Review Is G Mining Inc Scam or Legit

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Pi Network Review: Scam or Legit Mining App?

Welcome to my Pi Network review.

Is this another Crypto Currency Ponzi scheme?

Is this the next best thing?

There are so many questions that come with sites that involve anything from the Crypto world and that’s just how it is.

The Bitcoin hype has given everyone so much excitement, anxiety, and most especially heartache.

So if you are wondering if this is something you should invest your time and hard earned money in, you have come to the right place.

This Pi Network review will not only show you the ins and outs of how everything works but also help you make a wiser decision.

I am personally not a fan of hype, so don’t expect me to hype this thing like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

So before you go even joining the person who introduced this to you, let me show you what you will be getting yourself into.

Table of Contents

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Pi Network Review – Product Overview

Name: Pi Network

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 1./5 stars

After almost at least 6 months after its launch, the Pi Network does not seem to have done anything at all.

Although free to join, there is still no one making money and all that seems to be going on is a bunch of “mining”.

I did have this rated at 2.5/5 stars but I think 6 months is enough time to make things happen. Things look cool and all but there are better things that you can be doing with your time than mining on something that isn’t even allowing you to make any money.

So for those of you bombarding others with your personal affiliate link, save it for a better program that at least pays you for your efforts.

What Exactly is the PI Network?

“Developed by Stanford PHDs, Pi is the first and only digital currency that you can mine on your phone by leveraging your existing social connections.”

The company has created their very own digital currency but there is no mention of who owns or runs anything.

So who those Stanford PHDs are is currently just hype without any proof.

What I can tell you is that the site is ran strictly through its affiliate program, in which affiliates are compensated for getting others to join.

That seemed to be the case but no one is making any money with the Pi Network.

The Product/Service

There is no product but the company does offer a service.

By downloading the Pi Network app, you can mine crypto currency on your phone, without draining its battery.

That’s what it claims to be/do but it looks nothing more than a recruiting based program that relies completely on its members.

Recruiting is all that is happening and everyone and their mothers are still sharing their affiliate link, even if they aren’t making any money.

Definitely not something I would recommend as there are way more opportunities out there that you can focus your time on.

How it Works

Pi Network has absolutely no value and is trying to pull off what Bitcoin did back in 2008.

At least that’s what they’re expecting.

Get some hype going, get millions of people to join, all in hopes that the value of Pi will grow to a point that everyone is making money.

Being that it is completely free to join, the money made and value of Pi is all dependent on the volume of members that come into the company and what is spent.

By spending and sharing, using the Pi Network app, the value should increase over time as long as newer members continue to join.

Many companies have made an attempt at this but all we got were Alt coins that are definitely not doing as good as they used to.

Pi Network does not seem to be doing any better with the fact that no actual money is involved.

Will it Work?

There is no telling where this whole idea is headed but of course we always hope that it does great.

I am no psychic but I do see this doing about the same type of numbers that every other Crypto Currency project has done.

It will go up to a certain point but eventually go down once the hype is gone.

Being that it is completely free to join, I don’t see the harm in signing up and seeing where everything goes but again, that does require time.

The good news is that I have not seen any recent wallet type crypto currency programs and I know all the failed crypto marketers are looking for something to join.

Be that source and you can possibly earn some money in return.

Pros & Cons

  • Very new company
  • Free to join
  • Has potential
  • No real money involved
  • Doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere
  • Could be another flop

There is not much information for me to give a real opinion on things just yet, but this is currently what I find to be good and bad of the Pi Network.

So is Pi Network a Scam?

Pi Network is really nothing more than a network marketing gig at the moment.

There is no one that will take your money and only time will tell where everything goes.

It as been quite some time now and I’m about tired of “mining”.

From what I once did daily has now stopped.

I don’t mine anything and I have no interest in it either.

Unless you want to wait around for a miracle, I do not recommend joining the Pi Network

My Recommendation

I don’t see the harm in creating a free Pi Network account and I do recommend you do so anyways.

However, I do not think you should sit and wait around for anything because there are many other things you can do with your time.

With all the Crypto Currency peeps that relied on the many Ponzi schemes to make money, you can bet that they are looking for the latest and greatest program to join.

Be upfront with the people you are going to promote the app too and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind joining you.

Now if you are looking for a real way to make money online, you might want to start today.

You can always do some flipping with Ticket Flipping Hub but it does require a nice investment on your part.

It does pay faster than most but it also requires you to invest a good amount of money as well.

For those of you who have no money to your name but still want to make something, Swagbucks is your best bet.

It’s free to join and will pay you for doing simple tasks.

If you are looking to start a blog that’s great too.

There is no better way to make money than through a simple website and a topic of your choice.

For that, you can start with something like Wealthy Affiliate as they have everything you need and it does give you a free trial as well.

I got my start there and I’m sure you will appreciate some personal help and their super active community of members.

That concludes this Pi Network review, so have a great day and don’t forget to tip your waiter.

About John

I hope you enjoyed that post. I’m John and I am the owner of this site. I like to think I’m a normal dude just like everyone else but that wouldn’t make me unique. I do have 4 kids and I have gone through the hardest of times, most especially financially. With some learning and growing, I have managed to get back on my feet and live the laptop lifestyle most people only dream of. With that knowledge, I hope to align you with a real and legit way to make money online.

Reader Interactions


We welcome anyone.
We are a big group of people and most of us are mining with a rate of 15 pi/h.
Join our team ,using the code : “kingami”

Philip B. Northam

Hi John, it is a shame that you do not understand the concept of the Pi Network and therefore, you shouldn’t be telling people to beware as it cost nothing to find out themselves. The fact is that the Pi network is still in Beta stage and in the 1st year, has over 3.5 million members. Everyone knows there’s no value at this stage. There are three steps to the Pi earning rate for free. You have the choice of getting involved or just being a member – there is no obligation or requirement for anything more than logging on each day! This is a 2nd opportunity that costs nothing to join and earn AND; just like Bitcoin $0 to $15k in 10 years – what will Pi be worth in 10 years – no-one knows but I want to be part of this revolutionary system. I have 600 coins so far which COULD be worth nothing or Millions to my children and grandchildren with no downside! Go to and read the information. Then, if you would like to join Pi, use “PhilBee” as your invitation code and start earning crypto coins for your family’s future. Philip Northam Proud Pi Member earning free coins.

It’s a shame John but can you guys please use “PhilBee” if you want to join? Get out of here with your nonsense Philip. I know enough about Pi, I’m an actual member, and have been for over a year now. Regardless of what I know does not mean that we will be making a single penny from this. Myself and everyone else I know have stopped “mining” and that’s because we really don’t know where this is going. Does all that mining mean I’m going to be rich 10 years from now? Money does not come from the sky Philip and you just have to think realistic and not wishing that some kind of money lands on your lap. And for some weird reason some actual money does come to light, then hey, I’ll be richer than you because I got in way before you did. Don’t question my intelligence Phillip, I’ve been in this business for almost a decade and I’ve followed many programs in my lifetime. I do great With crypto currency in Mirror Trading International, I do affiliate marketing with my blogs, and I have tried many other methods in the time I’ve been online. So trust me Philip, I know what I’m doing and what I’m saying.

We are a big group of people and most of us are mining with a rate of 10 pi/h.
Join our team ,using the code : “told”
We welcome anyone.

Hey Told…is there any real currency being used here?

Ah, an armchair know-it-all. Go you!

Ummmm…who you talking to Kristy?

they are starting the in app transfers. some of the members have been in their KYC (know your customer) and now in have in app transfer.

by the way what can you say about this site

ecoins with 370k members in 10 days and counting.

it has an in app transfer already and you can widraw anytime

That site seems to be doing the same exact thing Pi Network is doing. Get lots of people to join and then hit them with some kind of way to pay. Ecaoin says it best “Our strategy is to acquire billions of users”. They are trying to get lots of people in (free of course) in hopes that they will be the early bird and then hit them with some kind of way to get money from them. I wouldn’t do it if I were you Romel.

Got to be a scam. They are soliciting bitcoin on their Facebook page now. I have a screen shot.

Ahhhh, get millions to join for free and then market something else…that might just be it. Can you share that screenshot Johnny?

Yes, Johnny, please share that screen. I am in the same boat as John. I have been mining now for over 7 months but not holding my breath. The more I asked questions and they do not answer, the more skeptical I become. I have to agree with you John, this is looking more and more like a scam to get people to join, and then hit us with some kind of buying. Hoping that you don’t want to lose your Pis, which if it is not going to be beneficial then I will be more than happy to lose them all.

PS: Have to say, if on the contrary, it ends up working, then I will be making a hefty price tag, lol! Benefits of mining for so long. Have 7Gs and counting.

Me too Carlos! lol. I have stopped mining a while ago but I have been with Pi for over a year now. Mining for free is a lot of work! lol. But, I do hope that something good comes out of this and not some sales pitch to the next best Ponzi scheme. Fingers crossed…

Pi is interesting and will be surprising crypto-world in near future, the beauty is that it engaged poineers, by chat rooms , moderation etc. plus the selected group who are able to use in-app transfer , it encourage others, Pi birthday ( March 14 ) is approaching and we believe some new things like KYC will be opened for members and future road-map will be shared, As the developer has slogan that Pi will be common people money , so by proper marketing and advertising its adoption by mass will really surprise all others, we are not going to spend money , not buying expensive hardware just to download and click the button in 24 hours.

So when will real money be used Irshad?

Sory John but you are acting like some of those people who just joined the Pi Network … “when can I exchange Pi to other currency”, “how much is Pi worth”, “is this a scam”
If you really had this app for 6 months you would know the answer all the questions you are asking, and since you published this article on February 14, 2020 you really should know a lot more.
I joined 2 months ago and know who is behind the project (,, what was the value Pi reached in the test phase (4,8$ / Pi by the way)
I’m sorry to tell you but your article seems to be written by an amateur.
Here’s a more relevant article –

Oh Adrien, I have had the app for over a year now so please stop acting like you know what you’re talking about. The February 14th date is when I updated this post. Did you make any money? That’s the question we ALL want answers to not who runs the show or what the “value” is. So please amateur, answer that ONE question and not the questions that everyone knows the answers to. Please share your know it all answer to that ONE question Adrian as I’m not here to wait a whole year to see what will happen. I’m not that stupid, buddy.

To join pi network, use reference “tornado”

We are a big group of people. Most are farming with a rate of 5 per hour.
To join our group use the code: “told” . We welcome anyone to our chat

What everyone wants to know Dim is when in the world will REAL money get involved? Are we going to mine like it is some kind of game? I’m sure everyone is starting to get tired of waiting around as it’s been quite a while since Pi Network launched. Do you know what is going on? Is there something to look forward to or is Pi Network going to continue to be a mining game of some sort?

Simple, easy Pi Network mining ��

I have never dabbled in cryptocurrencies before but I have a good positive feeling about Pi
They don’t ask for money. They don’t want personal information. A simpleton like me can mine in the background even with the app turned off. And you gain coins faster by having people join your circle. I just love the idea of currency that’s not manipulated by anyone. Its owned by the users.

LOL at all the know-it-betters, who is telling you PI is a scam. Here is my answer.
Before the bitcoin hype in 2020, we were collecting free coins left and right. Some of these coins became famous and you guys were buying our bags.

2020 Free RaiBlocks(Nano) $0.007 to $31 in 2020.
2020 Free Stellar Lumens $0.0018 to $0.64 in 2020.

Other then with BTC it is Pi Network that controls your account. They can delete it at their sole discretion. Actually your account is at risk right now because they have to deal with lots of fake account which need to be deleted. It can be any account, also yours.

Thanks for sharing such valuable information Joe. But what about the whole earning part of Pi? Are we just going to keep mining all day or is something actually going to happen?

John, I suggest you to read the FAQ and the project’s white paper. Everything you need to know is covered there.
And my advice to all Pioneers: Verify your account with your phone number, not only with FB, and make sure to have enough real people pointing at you via security circles. This way you run less risk that your account will be wrongly deleted.

Nothing to lose here but everything to gain. Google and FB already have data tracking on you. I bet many wish they had a thousand bitcoin when they started and were easy to mine. Worth pennies back then. Now look at the price. Nothing ventured nothing gained I say. Crypto is the future. Bankers hate it. They have lots of money to pay bloggers and advertisers to try and quell it. Not going to happen. The people in mass are seeing the light.
Have a good life everyone!

I’m sure that’s the way a lot of people feel Mike but what kind of current benefits/earnings have you experienced as a member? have you paid any money? Recruiting? Can you give us some insight on what you have gained or why you feel that this is probably the best things since sliced bread.

how to spend it?

I think is an interesting project, at early stage, but we´ll see in phase 2 (testnet) and phase 3 (mainnet) where it is going. For now I´m mining and having some “pi” just in case. The idea is really funny and interesting, to have more and more people knowing the blockchain concept. And the blockchain will be a fork of Stellar, one of the 10 more valuables cryptos, so…let´s see!

I’ve been using Pi Network app for quit some time now. About a few weeks after launch and have accrued quite some members to join up and lots of Pi coins now. Though currently there is no monetary value of the coin but I see it has potential along with many other uses for the coin. When peer to peer exchange comes out and their marketplace opens, I think then it will have a lot of value. But currently as the trend of the coin continue to rise up with new users everyday, you can take advantage of their chat system to promote other things to your earning team.

Join Pi Network,, and start your new potential moneymaking journey (like Bitcoin started from $0 in 2008). 1st cryptocurrency you can mine from your smartphone. No investment to join.

has anyone found any answers as to what type of data they’re extracting from users? (aside from name/phone number for install)

Pi was not the first mobile mining. I’m pretty tired of people throwing this around. People need to do their homework as Electroneum (ETN) have been doing this since late 2020. Everything this is doing has already been done by ETN.

Elecronium has been on since 2007? And yet even a thousand eleactronium tokens is not worth up to $10 that’s pathetic.

Does Mine “pi” means Personal Information?

Already joined but still worried about security stuff.

Who knows where it will take us, you never know. Maybe you kicking yourself otherwise.

As pi network is still in beta you need an invitation.

ETN does not have a real mobile miner.

For me – at this moment – it does just look like some sort of profiling App that collects User data and could possibly sell them to other companies. ? That’s it, they make some money and you get nothing. They want you to use your real names, constantly check back, so they can mark your account as active for possible interests of the database and in the best case they got your E-Mail, telephone number and If you were dumb enough the password you are using on multiple Apps and Accounts so buyers gain access to many of your stuff.

Be careful and stay safe… I’m trying it out right now but I do see many harm that could hit lots of Users if they are not carefully. So this should always be in your mind participating stuff like this.

Pi can be downloaded here:
Be sure to use the invite code “phone” as it’s still in beta.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, cryptocurrency is a next natural step in the evolution of money. Pi is the first digital currency for everyday people, representing a major step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.
Our Mission: Build a cryptocurrency and smart contracts platform secured and operated by everyday people.
Our Vision: Build the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace, fueled by Pi, the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency
DISCLAIMER for more advanced readers: Because Pi’s mission is to be inclusive as possible, we’re going to take this opportunity to introduce our blockchain newbies to the rabbit hole Smiley

Roadmap / Deployment plan
Phase 1 – Design, Distribution, Trust Graph Bootstrap.
The Pi server is operating as a faucet emulating the behavior of the decentralized system as it will function once its live. During this phase improvements in the user experience and behavior are possible and relatively easy to make compared to the stable phase of the main net. All minting of coins to users will be migrated to the live net once it launches. In other words, the livenet will pre-mint in its genesis block all account holder balances generated during Phase 1, and continue operating just like the current system but fully decentralized. Pi is not listed on exchanges during this phase and it is impossible to “buy” Pi with any other currency.

Phase 2 – Testnet
Before we launch the main net, the Node software will be deployed on a test net. The test net will use the same exact trust graph as the main net but on a testing Pi coin. Pi core team will host several nodes on the test net, but will encourage more Pioneers to start their own nodes on the testnet. In fact, in order for any node to join the main net, they are advised to begin on the testnet. The test net will be run in parallel to the Pi emulator in phase one, and periodically, e.g. daily, the results from both systems will be compared to catch the gaps and misses of the test net, which will allow Pi developers to propose and implement fixes. After a thorough concurrent run of both systems, testnet will reach a state where its results consistently match the emulator’s. At that time when the community feels its ready, Pi will migrate to the next phase.

Phase 3 – Mainnet

When the community feels the software is ready for production, and it has been thoroughly tested on the testnet, the official mainnet of the Pi network will be launched. An important detail is that, in the transition into the mainnet, only accounts validated to belong to distinct real individuals will be honored. After this point, the faucet and Pi network emulator of Phase 1 will be shut down and the system will continue on its own forever. Future updates to the protocol will be contributed by the Pi developer community and Pi’s core team, and will be proposed by the committee. Their implementation and deployment will depend on nodes updating the mining software just like any other blockchains. No central authority will be controlling the currency and it will be fully decentralized. Balances of fake users or duplicate users will be discarded. This is the phase when Pi can be connected to exchanges and be exchanged for other currencies.

Pi – Token Supply
Token Emission Policy

Total Max Supply = M + R + D
M = total mining rewards
R = total referral rewards
D = total developer rewards

M = ? f(P) dx where f is a logarithmically declining function
P = Population number (e.g., 1st person to join, 2nd person to join, etc.)

R = r * M
r = referral rate (50% total or 25% for both referrer and referee)

D = t * (M + R)
t = developer reward rate (25%)

HashFlare Review: Is This Cloud Mining Platform Legit?

By: Ofir Beigel | Last updated: 11/14/19

HashFlare is a cloud mining service with a somewhat shaky history and a shady reputation. In this post, I’ll examine the company in-depth and tell you what you need to know before signing up to it.

HashFlare Review Summary

HashFlare is a cloud mining company that used to supply various mining contracts. Recently it seems to have gone out of business. This review breaks down the math, in order to prove that cloud mining with HashFlare isn’t a wise investment.

That’s HashFlare in a nutshell. If you want a more detailed review keep on reading, here’s what I’ll cover:

1. Cloud Mining in a Nutshell

Cloud mining is the process of “mining from afar”; Instead of buying a Bitcoin miner, storing it, configuring it, and cooling it (which costs a lot of money and consumes time), you “rent” a miner and have someone run it for you. You then split whatever profits that miner makes with the service provider.

My main criticism about cloud mining companies is that the majority of them are just Ponzi schemes in disguise.

They take your money, but they don’t actually buy and run miners for you. They just keep on paying you from new users that come onboard until all of a sudden, they disappear (as can be seen here, here, and here).

However, not all cloud mining companies are complete scams. Some are just bad investments.

Not long ago, I reviewed one of the most popular cloud mining platforms around: Genesis Mining. I tried to establish whether it would be a profitable investment instead of just buying Bitcoins and holding them (aka hodling).

The bottom line was that the company seemed legit (i.e. they were actually mining), but I doubted whether it would be a good investment, considering the alternative of just hodling, a strategy that has proven to be profitable over 92% of the times.

2. Hashflare Overview

HashFlare is a company owned by another company of crypto experts called HashCoins. While in the past you could actually see who the team members were on the “About” page, the company has since removed any personal information about who runs the company. Luckily, the Internet never forgets.

The website seems to have launched its services somewhere around the beginning of 2020, and since then it has grown immensely. The current rough estimate is that the site has around 1 million visitors each month.

The company itself, Hashflare LP, was registered in the United Kingdom in late 2020. HashCoins or Hashcoins OÜ was founded in 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia.

3. HashFlare Services

Important Note

Up until July 2020 the company continued to offer different mining contracts, however, today it seems that no more new contracts are available for purchase.

This review was written initially in mid 2020. I will leave the info unrevised for your consideration.

HashFlare Mining Contracts

HashFlare allows you to buy three different types of cloud mining power (also known as Hashrate). Sha256 is used mainly for mining Bitcoin, Scrypt can be used for mining Litecoin, and ETHASH is used for mining Ethereum and Ethereum classic.

For the purpose of this review, I’ll focus only on Bitcoin cloud mining, but the same process can be applied to any other mining algorithm.

4. Is HashFlare Profitable?

The most efficient miner today for mining Bitcoin is the Antminer S9 (true for mid 2020, today there’s the Antminer S17). It produces

13 Th/s of mining power.

Buying the equivalent of this on HashFlare would cost you $1,040 per year. Buying the actual miner would cost you

This actually makes sense because if you bought just the miner, you’d have additional expenses on electricity, cooling, and storage. However, the actual miner doesn’t charge anything after a year, and HashFlare does.

Using a Bitcoin mining calculator, I found that 13 Th/s in a “vacuum environment” (meaning no electricity costs, no mining pool fees, etc.) will produce $222 each month.

Seems pretty profitable – I’ll probably break even within five to six months. However, I haven’t calculated the MEF (maintenance and electricity fees) yet.

The MEF is linear and equals 0.0035 USD per every 10 GH/s of SHA-256. This means that for 13 Th/s, it would cost $4.55 daily or $136.5 monthly. So each month, we’re actually making $85.5.

A simple calculation of HashFlare profits would be something like this:

$85.5 *12 – $1,040 = -$14 per year

Wait, what? I’m actually losing money each year?

Payments are made to HashFlare in USD, but payouts are received in BTC. In the example above, I treated the Bitcoin exchange rate as constant. If this is actually the case, then yes, I’ll lose money.

However, if the BTC price rises, then we could say that I paid less but the payouts were worth more. Or could we?

Hashflare profitability if BTC goes up

As price goes up, more people start mining Bitcoin. This means that it becomes more difficult to turn a profit, and income is actually reduced.

So while I’m earning more dollars (since each BTC payout is worth more), I’m making less BTC in total. There’s a strong correlation between price and mining difficulty, so I assume that they cancel each other out.

Hashflare profitability if BTC goes down

The funny thing is that even when Bitcoin’s price drops, difficulty can still increase. As you can see in the graph below, there have been only a handful of occasions on which the network’s difficulty has dropped, and some of these cases weren’t even related to price (e.g., one drop is attributed to miners switching over to Bitcoin Cash when it came out).

But here’s the real interesting part, which isn’t unique to HashFlare and can be found in almost every cloud mining company. If you look at their terms of service, you’ll find the following:

5.2. The Contract Term for Cloud Machines is unlimited by default, unless stated otherwise. The Contract is valid while profitable, until expired or until terminated (refer to section 13), whichever comes first.

13.1. Without limiting any other rights we have, we may suspend or terminate access to your Account, the Website and/or the Service, nullify your Account Balance and/or hold the ability to withdraw mined funds if you breach any of these Terms of Service.

This basically means that if the price drops to a point at which you’re not making money at all, your contract will be terminated. Bitcoin has seen 80% price drops in the past, and that could seriously affect profitability.

HashFlare Isn’t a Good Investment

Considering the above, it seems that no matter what happens to Bitcoin’s price, HashFlare isn’t a very wise investment. Indeed, on July 2020 HashFlare announced that that it is stopping its mining services and shutting down hardware on current SHA-256 contracts due to difficulty generating revenue.

The alternative, hodling, makes a lot more sense in my opinion. In this case, if Bitcoin goes up, you’re making a profit, and if it drops, you still have your coins. No one can “terminate” your bitcoins in the same way your cloud mining contract can be terminated.

5. Public Opinion and Reviews

While I have my mind made up about HashFlare, I make a habit of cross-checking with additional online reviews. However, since HashFlare has a referral program (i.e. you get paid for every customer you bring onboard), reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

It seems like there’s a wide array of negative reviews about the company. Additionally, review site TrustPilot states that their customised software has discovered a large number of fake positive reviews on HashFlare and it has since removed them.

Most negative reviews complain about profitability, and some complain about the site being a complete Ponzi scheme, including the use of fake customer reviews as seen below and having virtually no customer support.

6. Conclusion – Is HashFlare legit?

If I had to give a short answer, I’d say that while the company might be legit it’s NOT a good investment. There’s a thin line on the web between what constitutes a total scam and what’s considered to be just a bad investment opportunity.

I’m not as deterred by the bad reviews as I am by the simple math that just makes it seem impossible to actually profit with HashFlare.

Perhaps a different coin/algorithm will yield better results – you can use the same process I did for Bitcoin on any other crypto HashFlare offers and see for yourself.

In the past, I heard someone make a very amusing statement that summarizes this review perfectly:

“Cloud mining companies are basically taking your money today so they can slowly give you less of it back tomorrow.”

Personally, I wouldn’t invest my money in HashFlare, but in the end, I encourage you to do your own due diligence. Keep in mind that this post shouldn’t be taken as investment advice, it’s just my own research about another investment option in the crypto universe.

Have you had any experience with HashFlare? I would love to hear about it in the comment section below. Hyip Review : Scam Or Paying? Read Full Review

Risk Warning

Below Project Look Like Not Safe For Investment . It Is Not Our Premium & Sticky Listing . Invest On Your Own Risk .We Are Not Responsible For Your Losses .

About is a cloud mining platform developed by cryptocurrency professionals which allows anyone to start mining Bitcoin using our hardware. Anyone is welcome to try services for free and mine their first bitcoins without any upfront requirements

just an email address. Once you have familiarized yourself with us and wish to scale your mining operation, you can take advantage of paid mining plans starting at just 0.00275 BTC (14.75 USD) for 500 GHS (0.5 THS).

Basic Information

Min Investment .001 BTC
Min Withdraw No Limit
Avg. Refer Rate Level Refer System
Payment Type
Company Type Hyip
Web I.P
Company Address U.K
Company No Not Found
Payment Accepted Bitcoin, Visa
Links Homepage

Investment Plan Of

Complete Review Of data center is located in a advantageous location of Murmansk, Russia with low cooling requirements and competitive energy pricing. Having started mining Bitcoin as a hobby in employers server room back in 2020 for a few weeks, they quickly noticed the potential upside of cryptocurrencies and were looking to scale operations soon after.

Nowadays own a mining plant with over 50 PH/S in capacity and manage client hardware nearly as much. They also mine alternative cryptocurrencies with great results at a smaller scale.

Special Features of

High Security

Customer funds and mining rewards are always stored in a multi-signature protected offline cold storage.

Friendly Support

The goal is your satisfaction therefore our support is trained to help you and assist with any questions you might have.


During the last 3 years, our mining operations have had less than 60 minutes of outages combined.

On Demand Payouts You can request a payout at any time and we usually process your request within the same day.


You can mine SHA256 (Bitcoin) or mine Alternative cryptocurrencies using our ACSA (Advanced Currency Selection Algorythm) technology which ensures that you always mine the most profitable currencies.

Low Price work hard to ensure lowest possible prices. Found a legitimate mining service with lower prices? If it’s real, we will price match that offer

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All fees such as maintenance and payout fees are included.

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The platform is DDOS protected and mining operation is completely separated from the web platform for security purposes.

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Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.


Golden Rule For Investors

1. Never Invest More Than You Can Afford To Lose. – Invest Only Extra Money You Normally Spend On Luxury Items Into Hyips. Never Risk The Money You Usually Spent On First Priority Goods. It Isn’t Clever To Invest Money Into Hyip That Is Supposed To Pay Your Housing Bills. High Yield Income Projects Are Always Risky And It Is Dangerous To Risk The Money You Need To Support Yourself.

2. Divide Your Fund – The Best Option Is To Divide The Entire Amount Of The Investment Portfolio Into 8-12 Projects. Example: The Volume Of The Investment Portfolio Is $ 500, It Will Be Optimal To Invest In 8-12 Investment Projects Of $ 40-65 Each.

3.Research The Investment Program Before You Invest – There Are A Series Of Checks You Can Do To Test The Reliability Of The Program. One Way Of Analyzing Hyips Was Posted Here.

4. Withdraw Profit Regularly – And The Body Contributes On Time. If Profits Are Accrued Daily – Withdraw Them Every Day, If Once A Month, Withdraw Them Once A Month, If Hourly Charges – Every Hour. So You Quickly Reach The Breakeven Point.

5. Don’t Be Greedy – Even If You Keep Getting Decent Profits For Several Months, It’s No Reason To Think That This Is Sustainable. A High Yield Project Can Close Any Time. No One Knows When Not Even The Admin Himself. You May Find Yourself With Nothing If You Spent Your Money Recklessly.

Don’t Be Tempted To Invest In So-Called Vip Plans That Offer Extraordinary Profits If You Invest Higher Amounts (>1000$). Those Deposits Are So-Called “donors” That Will Be Used To Pay Regular Users.

Admins Don’t Rob Banks. They Are Simply Moving Money From One Investor To Another.

After All, Big Deposits Don’t Help The Lifetime Of A Project.

6. Stay Away From Projects With Lousy Customer Support. – If You Cannot Get Any Answer From The Support Team, You’re Probably Better Off Not Investing In That Project.

7. For Security Purposes, Each Project Must Use Different Passwords.

8. Keep Your Personal Information A Secret.- Keep As Much Of Your Personal Information A Secret. The Less Information Hackers Know About You, The Lower The Chance Of You Losing Your Money. In Fact, You Might Want To Change Passwords Regularly. Avoid Using The Same Password For Different Accounts/programs And Select Difficult Passwords Which You Can Remember. Also, Have Anti-virus Software And A Firewall To Prevent Any Key Loggers From Stealing Your Personal Data. This Is Your Money, Protect It.

9. Do Not Believe The Huge Interest.- As A Rule, They Show That The Project Is False Or Is A Kind Of Pyramid. Remember, 30-50% Of Monthly Income Is A Rather Adequate Percentage. If You Are Promised To Be Paid More Than 200% Of Your Investment, You Can Be Sure It Is Fraud.

10. Do Not Compound Your Interest – Until You Have Earned Your Deposit Back.
This Reduces The Likelihood Of You Losing Money As Some Programs Do Not Survive For Long, Especially Those Without Sound Business Plans.


Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.

Топ 10: лучший софт для майнинга на домашнем компьютере в 2020 году

Сегодня майнинг стал вполне обыденным явлением. Пожалуй, уже все молодые и любознательные предпринимали или продолжают предпринимать попытки попробовать себя в этом новом виде бизнеса. Кто-то модернизирует для этого свой домашний ПК, кто-то собирает фермы или вкладывает средства в дорогостоящие асики. Дело остается за малым – запустить добычу криптовалют. А для этого требуется специальное ПО.

Предлагаем вам обзор 10 софтов для майнинга, востребованных в 2020 г.

1. Nice Hash MinerLegacy

Цена: бесплатно.
Поддерживаемые платформы: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10.

Универсальная программа для майнинга на компьютере, понятная для начинающих и полезная для опытных криптоэнтузиастов, которым не хочется утруждать себя поиском более сложного ПО. Является софтом известного ресурса по продаже\покупке мощностей.

Софт NHM рассчитан на добычу различных цифровых активов, но выплата вознаграждений осуществляется только в ВТС . Имеет функцию автоматического поиска выгодных алгоритмов для повышения эффективности работы.

К преимуществам Nice Hash Miner следует отнести:

  • простой продуманный интерфейс с поддержкой русского языка;
  • поддержку нескольких алгоритмов;
  • автоматический выбор монет для эффективного майнинга (для ОС Windows).

2. Claymore’s Dual Miner

Цена: бесплатно.
Поддерживаемые платформы: Windows и Linux

Программа-майнер с открытым кодом, предназначенная для ПК с установленными видеокартами производства nVidia или AMD. Поддерживает алгоритмы Lbry, Dagger, Keccak, Sia, Blake 2s, Decred. По мнению многих майнеров, является самым эффективным инструментом для добычи ethereum.

Может работать в режиме дуал-майнинга , т. е. одновременно без потери производительности майнить две криптовалюты: эфир и еще одну на выбор.

Данное ПО не предназначено для новичков, зато опытные компьютерщики имеют возможность полностью настроить его под свои нужды и тем самым оптимизировать процесс майнинга.

При добыче eth или в dual-режиме предусмотрено вознаграждение разработчику в размере 1,5%. При отключении этой функции эффективность вычислений немного снижается.

  • программа доступна для ОС Windows и Linux;
  • есть поддержка русского языка;
  • присутствует функция тонкой настройки.

3. EasyMiner

Цена: бесплатно.
Поддерживаемые платформы: Windows.

EasyMiner вполне оправдывает свое название («простой майнер»). Это бесплатный и предельно простой софт с интуитивно понятным интерфейсом для добычи самых разных монет: ВТС, Sia, LTC, Deep, Quark, Vert и пр. Может работать на базе консольных программ Cgminer, Ccminer, Cudaminer, Minerd, позволяет неофитам криптомайнинга получить доступ к их возможностям. Предназначен для GPU, CPU, асиков.

Универсальность программы EasyMiner – в способности работать в режиме соло (выбирать пул по собственному усмотрению) и манимейкинга (майнинга LTC, который из-за увеличения сложности сети не всегда выгоден).

Другие преимущества EasyMiner:

  • предоставляет полную онлайн-информацию о процессе майнинга, в т. ч. хешрейте, поддержке FPGA и пр.;
  • простой интерфейс;
  • подходит для начинающих и опытных майнеров.

Из минусов следует отметить: работу только на ОС Windows, отсутствие поддержки русского языка.

4. BFGMiner

Цена: бесплатно.
Поддерживаемые платформы: Windows и Linux.

Еще одна мультифункциональная программа для майнинга биткоинов, форк CGMiner. Может работать с асиками, отдельными картами, FPGA-чипами. Имеет широкие возможности для настройки под индивидуальные потребности. Есть функция мониторинга температуры, настройки скорости оборотов вентиляторов, возможности одновременной работы в разных пулах. Подходит для Linux и Windows.

Неоспоримые преимущества программы:

  • кросс-платформенность;
  • разгон оборудования;
  • контроль скорости кулеров.

Программа не рассчитана на неофитов майнинга, только на профи, не имеет графического интерфейса и поддержки русского языка.

5. CGMiner

Цена: бесплатно.
Поддерживаемые платформы: Windows 7, 8.1, 10.

Софт CGMiner известен еще с 2020 г. и опробован не одним поколением криптодобытчиков. Написан на языке программирования С и изначально создан как программа для биткоинов, но позже стал поддерживать протокол Neoscrypt, на котором работают такие монеты, как trezar, vivo, orbit, phornix, halc. А не так давно CGMiner расширил свои возможности и на алгоритм Cryptonight, позволяющий майнить monero и decred.

Программа для криптовалюты CGMiner не имеет графического процессора, все действия пользователя производятся через командную строку. Те, кто привык работать с графической оболочкой, могут использовать CG Miner вместе с CG Watcher.

Программа поддерживает разные ОС, совместима с картами AMD, а также со многими моделями асиков, что особенно актуально сегодня, когда для эффективного майнинга ВТС требуется только специальное оборудование.

Подробнее о преимуществах:

  • возможность управления скоростью кулеров;
  • наличие журнала событий;
  • разгон GPU;
  • кросс-платформенность.

Минусы: отсутствие русскоязычной версии и графического интерфейса. Походит только для опытных юзеров.

6. MultiMiner

Цена: бесплатно.
Поддерживаемые платформы: Linux, Windows 7 и выше.

Программа для биткоина, лайткоина и многих других криптовалют. Является графической оболочкой BFGMiner (его описание см. выше), которая работает совместно с данным софтом и при установке загружает его. Мультимайнер универсален, подойдет для майнеров любого уровня. Для новичков предусмотрены многочисленные подсказки и пошаговые инструкции.

Поддерживает алгоритмы : SHA-256, Keccak, Scrypt, X11-15, Quark и др., а также разные ОС (для инсталляции на Microsoft или Linux нужен дополнительный софт, который можно скачать на офсайте).

После установки ПО приступает к поиску оборудования, отслеживает и сообщает об актуальных монетах, позволяет настраивать и использовать стратегии автомайнинга. Кроме того, предусмотрена возможность дистанционного мониторинга процесса добычи и интеграция с новостными ресурсами, что позволяет всегда быть в курсе последних событий.

По большому счету у программы только два минуса: отсутствие русского интерфейса и вероятность того, что к ней может с подозрением отнестись антивирус. Если это случится, просто добавьте софт в исключения.

7. Bitminter

Цена: бесплатно.
Поддерживаемые платформы: Windows XP и выше.


Софт компании Aesir FinancialAS (Норвегия), созданный еще в 2020 г. специально для майнинг-пула Bitminter. Поддерживает все ОС, работает с Asic-оборудованием и некоторыми видеокартами nVidia и AMD.

Особенность ПО – необычная графическая оболочка с отображением хэшрейта при помощи спидометра (без поддержки русского языка). Работа запускается кнопкой Engine start. Софт подойдет для пользователей любого уровня, прост и понятен в управлении, отличается повышенной надежностью в работе.

8. MinerGate

Цена: бесплатно.
Поддерживаемые платформы: Windows 64- и 32 бит, Mac, Ubuntu, Fedora.

Один из лучших и самых популярных софтов для майнинга от крупного одноименного пула. Поддерживает большое количество цифровых монет: от ВТС до малоизвестных XDN и AEON. Имеет очень простой и продуманный интерфейс, хотя и без поддержки русского языка.

Программа автоматически подбирает самую подходящую для конкретного оборудования версию майнера, а после установки – самую выгодную монету для добычи (опция смарт-майнинг). Если же вы хотите сами выбрать валюту, достаточно просто отключить соответствующую функцию.

Майнергейт – универсальный софт в самом широком понимании этого слова, подойдет для пользователей с любым уровнем подготовки. Одновременно может работать с двумя криптовалютами.

9. GUIminer

Цена: бесплатно.
Поддерживаемые платформы: Windows (7/8/10). Официально GUIMiner не поддерживает Linux-дистрибутивы, но есть отзывы об успешном запуске.

ПО для майнинга ВТС с применением GPU и CPU с поддержкой видеокарт от разных производителей. Для LTC был разработан специальный вариант данного софта – GUIMiner-scrypt.

На сайте имеется установщик для ОС Windows, а также перечень самых известных пулов (достаточно выбрать, а не писать вручную). С этой программой легко разберутся новички, а профи наверняка не будут разочарованы предоставленными возможностями.

Перечислим другие плюсы GUIminer:

  • удобный интерфейс, хотя и без русской версии;
  • отображение хешрейта и остальной статистики в режиме online;
  • автоматический запуск майнеров;
  • множество настроек для работы в разных пулах;
  • функция свертывания в трей.

10. AwesomeMiner

Цена: от $35 (для четырех ASIC) до $700.
Поддерживаемые платформы: Windows.

Это единственный платный софт в нашем обзоре. Разработан специально для управления большими майнинг-мощностями: до 900 единиц оборудования. Поддерживает свыше 50 популярных протоколов, включая SHA-256 и Scrypt, имеет функцию автоматического переключения между пулами и алгоритмами, проводит анализ статистических данных для оптимизации процесса добычи. Если в одной из установок возникают технические проблемы, автоматически производит их перезапуск. Поддерживает только ОС Windows.

Есть бесплатная версия AwesomeMiner, которая позволяет майнить всего две монеты. Стоимость простейшей платной версии (для четырех асиков) – $35, самой мощной – $700.

  • возможность управления большой майнинг-фермой;
  • наличие veb-версии;
  • всплывающие сообщения о текущей работе;
  • монтиринг технического состояния оборудования;
  • автоматический поиск оптимальных для майнинга монет.

Итак, мы вкратце рассказали о самых популярных программах, которыми пользуются тысячи майнеров из разных стран мира. Если какие-то продукты не вошли в обзор, значит, пик их популярности остался позади либо только ожидается. Если же вы считаете более эффективными другие инструменты, пожалуйста, поделитесь своим мнением в комментариях, это наверняка будет интересно нашим читателям.

Смотрите также на нашем сайте обзор лучших пулов для майнинга Bitcoin.

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