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Утилита Csptest.exe¶

Утилита сsptest.exe , входит в состав программы КриптоПро и позволяет выполнять операции через командную строку. Это дает возможность автоматизировать выполняемые действия с помощью скриптов.

Далее будут рассмотрены основные команды утилиты сsptest.exe и скрипты, позволяющие выполнить массовое копирование контейнеров закрытых ключей и установку сертификатов.

Для удобства, перед выполнением команд перейдите в папку C:\Program Files\Crypto Pro\CSP , выполнив в командной строке команду: cd “C:\Program Files\Crypto Pro\CSP”

Справка по csptest.exe¶

Посмотреть все параметры утилиты сsptest.exe :

Основные команды csptest.exe¶

Просмотр списка контейнеров закрытых ключей¶

Список контейнеров выводится с помощью параметра -keyset :

Для просмотра списка контейнеров на съемных носителях используется параметр -machinekeys . В данном случае не будут показаны ключи, установленные в реестр:

Пример вывода команды:

Флешки и дискеты обозначаются как FAT12_x , где и x буква, присвоенная съемному носителю.

Носитель будет отображен данной командной только в том случае, если на нем есть контейнеры.

Копирование контейнера¶

Копирование контейнера осуществляется с помощью параметра -keycopy :

  • -src — имя контейнера. Имена контейнеров уникальны, поэтому можно не указывать путь к носителю, КриптоПро сама найдет путь к контейнеру.
  • -dest — имя скопированного контейнера, оно должно отличаться от исходного имени. Так же можно указать путь к контейнеру, например, если указать -dest “\\.\FAT12_H\2020ZAO_3” , то контейнер будет скопирован на флэшку. Если не указать путь к носителю, а просто задать название контейнеру, то крипто про выведет графический диалог выбора носителя для копирования.
  • -pinsrc — пароль от исходного контейнера, если пинкода нет, то данный параметр можно не указывать.
  • -pindest — пароль на скопированный контейнер. Чтобы подавить графический диалог установки пароля при автоматическом копировании контейнеров, можно указать пустой пароль, выполнив -pindest=””

Например, рассмотрим копирование контейнера с рутокена в реестр:

Аналогичная ситуация с рутокенами, в данном случае программа не различает понятия пароль и пин-код. Т.е. чтобы скопировать контейнер с рутокена на носитель можно команде -pinsrc присвоить стандарнтный пин-код от Рутокена 12345678 . В таком случае не будет выводиться запрос на ввод пин-кода Рутокена.

Копирование на Рутокен¶

К сожалению, копирование контейнера на Рутокен работает не совсем гладко. Если параметру -dest указать значение \\.\Aktiv Co. ruToken 0\Имя_контейнера , то будет выведено пустое окно КриптоПро для выбора ключевого носителя.

В данном случае лучше передать параметру -dest просто название контейнера, без указания пути к носителю, но тогда при копировании каждого контейнера будет появляться уже не пустое окно КриптоПро для выбора ключевого носителя, в котором надо будет вручную выбирать нужный Рутокен.

С другой стороны, такое поведения достаточно удобно при копировании большого числа контейнеров на разные Рутокены. Можно контролировать заполненность носителя.

Установка сертификатов¶

Установка сертификатов производится параметром -cinstall :

CryptoCode Software Test

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Crypto Code


Derrick Simmons & Crypto Code – Are They Scam or Legit?
Check Out This 100% Unbiased Crypto Code Review
How to Get Started + Trading Results – See More Below!


Broker Crypto Code
Official Website URL
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods Debit/Credit Card
Number of Assets 40+
Overall Score 9.2/10

Full Review

Crypto Code System is a cryptocurrency system which was designed and founded by the prominent Forex investor Derrick Simmons. He also acts as effective CEO of the company which released the crypto robot on the market several months ago.

User interest towards it has been increased and this is why we decided to inspect its legitimacy status. The evidence and concrete facts that we were able to gather and examine lead us to the logical conclusion that the crypto solution is legit and authentic.

Its founder is an actual person who has vast experience trading with different kinds of assets. The trading tool itself features special features that could be utilized to achieve good daily results by both newcomers and experienced users.

Earnings are consistent and the auto-pilot robot manages to keep its users satisfied. Traders can safely complete the free sign-up process as the investment system complies with existing SSL requirements.

How Does the Crypto Robot Function?

Users who wish to get familiar with the way the crypto solution works can watch the promotional video which streams from the official website of the software. The design process took more than 5 years, of which 4 were dedicated to the actual development and the last one – to Beta-testing.

Initial results came back positive and Derrick Simmons decided that it was finally time to launch it. The interface of the crypto mining system was created as simplistic and user-friendly as possible. This does not mean that it does not include a ton of special features, which are intended for the varying needs of individual traders.

The cryptocurrency exchange system’s algorithm was designed so that the software can place several trades which follow one single pattern at the same time. This strategy is said to be very solid and many users have managed to achieve solid and consistent results thanks to it. Whenever the computer codes arrive at the conclusion that a given trading operation might have a negative outcome, the crypto robot does not place the investment.

No Download Required

Most traders are glad that the crypto mining software does not require them to carry out any unnecessary downloading of software. The cryptocurrency solution is compatible with any given browser or device type.

There is also the Crypto Code app which is intended for global investors with busy daily lives who travel frequently. They can access the cryptocurrency exchange markets at any given moment from any given point in the world and the only thing they need is a stable Internet connection.

How to Sign-Up for the Crypto Mining Software?

There is nothing complicated about opening a cryptocurrency trading account. It resembles the registration procedure of any legit Forex robot or broker. Users sign-up by entering their best details into a registration form.

Not only this but the whole process is completely free. The trader should receive a confirmation email with an applied activation link inside after a couple of minutes. It will lead the user to a partnering crypto broker platform where he or she can place the initial deposit and get started.

The minimum amount is just $250 and can be withdrawn at any given moment. All of the investment platforms that the crypto mining robot works with are regulated and completely secure. Users have nothing to worry about as the cryptocurrency mining software also abides some of the toughest SSL requirements.

The shortest way to register for free with the cryptocurrency exchange solution is the following:

2. Make Deposit & Trade

3. Achieve Results & Withdraw

Is There a Crypto Mining Entry Cost for the Software?

There are no hidden costs or fees associated with the use of the crypto mining software. As we already mentioned above, there is only the minimum deposit which can be taken back at the exact request of the user. It is utilized for the purpose of opening a trading account and beginning to generate consistent daily results.

Crypto Trading Software Expected Results

Expected daily earnings are steady and consistent, judging from the positive feedback that traders have been issuing in their user testimonials and investment reviews. The crypto mining instrument provides access to all the necessary tools that one needs in order to achieve digital financial independence.

Is the Crypto Code System a Scam or Legit?

All the information that we were able to examine and assess confirms that this cryptocurrency trading robot is legit and genuine. It allows users from all levels of investment proficiency to achieve solid and steady daily results while providing them with all necessary tools in order to generate them.

It keeps the deposited funds and personal information completely secure. The sign-up process is also free and the offered customer guidance and support are around-the-clock. Users get to choose between a manual and an auto-pilot mode and adjust the settings according to their very own preferences.

Review Verdict: Crypto Code is Not a Scam
Visit Crypto Code Official Website

Customer Care Service Team

The customer support staff of this crypto trading robot undergoes professional training several times a year and has the ability to address all kind of questions or concerns that users might have. They are available 24/7 and traders are generally satisfied by the service.

User Testimonials

‘I think that this crypto robot is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange solutions that I have ever tested! I have had an interest in Bitcoin trading for a long time now and have never managed to achieve such good results before I signed-up with this investment tool.’

Francesco Brivio, 39, Italy

‘I have only one word for this crypto mining software – ‘Wow!’ I was never the one to fall for big promises since I know that the digital trading market can be quite tricky but this crypto robot amazed and dazzled me! My daily earnings have been steadily increasing.’

Ophélie Claessens, 28, Belgium


Crypto Code System is a cryptocurrency robot which is legit, reliable, and genuine. Users who complete its free registration procedure are in for a truly satisfactory and financially fruitful trading experience. There have hardly been any negative testimonials and our investigation did not manage to come up with any suspicious facts about it. They will only be prone to generate steady and consistent daily results.

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