, но уже под другим названием.

Обзор показал, что брокера Trade LTD можно отнести к мошенникам, опираясь на ряд существенных моментов:

  • Платформа начала свою деятельность в 2020 году, но за такой короткий промежуток времени уже успела снискать дурную славу. На независимых форумах встречается огромное количество негативных отзывов, в которых пользователи делятся своим опытом работы с брокером Trade LTD.
  • Лишенный оригинальности дизайн сайта сразу бросается в глаза. Да, сделано качественно, но знакомство с разделами принесет сплошное разочарование. Никакой вразумительной информации о деятельности компании вы здесь не найдете, а учебные материалы не порадуют своей научной базой. Если изучать платформу более подробно, то в глаза сразу же бросается машинный перевод, что не свидетельствует о надежности фирмы.
  • О лицензии и говорить не стоит, потому что ее попросту нет. На платформе даже вскользь не упоминается о регуляторе, который контролирует деятельность конторы. Стоит обратить внимание на то, что фирма оффшорная, так как зарегистрирована на Панаме.
  • На своем официальном сайте компания с радостью выставляет отзывы довольных клиентов, используя фотографии, скачанные из Google, и стандартные формулировки. С первого прочтения понимаешь, что все это настоящая липа.
  • Нет демо-счета и это подозрительно. Компания не дает никаких шансов новичкам освоить платформу без существенных финансовых вложений. Обзор показал, что к недостаткам также можно отнести отсутствие бонусных программ.
  • Компания запутывает как пользователей, так и себя. Сначала фирма говорит о легком заработке с помощью их платформы, а уже в другом разделе четко указывает на то, что не несет никакой ответственности за денежные риски. Добросовестные брокеры, как известно, так не работают.

На официальном сайте указано, что техническая поддержка работает круглосуточно, но это не имеет ничего общего с реальной ситуацией. Если у пользователей возникают какие-то вопросы в выходные дни, то им необходимо дождаться понедельника, чтобы операторы смогли обработать заявку.

Обзор торговых условий компании Trade LTD

Выбирая брокера, пользователи в первую очередь обращают внимание на перечень преимуществ и список торговых условий, которые может предложить фирма. Исходя из отзывов клиентов, платформа решила не заморачиваться и просто скопировала эту информацию с других сайтов.

Наш обзор показал, что брокер располагает 5 типами счетов:

  • Standart. Сумма минимального депозита составляет 200 долларов, кредитное плечо – 1:100.
  • Silver. Минимальный депозит начинается от 1 000 долларов, спред стартует от 1.9 пунктов.
  • Gold. Депозит от 5 000 долларов, кредитное плечо составляет 1:200.
  • Platinum. Trade LTD предлагает своим клиентам внести первый депозит в размере 25 000 долларов, спред начинается от 1.3 пунктов.
  • VIP. Позиционирует себя как аккаунт для настоящих профессионалов, которые любят играть по-крупному. Минимальный депозит начинается от 50 000 долларов и выше. Минимальный объем сделки при этом — 1 лот.

Также компания Trade LTD якобы предлагает своим клиентам такие заманчивые условия:

  • сделки от одного доллара;
  • удобное мобильное приложение;
  • поддержка сразу нескольких перспективных торговых платформ;
  • небольшие комиссии;
  • советы от профессиональных консультантов;
  • вебинары, аналитические обзоры и учебные материалы в свободном доступе;
  • пополнение депозита можно осуществить с помощью электронного кошелька или банковской карты;
  • спреды не изменяются в зависимости от выбранного счета.

Казалось бы, отличные условия для сотрудничества, но отзывы клиентов говорят об обратном. Брокер использует в своей деятельности мошеннические схемы, кидая клиентов на деньги. Все преимущества, которые описаны на официальном сайте, всего лишь фикция, главная цель которой — завоевать доверие потенциальных трейдеров.

Обзор мошеннических схем брокера

Мы ознакомились с отзывами, промониторили сайт и пришли к выводу, что компания Trade LTD — это типичная “кухня”, которая использует в своей работе не очень честные схемы:

  • Фирма Trade LTD не скупится на таргетированную рекламу, в которой довольные клиенты улыбаются и расхваливают брокера. Здесь вам обещают золотые горы, нескончаемую прибыль и удачные сделки. Конечно, все это создано лишь для привлечения внимания.
  • Когда клиент наконец-то понимает схему работы компании и хочет получить свои деньги обратно, его начинают игнорировать. Звонки, запросы на электронную почту и заявки — все это остается без вразумительных ответов. Техническая поддержка добавляет пользователя в блэк-лист.
  • Трейдер вносит минимальный депозит и сразу же получает в нагрузку штатного аналитика. Естественно, разобраться в платформе он вам не поможет, а вот выманить деньги — его прямая обязанность, поэтому фиктивный специалист будет кормить вас заманчивыми предложениями и обещать стабильный доход.
  • Приумножить свой капитал возможно, но вывести средства — невыполнимая миссия. Операторы технической поддержки будут придумывать нелепые отговорки, ссылаясь на то, что у клиента есть задолженности или неуплаченные налоги. Особо настойчивых и юридически подкованных трейдеров просто блокируют, дабы те не задавали лишних вопросов.

Отзывы трейдеров о брокере Trade LTD

Обзор показал, что латформа не может похвастаться положительным имиджем, так как на независимых ресурсах пользователи чаще всего отпускают гневные комментарии в сторону фирмы.

Трейдер Александр72 в своем отзыве выразил недоверие к компании Trade LTD. Его не устраивает наличие персонального менеджера, который дает провальные рекомендации, а также настораживает отсутствие лицензии:

Рекомендованные для вас статьи:

Пользователь Елена в отзыве рассказала свою историю сотрудничества с компанией. Вывести деньги ей так и не удалось:

У трейдера Светланы также остались только негативные впечатления от платформы

Выводы о компании Trade LTD

Наш обзор наглядно продемонстрировал минусы сотрудничества с этим брокером. Trade LTD — компания, которой не стоит доверять свои финансы по ряду причин. Во-первых, у фирмы отсутствует официальная лицензия, поэтому вернуть деньги в случае обмана, опираясь на действующее законодательство, не представляется возможным. Во-вторых, шквал негативных отзывов в сети еще раз подтверждает плохую репутацию конторы. Мы не рекомендуем вам тратить свои ресурсы на платформу, так как с ее помощью вы заработаете только опыт.

Автор: Алина Маймистова

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