Coinsmex Review Is A Scam Trading Platform

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Is Bitcoin Wealth a Scam? Know The Whole Truth About Bitcoin Trading Bot

Trading cryptocurrencies is big business. And where the money is, you can always expect to find scam artists lurking and waiting to pounce on unsuspecting investors.

The latest cryptocurrencies trading scam is bitcoin wealth. It’s being marketed as an automated binary options trading software that will make you thousands in profits per day.

Since its launch late September, there’s no doubt that it has received a lot of interest. But every wary trader is asking one question. Is bitcoin wealth a scam? This bitcoin wealth scam review will expose all the details that make this system one you should totally avoid.

Its “free” Very few options traders can overlook a free opportunity to make money. Bitcoin wealth is marketed as a free to join the system.

However, it comes at a price. You’ll be expected to deposit at least $250 with the broker you’re assigned to enjoy the benefits that come with this system. And that leads me to the next red flag Bitcoin wealth will only link to unregulated brokers.

This means that your money will be held by a business that might decide to disappear and have no one to answer to. When this scam is finally exposed and goes under, anyone who invested their cash will lose it.

Two brokers this software is linked with are ArgusFX and Pure Market. Trying to link the software to a regulated broker account will simply fail.

The claims made are unrealistic

The promo video makes a bold claim that you can earn a minimum of 0.3 bitcoins per day on autopilot. Calculating based on the current bitcoin value, that’s at least $1000 per day.

This claim is based on the software’s programming. According to its creator, it uses artificial intelligence algorithms which make it almost impossible to lose on a trade.

Regardless of how any options trading bot is programmed, the possibility of losing on trades is always there.

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You cannot see how this software works

After dishing out several hundred dollars with an unregulated broker, you can expect to earn thousands of dollars per day on autopilot. Without knowing how this software does it.

While I wouldn’t mind making money this way, I don’t believe that the bitcoin wealth app is the way to do it. There’s too much risk involved and there’s no way of knowing whether any trades entered have ended ITM or OTM.

Fake owner and testimonials

The bitcoin wealth scam was purportedly created by Max Carney. After conducting some research, I found the same person being the creator of a similar cryptocurrency scam system called Crypto Wealth. Besides both systems’ creators having similar names, they’re quite similar in design.

The system’s marketing involves the use of video testimonials. None of them sound convincing. In fact, I suspect that these are paid actors reading off scripts meant to paint a rosy picture about this scam.

That’s not all. The earnings disclaimer used in the promo video explains that all messages are meant to demonstrate what the app can do. You won’t find a clip of the software actually placing trades or making any user some money.

Final verdict

There’s no doubt that bitcoin wealth is a scam. It’s designed to lure in unsuspecting traders by being packaged as a free to join the system. Once you’ve invested your money with one of their unregulated brokers, you will be expected to trust a bot whose working you cannot understand to make you thousands of dollars each day. There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of money to be made trading cryptocurrencies. However, it’s not worth it to invest your time or money with the bitcoin wealth scam.

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General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

Bitcoinscashout Reviews

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Write a review

Reviews 17

It’s so sad when we still get scammed…

It’s so sad when we still get scammed at this age and we don’t do anything about it well I’ve been there before and I got back what I lost though I didn’t get all back but it’s alright at the same time and it’s not bad. you can reach them at Spencersboltrecovery @ g m a il . c om for your funds recovery and case filed against any scam site.

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bitcoinscashout is a scam its been over…

bitcoinscashout is a scam its been over 24 hours we did not recieve a peny.

I wish I had read these reviews first

I wish I had read these reviews first!

The bitcoin is sent, and that’s the end of it.

You’ve been scammed.

Scam website

Why are this company collecting people…

Why are this company collecting people money but no where to be found? There is no contact what so ever #1 Fraud site for Bitcoin

COINEGG Review 2020


CoinEgg is yet another cryptocurrency exchange offering the trading of digital cryptocurrency assets. The exchange is very new as it was just launched in 2020 and is based out of the United Kingdom with their headquarters located at Hunstanton Avenue, Birmingham, B17 8TA, United Kingdom. CoinEgg has yet to build up a large following and reputation but is offering the ability to trade a wide variety of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies that are not available anywhere else. For this reason, CoinEgg has peaked ours and many other people’s interests in the cryptocurrency community. However, before trading with any cryptocurrency exchange, it’s extremely important to ensure they can be trusted with your money and that they’re a reliable exchange.


Like most other cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinEgg is not regulated by any reputable regulatory authorities and have yet to build up a strong reputation among users. Therefore, in the following review, we delve deep into the aspects that make up this cryptocurrency exchange and see what set’s CoinEgg apart from the competition and whether or not they can be trusted.

Exchange Platform

Much like other cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinEgg has their very own proprietary web-based trading platform. The platform is relatively nice, but not as user-friendly as some of the other exchanges we have experienced. At the top of the platform, traders can find a basic chart of the cryptocurrency they’re trading and view the recent history and different time frames. The charting tools are quite limited but more than sufficient for a beginner trader. The available cryptocurrency assets are located on the left of the platform in a simple and easy format, while the order book and order history are located directly below the chart. The layout is actually well organized but lacking some features and depth that other trading platforms have. For instance, the order book is limited and basic by only offering simple market orders rather than feature limit orders and stop losses. However, the platform does operate smoothly and appears to be technically sound.

Exchange Markets

If there’s one thing CoinEgg is known for, it’s their massive array of cryptocurrency assets available for trade. Currently, they have over 40 tradeable cryptocurrencies available and they are adding more all the time. For this very reason is why CoinEgg has some popularity among traders. The crypto assets available include all the most popular and some exotic cryptocurrencies and new projects. The sheer amount of selection is what attracts most traders to the CoinEgg exchange, rather than other aspects. For example, traders can gain access and purchase coins listed on CoinEgg before they get listed on a larger exchange with the hopes of acquiring the cryptocurrency at a better price.

The markets in which these cryptocurrencies are available to include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and CoinEgg’s very own USC token. Bitcoin and the USC token have the most tradeable assets, while Ethereum can only currently be exchanged with 5 cryptocurrencies. CoinEgg does not feature any fiat currency pairs to trade, which is disappointing but common among cryptocurrency exchanges with a wide array of digital assets.

Another area that CoinEgg stands out is their very competitive fee structure. The exchange is transparent with their fees and clearly lists all associated fees on their website as well as in the order book. The exchange does not charge any fees for depositing cryptocurrencies. As for withdrawals, fees can go as high as 1% and are set at 0.001 BTC for Bitcoin, 0.001 LTC for Litecoin, and 0.01 ETH for Ethereum. These withdrawal fees are still relatively low compared to much of the competition. Now for the trading fees, they are only 0.1% per trade which is a miniscule amount, especially in comparison with other popular cryptocurrency exchanges where fees are around 0.25%.

Security and Fairness

According to our research, CoinEgg has yet to be hacked and is therefore a reliable and trustworthy exchange thus far. However, the exchange is not regulated and therefore traders must use caution when dealing with an exchange like this. CoinEgg claims to have top-level security, but there are no technicalities or information on their site to back this up. For this reason, we urge users of CoinEgg to proceed with caution as there are many unknowns with this exchange. As for fairness of the exchange, CoinEgg appears to treat every single customer the same as there is only one account type to choose from and users are not affected by how much they trade.


The support offered by CoinEgg is subpar at best. Support representatives can be reached via email or live chat. However, whenever we tried using the live chat function there was no representatives available as they were always offline. Also, support via email is slow to respond if they respond at all. Another thing is their FAQ page is non-existent. Traders can not even try to help themselves because the FAQ page is just a blank page. All in all, we must say the customer support is not very good.

Scam Exchanges

List of all Scam Trading platforms and Crypto Currency Exchanges and their owners

Запись опубликована Tomahawkcoin · 16 мая 2020

This Blog is intended to expose the Fraud and Scam Artists that are destroying a community of hard workers and dedicated traders, enthusiasts and investors alike that, are ruining everything we stand for in the

Great World of Virtual Currency. Everyone is welcomed to add new information about any suspect Exchange they may come across, or any individual that may have scammed others, attempted or is about to harm this community we stand for and support.

Many have also been scammed on Ebay, for their CEX Gh/s and/or coins as well as mining time sold as contracts, please let us know their names on their respective account on such sites, so we can steer clear from them.

Also we are faced with an extensive amount of different coins, that are flooding the market, we see at least 10-15 new coins every week, some are worthy some are designed to be dumped on the people at the exchanges by greedy Developers on a regular basis.

We. at least I question many of these coins, as sometimes is to late by the time the public is aware, by then the damage is done and we are left with a bag hoping for increase in our initial investment.

These scams have to also be prevented and one should look out for the same Developer with one two many coins on the market.

Please voice your opinion on these matters also, the damage is very painful and it leaves us with no room to breathe, “not everything that flies, is good to eat”.

Asiacoin is a great example of that scam as the Dev claimed there were only 360 Mil coins available, as it turns out it was over 3 Bil, by then the Dev has cashed in more than $250,000 USD.

These type of scams are very damaging to individuals as well as the life of Crypto Currencies in the future, they have to be stopped and held accountable for their actions, we cannot allow this to happen any longer.

We are part of a currency that could put an end to the word, 3rd world countries and benefit such impoverished nations, a currency that is most hated by the Banking Industry and “Flip the Bird” to inflation, it’s time we have real value in hand rather than “toilet paper” called Money.

The benefits behind Virtual Currency such as, fast transactions, low fees, the inability to counterfeit or manipulate, cannot be destroyed by a few and greedy unscrupulous men that are lurking among us looking to steal from the honest and the unsuspected individual.

We cannot risk the downfall of this currency, as there will be no other like it.

Virtual Currency is still in it’s infancy and you can consider yourself’s pioneers in this trend, you and us as a community bring great support trough the time spent, energy, the cost of mining, expensive hardware, so therefore, help yourself and others by sharing your bad experiences and others will follow. Please put your input on how can a person spot such scams, or what a person can do to protect them self’s.

We need to flush out , expose and hold accountable the scum that preys on this great community.

You can also file a complain through the Web Hosting provider through this link
Registry Domain ID: 1854501958_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN

Registrar WHOIS Server:

Updated Date: 2020-04-12 21:42:23Z

Creation Date: 2020-04-13 04:42:00Z

Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2020-04-13 04:42:00Z

Registrar: ENOM, INC.

Registrar IANA ID: 48

Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]

Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4252744500

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