Review Coin Drive is Another Doubler Scam!

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Company: InterGlobal Limited
Founded: 2020
Prizes: Bitcoins
TOS: One account per person
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +223.2839

FreeBitco Exposed — Can You Really Win Free Bitcoin? Read Reviews!

FreeBitco Review is a Bitcoin faucet that offers a chance to win free bitcoins through a Hi-Lo game plus a weekly lottery. If you’re looking on how to earn free bitcoin, read further.

What Is

FreeBitco offers what looks like two games. There is Hi-Lo which they say you can win up to $200 in bitcoins. They say you can win up to $200 in free bitcoins every hour and then in the same paragraph FreeBitco says if you play this game, you can win up to 1 Bitcoin each time you play. Then there is a weekly lottery for prizes. Players get a 50% referral commission when they encouraged their friends, family and others to play. There are a few websites where people are actually advertising for more players.

Who Can Participate?

Though there is no information on who can or cannot play, the very nature of bitcoins suggests that anyone can join the games. Bitcoin is a currency that is not based in any country or by any authority. The exchange rate floats though the current rate of exchange is 1 Bitcoin is worth US$ 2,282.23.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Free Bitcoin?

Playing’s Hi-Lo game wins you Bitcoins. There does appear to be prizes to be won in their weekly free lottery, but there is no information on what they are. Playing either is free.

Who Owns is owned by InterGlobal Limited, a company based in Belize. There is a snail mail address and email address, though don’t look to find this on their site. Well, it might show up once you register, but there is no “contact us” menu on their site. InterGlobal also owns a mirrored site called which is a duplicate platform for DOGECOINS. They are currently trading at 1,000 DOGECOINS is work US$ 3.48.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

Don’t look to find published Terms and Conditions at prior to registration. There aren’t any. There is a “Terms of Service” with three rules: do not use bots, don’t use rude language and don’t create multiple accounts.

How to Collect a Prize? has no information on how you collect your prize. Theoretically, getting your winnings should be pretty straightforward and simply credited to your account. But there is a heap of complaints online, where players say their wins were not credited. We’re also not sure whether you can transfer your Bitcoins somewhere else to purchase things or this is locked to their site and advertisers. Feedback and Complaints

Jumping around the web, it’s been a while since we come across so many negative comments. The loudest one was the rate of winning which estimated a potential win of $0.002 each roll. This was qualified with the fact that if you did use the referral system and got lots of people to play, the amount would add up pretty fast. There were also comments on the fact the site had too many advertisements. I guess that’s how they stay in business.

Is FreeBitco Legit Bitcoin Faucet or Scam?

It’s hard to say whether this is legit or not without registering and there was no way I was going to do it without more information. That and the fact, there were more complaints than good reviews.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

Bottom Line at

The combination of so many negative comments and the lack of published information prior to registration definitely put me off. Add to that the comments that a bunch of people (who must be better at math than I am) posted relating to the only way to really win here is by referrals hence getting a bunch of other people to play.


Anyone Can Play

Simple Game of Hi-Lo


No Terms & Conditions

No Info on How You Get Your Winnings

A Heap of Complaints

FreeBitco gets a thumb’s down. This site seems more angled at getting you to engage in the world of Bitcoin than actually getting prizes and things.

After losing over 80$ from a “hacker” wagered over .0088 satoshi with a 2FA enabled they refuse to do anything about it. No trust in this site anymore and I’ve read a lot of other reviews and it seems I’m not the only one that has gotten this. the site was the only thing that won in my loss.

attention to this site
Never use the multiply bt
multiply BTC is a scam = thieves

you have to file a complaint with the police
freebitcoin = probably fake

stop these thieves!

It is a total scam. It is not paying… Lost my money… Don’t invest .

my balance in my account suddenly disappeared today for no apparent reason…I have never withdrawn anything from that account, it was collecting the interest and I was building my balance a little at a time and now it is gone!


But on my Referrals page:
TOTAL 0.91302240
RECENT 0.00150461
MULTIPLY BTC 0.29566502
EARN BTC 0.00769273

So you show 6312 referrals which is how you have amassed almost 1 Bitcoin. Hope you feel great about your earning guiding so many people to this place who lost a great deal of money. Even you yourself show you are a coward to play the multiply game. Just so you know it is illegal to promote or refer people to a gambling site and you could find yourself losing so much more than you gained. Reported to FBI!

Poor earnings, so I decide to deposit again (third time). 7 times I lose × 8000satoshi..its that fair. In totall I lose 0.00045
Very bad (scam) site.

Does anyone believes that 21 straight losses, always with small numbers, is not a scam. I don’t.

Yes I do believe in 21 straight loss. Mine got 24 so you’ll lose a million or two. Safest way. Autoroll odds to 4 increase bet to 750. In just 7 rolls you’ll earn 1.1million satoshi

free is a very good website. this the best site of bitcoin earning. I have win lottery and contest round.

Noticed my FreeBitCoin “Free Roll” went down from 20 satoshi to 6 per hour, when my Bonus Bitcoin account produces around 50 to 80 satoshi per hour depending on the price of Bitcoin. A customer service tech cancelled my account and stole all my satoshi (a considerable portion of a Bitcoin) an 15 minutes ago because I asked him why my “free roll” satoshi was only 6, and he kept reading his prefab answer from a script hanging in his cubicle. He claimed to own FreeBitCoin, which is preposterous, because with 23 million users, there’s no way in hell the OWNER and I are going to exchange a total of 15 emails back and forth.

(caution: cursewords sent to me in the emails by the low level tech who stole my money appear in my written experience below.)

When he started calling me an “asshole” and a “whiny crybaby” I said “I never cursed at you, why are you doing it now?”

He said, “I’m going to close your account.”

And before my eyes, I watched my account close and a year and a half of hard work from 8 Bitcoin Faucets that I deposited into my FreeBitCoin account disappear, like a fart in the wind.

FreeBitCoin stole my entire account because the low level tech who pretended to be the owner was butthurt that I wasn’t buying his stupid script as to why I was only getting 6 satoshi per hour when others are getting a whole lot more, doing the exact same thing I was doing.

Then he called me a “dickhead” and said “These kinds of things happen to dickheads like you.” AFTER he stole my money.

If you think that FreeBitCoin is going to help you… NO.

If you think FreeBitCoin is a safe place to store money? NO.


My sponsor on FreeBitCoin had 0.15 Bitcoin disappear from his account on FreeBitCoin and he’s stupid enough to keep putting more on there? He’s at 0.4 Bitcoin there right now, and I’m going to laugh at him when they steal his whole amount instead of just part of it.


I’m going to make reports everywhere I can and then focus on a YouTube campaign that shows all of my email interactions with the tech in India who stole all my Bitcoin because he couldn’t “win an argument” when there was never even any argument. He just couldn’t answer the truthful question with a truthful answer. So… The Bitcoin amount I had…

I guarantee he’s already added it to his own FreeBitCoin account.

about 1 week ago I did deposit bitcoin to my account in
yesterday when I enter on my account I saw my bitcoin was withdrawn by unknowing action, besides my account address has also been changed by unknowing action.

Only ones that win here are the ones that have many referrals.

Yep, I have 6000 referrals. My daughter has 2000.

Yes it is pure scam, 100-360 times missing on a row untill it sucks your bankroll are very common. I have seen it. In this way I got stolen for nearly 8,52 BTC and no not just in one day. In 9 months, so as you can see. It is rigged till the bones. Even in the casino you would have atleast 1 day you walk out with something descent. Also the lotterij. Yes dear. Every week (because of playing) I have over 500.000-2.000.000 lottery tickets. And i not even get something. Thats says enough. Time to Hack this site.

This site has stolen over 1400 US dollars worth of bitcoin from my account and cannot log back in to access this. They do not reply to emails and do not care to just block your account. Do not risk it, I feel sites like this will create a downfall or a scared purchaser of bitcoin due to the scams. Do not waste your money here. They also did not pay out any of my winnings or interest lost everything with no communication BS.

The Multiply HI/LO game is totally rigged in a way to make you win at first and then all of sudden rip you off. They say it’s based it’s an algorithm based on cryptography. I strongly do not believe so.
First the house edge is huge if you leave by default the odd at 2.00 it can be triggered several times in a row despite the fact that the vast majority of the roll will be either LO or HI.
Secondly, this is rigged. As soon as you possibly win a decent amount, there is something that it being triggered systematically to make you lose it all.
This is how I eventually invested 1.67BTC and turn it up to 7.53 BTC and all of sudden it was all gone with over 25 consecutive loss that obviously included house edge several times when the chance are extremely low with the default odd value.
I got a pay out of 0.006btc eventually once that I’ve made for checking sake to ensure they do really wire the payout, it seems they do but their multipy HI LO is clearly fucking rigged as hell. Make you win then make you lose it all unexpectedly and if you ever contact them they talk back to you like they take you for retards thinking we do not know probability and math. The game is clearly rigged and me and some other friends also noticed there are days that a more likely to drain all your BTC instantly, It almost feels like there is a bit of bank of satoshi available for the winning of Multiply BTC and as soon as this bank is close to be emptied, the algo changes and ensure to make you lose to every single roll you make regardless if you swap HI or LO or if you t=use the martingale strategy; they rip you off systematically. This is how I lost a huge quantity of BTC with them. 12 BTC and they have no problem replying to you with a one liner saying you only roll that much therefore chances are this or that. Complete rubbish. Why do you think most users recommend you to play a bit and then log out and clear your cookies etc? If this was a learning algo probably set and fair, you would not have to use such measures.
Advice for the ones who want to risk Multiply BTC as soon as you make a positive earning in your stat with multiply BTC, stop playing and enjoy free roll and withdraw because if you decided to leave it as savings, the temptation of using multiply BTC will be too high and you will lose everything, that is guaranteed.

As for the lottery it is very dodgy on how they operate, I went as high as having so many tickets that I reached 38% win rate chance a couple of minutes before the end of the time for the draw and I got the 8th prize which was obviously a blood piece of joke in comparison to all the BTC wagered and invested for it, a complete loss.

A second times, that was 3 weeks later, I also ended with millions of ticket and win rate chance higher than 20%, and guess what? 8th prize again! How the hell if it was really fair would I end up with the same ranked prize which is a ridiculous amount of satoshis when you see other users who are apparently winning the top 3 prize (between 0.1 to 2BTC) by having only playing sometimes under 100 tickets. I was also looking for those winners but we never managed to find any. It is very clear that the top 5 prizes of every single lottery draw are most likely bot accounts created by themselves.

If they were not suspicious and completely fair, they would mentioned the entirety of the users who won and the payout being made as well as the payout address but guess what? They shrink them all so you can’t really check.

they post some last 10 payout every now and then but you will notice its usually rarely very high amount of BTC (between 30k satoshi to rarely 1,2 BTC).

As for the wagering contest this is also a hint that something is going wrong. If you look at the wagering contest you’ll be shocked to death how come some players could have wagered over 300BTC within a month! Just as FYI I went as high as 100BTC wagered once and that did involve having close to 10BTC deposited or available in your balance. So its either big whale or staff of who wager all the earnings they make on daily basis so nobody gets the 10000$ reward. Other suspicious things are the user ID. Most of the times the winner are what seems to be very recent account created (over 6 digits leght). One would easily assume that old users having hoarding a lot of BTC would possibly be owning and ruling the contest due to their bigger reserve but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

Another evidence which I think will break anybody who trust they’re all clean and legit. They recently added a new contest with a Lamborghini at stake. You can either buy the gold ticket for 25k satoshi or you will one every time you wager 500k Satoshi with the multiply hi lo game or if you bet the same amount for the betting games.

Now look the very first day of the wagering contest for May and you will see already users who have wagered 11BTC. This information are refreshed very fast within a minute as soon as the change reached over 10000 satoshis.

If you still follow, you would understand that these users who wagered over 1BTC (even 10BTC) should technically already have up to 2000 golden ticket for that Lamborghini contest. Check the golden ticket page, you will be able to see that there are currently 0 total tickets played which mean only one thing… There are lots of fakes stats and fakes users on their website.

And they dare taking everyone for retards with their provably fair…

If I could I would hack the hell out of them and make them a very steep price for all the money and crypto they robbed to everyone. FBI should bloody arrest them all and lock their BTC and mining operations.

Cointherum Review: 90 day bitcoin doubler Ponzi

Cointherum provide no information on their website about who owns or runs the business.

The Cointherum website domain (“”) was privately registered on May 27th, 2020.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

Cointherum Products

Cointherum has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Cointherum affiliate membership itself.

The Cointherum Compensation Plan

Cointherum affiliates invest bitcoin on the promise of a 90 day 200% ROI.

At the end of the 90 day maturity period, if a Cointherum affiliate wishes to withdraw they must reinvest as much as or more than their initial investment.

Residual commissions on invested funds by downline affiliates are paid out via a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right):

The first level of the binary team houses two positions. The second level of the binary team is generated by splitting these first two positions into another two positions each (4 positions).

Subsequent levels of the binary team are generated as required, with each new level housing twice as many positions as the previous level.

Positions in the binary team are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates. Note that there is no limit to how deep a binary team can grow.

At the end of each day Cointherum tally up new investment volume on both sides of the binary.

Affiliates are paid a percentage of matched binary funds, based on how much they have invested:

  • invest 0.05 BTC and receive a 5% binary commission
  • invest 0.1 BTC and receive a 6% binary commission
  • invest 0.3 BTC and receive a 7% binary commission
  • invest 0.5 BTC and receive a 8% binary commission
  • invest 1 BTC and receive a 10% binary commission
  • invest 2 BTC and receive a 14% binary commission
  • invest 4 BTC and receive a 15% binary commission
  • invest 10 BTC and receive a 16% binary commission
  • invest 15 BTC and receive a 17% binary commission
  • invest 20 BTC and receive a 20% binary commission
  • invest 30 BTC and receive a 22% binary commission
  • invest 50 BTC and receive a 23% binary commission

Joining Cointherum

Cointherum affiliate membership is tied to an investment of between 0.05 and 50 BTC.

To withdraw a ROI payout an affiliate must reinvest what they initially invested or higher.


Cointherum is more of the same from the MLM underbelly bitcoin niche.

The cookie-cutter ruse of cryptocurrency trading is trotted out to explain how Cointherum generates a 200% every 90 days.

Other than brief descriptions of what bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and allphacoin are on the Cointherum website, there is no proof that any trading takes place.

As it always does, the cryptocurrency trading ruse fails the Ponzi logic test.

If the anonymous owners of Cointherum were able to generate a 200% ROI every 90 days (811% annually without compounding), they’d be quietly investing their own funds and enjoying the profit.

Creating 200% ROI liabilities every 90 days on top of binary commissions does them no favors and from a business perspective makes no sense.

Thus like all the other bitcoin doublers, Cointherum is simply shuffling newly invested funds around to pay off existing investors.

GladiaCoin was the first MLM doubler to surface back in early March.

Just before initial investments were due to hit their 90 day maturity period in June, the scam collapsed.

Cointherum is the same Ponzi + binary residual business model with the same cryptocurrency trading ruse.

The owners of Cointherum can’t generate a legitimate 200% ROI every 90 days any more than GladiaCoin’s owners could, meaning once again the majority of affiliates who sign up and invest in Cointherum are going to lose money.

Хайп DAGcoin и отзывы о


Новый довольно интересный инвест проект DAGcoin (официальный сайт http начал работать в интернете в июне 2020 года. Как всегда давайте сделаем полный анализ проекта.

Легенда хайп проекта

Итак перед нами новая криптовалюта под названием DAGcoin, которая станет лучше биткоина и количество монет будет прирастать на 12% в месяц. Учитывая, что сейчас в интернете почти 900 крипт и клепают их все кому не лень, то очень сомнительны обещания разработчиков.

Не смотря на то, что полноценный старт обещают только 1 июля, в интернете уже должна быть информация и интерес к такой «исключительной» крипте, но ее нет. Так что до выхода на биржи считаем что это всего лишь хайп проект и ни о какой реальной кампании тут речи и не идет. Такие высокодоходные инвестиционные фонды работают по принципу понзи, реальной деятельности не ведут, а выплаты производятся за счет депозитов инвесторов.

Инвестиционные планы

Помимо разработки нового коина DAGcoin, сайт уже принимает инвестиции от всех желающих. Если кому интересно подробно во всем этом разобраться, то предоставляю официальное видео о маркетинге:

В целом по прибыли не совсем понятна окончательная цифра, но обещано не ниже 12% в месяц. Так что окупаемость депозита довольно большая и выход в без убыток лишь где-то на 8-й месяц работы проекта.

Реферальная программа по сути 10%, но из них только 6,5% можно вывести сразу на кошелек, а на остальные 3,5% покупаются автоматически монетки и замораживаются на 8 месяцев.

Техническая часть

Сам сайт внешне из себя не представляет пока ничего особенного как по наполнению, так и по технике. Тем не менее можно найти многочисленные видео интервью, какие-то фотографии. Личный кабинет похож на биржевой и не удивлюсь если скопирован с какой-нибудь биржи.

Принимает хайп биткоин, перфект и адвкэш.

Вывод и отзывы

Первое что бросается в глаза от таких «крутых» разработчиков «убийцы» биткоина — это отсутствие возможности автоматически сделать депозит. Нам предлагают кошельки, на которые мы должны зайдя в личный кабинет самостоятельно перевести деньги. Ну не бред ли?

В любом случае следует дождаться 1 июля и посмотреть как администрация объявит и обставит рождение новой криптовалюты. Депозит при случае всегда можно будет успеть сделать потом.

Если вы новичок и не знаете что такое на самом деле хайпы и как в них зарабатывать, то настоятельно рекомендую ознакомиться на моем блоге с информацией для новичков. На самом деле инвестировать в них можно и также можно неплохо зарабатывать, но нужен опыт в отборе проектов. Если нет желания разбираться во всем самим, то рекомендую изучить мой мониторинг лучших хайпов 2020 года и выбрать что-нибудь по вкусу для инвестиций. Своим партнерам я возвращаю 100% реферальную комиссию.

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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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