Fx Coinbot Review Is FXcoinbot.com a Scam or Legit Trading Platform

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Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review: Scam or Legit robot? 2020 Results Now!

At the time of writing, the whole cryptocurrency market has a market capitalization of $300 billion, with bitcoin having the most dominant share of the pie. The crypto market becomes more regulated and digital assets are an integral part of the financial landscape. Yet, the cryptocurrency market is still considered to be at a relatively early stage. That has created a great opportunity for automated trading robots to enter the market and allegedly generate consistent profits by using innovative trading algorithms.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is one of these automated trading robots that have gained popularity among traders and programmers. In this review, we will explore Bitcoin Pro Millionaire and determine whether it is legit and how it performs? Keep on reading to know more about this trading robot.

What is Bitcoin Millionaire Pro?

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is an automated trading robot that claims to allow traders to enter the crypto market and automatically trade cryptocurrencies. The robot reports an average daily profit of around $1000 by using sophisticated trading algorithms that can scan the crypto market and find profitable trades. The Bitcoin Millionaire app applies a high-frequency trading strategy to scan big data through technical analysis indicators and market news.

Bitcoin Millionaire app is an innovative way to trade cryptocurrencies without having to spend much effort to conduct market research. The robot claims that it is able to do all the work on behalf of the trader. The use of automated trading robots is not new in the trading world and is highly popular in other markets such as stock, forex, and the futures markets. Trading robots reduce human errors and are based on a preset of statistical parameters and can allegedly generate consistent profits if done according to profitable trading indicators.

Is Bitcoin Millionaire Pro robot legit?

There are a lot of claims online that automated trading robots are a scam. We can ascertain that some of these claims are actually true and therefore, we recommend that you make a careful research before you decide to invest in one of the crypto trading robots. As to Bitcoin Millionaire Pro, we found it highly likely to be legit. Bitcoin Millionaire Pro partners with regulated brokers which mean that investors’ funds are safe in segregated accounts. Moreover, users are safe in the event the broker goes into bankruptcy.

Bitcoin Millionaire trading app also has many positive reviews and testimonials and therefore, it is likely to be legit. These reviews verify the robot’s information on the website is accurate. Users report that Bitcoin Millionaire Pro has excellent customer support service and a reliable withdrawal process.

How does Bitcoin Millionaire Pro work?

Like other trading robots, the Bitcoin Millionaire app utilizes an advanced trading algorithm that allegedly can identify successful trading signals in the market. These trading technologies are based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to scan the market and detect trading opportunities. As a result, the robot can find thousands of signals in one trading day. It’s important to note that the Bitcoin Millionaire app uses the High-Frequency Trading strategy, also known as HFT, which is an algorithmic trading system that can identify small price fluctuations in certain cryptocurrencies. That is allegedly reduced the risk associated with trading as it is based on statistical parameters. For example, a robot can execute a market order when an indicator reaches a limit. Let’s say, Relative Strength Index measures the oversupply/demand of a certain instrument. Once the RSI reaches 70 or 30, the robot supposedly executes an order.

Basically, the robot’s algorithm connects traders to a regulated CFD broker that executes a large number of orders at one time for all users. With this type of software, earnings are supposedly distributed to users proportionally according to the balance of each user. The partner robot broker is to keep users’ funds in a safe account, provide a leverage ratio, and execute orders generated from the software.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro provides a few advantages compared to its competitors in the industry:

Payouts and win rate

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro reports on its official website that users can make an average daily profit of $1000. While we cannot guarantee that the results claimed by the robot are correct, there is a large number of testimonials from users who claim they were able to make high returns through this robot.

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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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A secure trading platform

It seems that Bitcoin Millionaire Pro takes data and funds protection seriously. The robot operates in partnership with highly regulated and reliable brokers. According to the user reviews we have analyzed, the robot offers solid customer support that is available 24/7 and instant withdrawal process.

No hidden fees and commissions

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro reports that there are zero fees and commissions. Moreover, the software is free of charge. Having said that, some fees may be applied by the assigned broker.

24/7 Customer support

While most of the trading robots in the industry offer a limited customer support service, Bitcoin Pro Millionaire reports offering a customer service that is available 24/7 through phone, live chat, and submit a ticket form.

*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.

Getting started with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro

The Bitcoin Millionaire Pro account creation process is simple and takes less than 10 minutes to be completed. In order to open a free trading account and start trading with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro, simply follow the steps below:

Step One: Registration

The first step involves visiting the robot’s official website and submitting your personal details in the registration form. As you can see in the image below, the robot requires you to submit your first and last name, email address and phone number to verify your location. Once you click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button, it takes 20 seconds and the robot redirects you a regulated broker in your country.

Step Two: Get connected to a regulated broker

On this stage, Bitcoin Millionaire Pro redirects you to a regulated broker in your country. The robot, for example, connected us with RInvesting, a fully regulated and licensed CFD broker by CySEC.

On the broker’s platform, you will be able to manage your account settings, deposit and withdraw funds, and log in to the broker’s trading platform. Note that similarly to the broker we were assigned to, some of the other brokers offer a demo account. We suggest that you check with the assigned broker and practice on the demo for a few days until you feel comfortable with the platform.

Step Three: Deposit funds

Following the account creation process, it’s time to deposit funds into your account through one of the broker’s payment methods. We remind you that $250 is the initial capital required to start trading with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro.

Step Four: Live trading

Now, you can start trading. This trading robot allows both manual and automated trading. When the funds have reached and available in your account, you can choose the automated trading mode, adjust the risk settings, and turn on the software. Although the robot is entirely automatic, we suggest that you limit the risk before you activate the software – That includes the stop loss per trade and daily stop loss. Then, simply turn on the auto-pilot trading mode and monitor the account for at least 30 minutes per day.

Is Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Legit? The verdict!

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro appears to be legit and trustworthy as evidenced by the robot’s reports and user reviews across the web. From the reviews we have found, it seems that the team behind Bitcoin Millionaire Pro has managed to bring a new set of algorithms that differentiate this trading robot from other robots in the industry.

Yet, if you decide this trading app, make sure you only trade with a capital you can afford to lose. We highly suggest that you start with the minimum requirement of $250.

Is Bitcoin Millionaire Pro legit or a scam?

Following this investigation, Bitcoin Millionaire Pro legit appears to be completely legit and can be trusted.

Do I need to have a trading experience and skills to start trading with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro?

No. The software was designed so anyone can utilize it. There’s no need to have previous trading experience, however, we recommend that you learn the platform and follow market news.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro?

We suggest that you start with the minimum requirement of $250.

Can I withdraw my funds from Bitcoin Millionaire Pro?

Yes. According to user reviews, the Bitcoin Miliaonier app enables instant withdrawals, meaning you can withdraw funds whenever you want. The majority of users report that withdrawal process is fast and reliable.

Trading is comes with risk. All content on our website is provided solely for informational purposes, and is not an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, product, service or investment. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate.

Mark Graham is a finance writer based in London, UK with over 8 years experience in cryptocurrency and stock writing. He has written for a number of online publications and enjoys writing about auto-trading tools.

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BTC Robot Review – is it a scam ? Real results from bitcointalk users…

BTC Robot Review Summary

Pros: Easy to setup, lots of tutorials, support available.

Cons: Doesn’t seem to act as described at all. Didn’t manage to get it to work on the Silver Plan.

Conclusion: No, BTC Robot is not a scam, but I believe that it’s not as accurate as described on the BTC Robot sales page. Personally, I didn’t manage to make a profit out of it but I’ve used it for 2 weeks only. The good thing is that the 60 day money back guarantee makes it a no brainer for someone who wants to try it out any way and decide for himself.

99 Bitcoins’ rating [usr=5.5]

For more information about BTC Robot.

Full BTC Robot Review

Let me start right off the bat here by saying this is not another “look how great my profits are with BTC Robot”. This review aims to bring real live research to conclude once and for all if purchasing BTC Robot is worth your money or not. I’ve been into Bitcoin for almost a year now and just recently got my hand on BTC Robot and this was only after some INTENSIVE market research. My guess is that if you’re on this page you probably are looking into researching it as well, so hopefully I can save you some time.

This review is not based on my personal experience only

Instead of just trading with BTC Robot and then giving you my personal opinion alone I integrated into this review as many online BTC robot reviews I could find online. I picked out the best ones (usually from Bitcointalk.org) and the worst ones (usually for people who are trying to make a quick profit) and brought them together. I will not talk about how to use BTC robot in the review since it’s pretty simple and there’s a complete step by step guide once you purchase it.

Searching for “BTC Robot reviews” on Google bring almost 92% are biased reviews…

So after going through the first 4 pages on Google for the term “BTC Robot Reivews” I managed to find only 3 reviews that were worth commenting about, the rest of the reviews were plain biased.

Jonathan shows real live proof that you can gain (and lose) with an honest BTC Robot review

I managed to go for almost 12 different reviews before deciding to purchase BTC robot. The first review I came across which was probably the most helpful was of a site called “Bitcoin World Wide” which was kind of suspicious looking since it seems to only be promoting BTC Robot. Nevertheless after reading the Jonathan’s review carefully I saw that he was actually updating his stats each month including loss (which is something that biased reviews rarely do). So up until November 2020 his account was at a positive ROI of %26.75 but because of the big drop in Bitcoin price in December he ended 2020 with a negative ROI of %61.23. My guess is that he was using the aggressive mode which cause him these loses. Here is his recap for December.

Michael Summer shows a real live screen capture of making profit

After screening some more excessively biased BTC Robot reviews I came across a Vimeo video of a guy named Michael Summers. Now this video is clearly narrated, but nevertheless he shows making actual profits off BTC Robot of around $386.18. After further investigation I saw that the video was uploaded on January 2020 but it was filmed on July 2020….make you wonder how legit it is after all.

The first major website to review BTC Robot says it’s a scam

After some more digging in, I came across an article from “The Verge”. To make a long story short the author of the post on The Verge claims the BTC Robot is just another scam in the world of making money online. Although he seems to be very determined about it, he did not bring one piece of evidence supporting his claims. On the comments that were posted to this article the BTC Robot team answered each and every reader who expressed the smallest of concerns which plays in their favour. If someone is trying to scam you, they usually won’t have such great customer service.

What Bitcointalk’s forum has to say about BTC Robot

For those of you not aware of it, Bitcointalk is the biggest Bitcoin forum online today, and it doesn’t take scams lightly. Users who are considered scammers are marked clearly and are usually booted out of the forum, here are some examples not related to BTC Robot:

I found 3 different posts relating to BTC Robot reviews. The first was of a a staff member of Bitcointalk. He actually created a total profit of $52.15 through the time he was trading but was losing Bitcions. He was kind of iritated by this although the BTC Robot representative who replied on that post clarified that profits are based on USD and not BTC, meaning if you want to earn USD use BTC robot. If you’re aiming to earn Bitcoins then perhaps there’s a better way.

The second thread of BTC Robot review on Bitcointalk I read heated up pretty quickly and got over 400 posts! I went over most of them (you can’t actually read 400 posts). Going through the posts I encountered another video that seemed to be legit and shows profits.

There was A LOT of back and forth in these forums. Mostly people accusing it of scam but without actual proof. The BTC Robot team seemed to defend themselves fiercely against any accusations. A few member finally came up with some actual trading data showing that they lost money when using the robot and some complained about bad customer service. Towards the end the forum get really aggressive, lowers the BTC Robot’s team trust score and calls out the program to be unsuccessful.

Finally I tried finding the latest BTC Robot review, since maybe something has changed during the time the program has been running. It seems that not much has changed although one reviewer said he had a hard time getting his money back because he bought the program with Bitcoins.

Last but not least, my own experience with BTC Robot

So after reading so much stuff online I didn’t have a very good feeling about BTC Robot, but there was still no outright proof that it was a scam. Also, they promise a 60 day money back guarantee so I figured I can purchase it, play with it a little and if I think it’s crap just get refunded. The purchasing process went pretty smooth, just go to the BTC Robot website, select your plan (I chose the Silver one) and then get redirected to ClickBetter for payment.

Note: ClickBetter is the payment processor for BTC Robot, so if you want to get refunded or have problems during your purchase you need to approach them. A word of wisdom, don’t fall into all of the up-sell crap they try to pitch you after you buy the robot, it’s just cheap marketing tactics.

I got my API keys from BTC-E. You do this by just going to your profile, choosing API Keys and then creating a new key. You can name it whatever you like but then you need to give it “info” and “trade” permissions.

I funded my BTC-E account with $100 which was the most I was willing to lose on this test. I set the robot to “medium” trade settings and waited to see what happens, unfortunately nothing did. The program wasn’t able to fetch my BTC-E information and therefor wasn’t trading. I sent an email to BTC Robot’s support and got answer the next day with some instructions. I then decided to take things up a notch and actually upgraded to the “Gold Plan”. The reason being that I have a 60 day money back guarantee so there is no risk.

After signing up to the Gold plan the Bot actually started trading. I decided to leave it for the next few days and see what happens. This is my account on the first day of trading:

Unfortunately enough, I didn’t manage to make a profit even after several days of trading. It was time to test out the last thing left…the 60 day money-back guarantee. I sent a refund request to ClickBetter and waiting to see if this will work as advertised. It did, and in 3 days I got my full refund for both programs.

The conclusion – is BTC Robot a scam ?

No, BTC Robot is not a scam, but I believe that it’s not as accurate as described on the BTC Robot sales page. Personally, I didn’t manage to make a profit out of it but I’ve used it for 2 weeks only. The good thing is that the 60 day money back guarantee makes it a no brainer for someone who wants to try it out any way and decide for himself. If you would like to share your experience with BTC Robot just post your comment and rate this product below.

Автоматический торговый робот КОИНБОТ

Тема в разделе “Форекс и инвестиции”, создана пользователем stas2153, 28 июл 2020 .

Coinbot – робот для заработка, который НЕ смог


В нынешнее время многие из себя строят профессиональных трейдеров, которые обладают различными навыками и знают как заработать денег. По сути это просто переоценивание своих возможностей. Относительно недавно были придуманы роботы, которые упрощают торговлю на рынках и следят за их движениями круглые сутки. Сегодня речь пойдет об одном из этих роботов.

Известные названия проекта

Ссылки на сайт проекта

  • http://insdrpro.com/landing.html
  • http://coinbot.today

E-mail адреса проекта

Так же есть skype и online-поддержка

Внимание! мошенники очень часто меняют адреса своих лохотронов. Поэтому название, адрес сайта или email может быть другим! Если Вы не нашли в списке нужный адрес, но лохотрон очень похож на описанный, пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами или напишите об этом в комментариях!

Информация о проекте “Coinbot “

После перехода по ссылке вам открывается страница с сайтом, где вам предлагают зарегистрироваться и попробовать воспользоваться роботом для заработка.

В чем суть работы этого робота?



То есть робот играет на понижении/повышении курса криптовалюты. На этом вы и зарабатываете деньги.

Всего 4 шага для большого заработка. Так авторы проекта хотят показать, что вас отделяет от богатства каких то несколько шагов

После регистрации вас переадресовывает на сайт брокера, а именно UFT group . Зачем это делать, ясно стразу. Аферисты “вшили” реферальную ссылку платформы в регистрацию на своем сайте и перейдя по ней, мы автоматически стали партнером мошенников.

Подтверждение на почту приходит только от сайта, на который нас переадресовало.

Контакты проекта

Домен зарегистрирован 21 ноября 2020 года в США.

Сайт имеет Англоязычный аналог по адресу coinbot.life . Абсолютно идентичная регистрация.

Разоблачение проекта “Coinbot”

Сайт http://insdrpro.com с которого мы переходим на страницу с роботом для заработка является пустышкой . Все ссылки, помимо одной работающей не кликабельны . Проект сделан в виде типичного интернет-журнала с различными вкладками. И на одной из страниц располагается статья, где описаны преимущества заработка с роботом.

Перейдем к основному сайту.

Во-первых. Мошенники просили зарегистрироваться на сайте что бы попробовать робота для заработка, но в итоге нас переадресовало на другой сайт, где наши данные уже были успешно зарегистрированы. Т.е. по сути нам дали реферальную ссылку, вшитую на сайт coinbot.today. Соответственно, даже если мы не скачаем бота, но начали бы торговать, то какой то процент от прибыли шел бы аферистам .

Номер телефона при регистрации на проекте обязателен , но смс с подтверждением не было . Следовательно, мошенники могут воспользоваться данным номером для рассылки спама .

Мы вернулись обратно на сайт аферистов, что бы попробовать зайти в личный кабинет.

Кнопку “войти” в личный кабинет наша команда не нашла , но спустя какое то время на странице появилось всплывающее сообщение, а именно : ” инструкция по применению Coinbot “

Так же требовалось ввести Имя и Email почту. Никакой инструкции так и не пришло.

Адрес для связи, который указан на сайте проекта, точно такой же, что на одной из инвестиционных платформ аля бинарный опционов. Это значит, что мошенники нагло взяли и скопировали адрес , или же сотрудничают с этой самой платформой. Ну а что, хорошая реклама!

“Вишенкой на торте служит отказ от ответственности “:

CoinBot Technologies отказывается от всех гарантий, выраженных и подразумеваемых партнером в отношении: (i) безопасности, точности, надежности, своевременности и производительности сайта, его содержимого, платформ и услуг; (ii) тот факт, что платформа сайта и обслуживания будет работать бесперебойно и при условии, что ошибки не будут исправлены своевременно или позже; (iii) надежность, качество, релевантность, полнота и полезность любой информации, предоставляемой на партнерском сайте, платформе или использовании услуг.

То есть “наши друзья” ни за что ответственность не несут .

Кстати, на англоязычном сайте указана цена робота. Это 150$ . На Русскоязычном такой цены нет .

К тому же вы берете ответственность за то, что скачиваете ПО на свой компьютер от неизвестных людей с несертифицированной страницы. Неизвестно, какие данные оно скопирует.

Возможные потери на проекте “Coinbot”

Учитывая, что мы так и не смогли скачать робота, то неизвестно. А люди, которые торгуют на различных платформах криптовалютой априори могут потерять все.

Вывод о проекте

Наша команда сделала вывод о том, что таких способом мошенники привлекают рефералов . Возможно, никакого робота и не было.

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  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

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