GPS Trader App by Richard Heffner Review

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GPS Trader Review – 27 Millionaires in 3 Months

Product name: GPS Trader

Product Creator: Richard Heffner

Price: Free to join + requires minimum investment of $300

Overall rank: 5 out of 100

Verdict: Scam

I write product reviews almost every day and every day I come across programs that blow my mind. Not all of them, but most of them. Yes, most of them and that’s true. And GPS Trader is one of them.

Once I’d landed on their page I knew that this one was a complete waste of time and I was right. In his promotional video Richard Heffner surpassed all my expectations. I’ve seen many promotional videos, but this one was a total BS.

Richard claims that in 3 months he made 27 random people millionaires. This is a very interesting claim because his website domain name was registered on April 26, 2020.

What does it mean? Only one thing – Richard is lying to you. Second, is there any proof that he made 27 millionaires? No such proof.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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But there are more ridiculous claims from him that I want to discuss further in my review if you still think that GPS Trader is going to help you become another random millionaire.

The main idea behind GPS Trader

GPS Trader is a new binary options trading software that was created by Richard Heffner and his brother Josh.

They claim that their program is the real deal and it’s different from other binary option trading programs because they use GPS satellite to provide you with binary signals before any other traders can get them and that’s why their program is 100% risk free and guarantees your success. Really?

Let’s take a closer look and see how these two guys can help us in achieving our financial goals.

Pros of GPS Trader

  • Free to join

Cons of GPS Trader

  • No refund
  • Involves a high level of risk
  • Ridiculous claims
  • There are MANY negative reviews of GPS Trader
  • Complaints

GPS Trader explained

If it’s not the first review on binary options you read on my website you already know my opinion. Binary options business can be profitable if you know what to do. When and where to invest, how much to invest.

But I’m not a big fan of this business because it’s a kind of gambling and you can lose all your investment even when you are 100% sure that you’re doing everything right.

This is the nature of this type of business. I know people who lost lots of money in this business and my brother is one of them. If you take a look at the comment below you will see that this guy has 5 years experience and knows a thing or two.

He admits that he changed many brokers because most of them try to cheat you. Their main goal is to convince you to invest as much money as possible because they earn a commission from your investment. But they never guarantee you any income.

They just want to convince you that everything is under their control and they know what they are doing, but when it comes to guarantees or loss of your investment, they wash their hands of it.

Very often they convince people to invest at least $10.000 for bigger income, but I really don’t recommend to listen to them.

Remember that many brokers don’t have even a license and don’t follow any regulations. To give you some proof I suggest that you read the document above. I believe this proof will be enough for you to make the right choice.

How GPS Trader works

Richard claims with his system you can make $850 per hour or $12.000 per day and he even claims that you can make $20.000 per day in 3 simple clicks.

He even promises that you can earn this amount for life for which you need to spend only 3 minutes of your time to complete the set up process.

He claims that normal people are already doing this and the process is 100% risk free. Is all this true?

Let’s see the process and how it works so you can decide whether you are in or not.

Richard explains the process as the easiest that consists of 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the small form on the page ( name and email).
  • Step 2: Download the auto trading GPS Trader App.
  • Step 3: Set the GPS Trading App to AUTO trade

That’s it. And his team at GPS Trader will take care of everything for you.

And here is how I see the situation and the whole process:

Step 1: Many binary option websites that I’ve seen so far were honest at least in one thing. They had a disclaimer that said they didn’t guarantee any income and trading binary options involves a high degree of risk and can result in the loss of your entire investment.

And they don’t recommend to invest money you can’t afford to lose. Even crappy binary sites have this kind of disclaimer. When it comes to GPS Trader, they don’t even have a disclaimer which is the first huge red flag.

Step 2: Richard claims that the process is 100% risk free. Is this true? Not at all. Again he is lying to you. It’s true that you can create a free account at GPS Trader website or any other Binary platform.

But in order to start trading you need to invest at least $250. When it comes to GPS Trader, you need to invest at least $300. Anyone who has some experience in binary trading business know that there is no money back guarantee in this business.

Once you’ve invested, you can’t get your money back. Now think, how can GPS Trader can be 100% risk free? Is it possible? Sure, It’s not. Is Richard honest with you? No, he is lying to you again and again.

Step 3: I’ve done a couple minutes of research and found this complaint. Read it carefully please. Remember, there are MORE complaints about GPS Trader.

But I think this one complaint will help you see the reality. Julia deposited $300 and couldn’t even get their account approved. In fact, she lost $300 with GPS Trade without even trading.

Step 4: Julia was unable to even download GPS Trader software.

Step 5: Richard guarantees that you can make $20.00 per day with GPS Trader. Is it possible? If you continue the search you will realize that there are TOO MANY negative reviews of GPS Trader on the internet which proves again that people don’t get the results Richard promises in the promotional video.

Step 6: I found two videos of GPS Trader on YouTube, one with 12,196 and the other with 2,101 views and both videos have comment field disabled.

It looks like Richard and his brother are well aware of negative reviews and complaints and that’s why they don’t want to engage with people or give any explanations.

Step 7: Richard shows you fake Facebook testimonials on his website because they are not clickable.

Can you really be successful with GPS Trader?

First, they claim that you don’t need any experience to make thousands of dollars with binary options. You can make money with a few simple clicks! Sure, this is not true.

Making money through auto trading is impossible. You definitely need knowledge and experience. Remember, losing money in binary options is as easy as simple clicks.

Any program that claims that you are protected from making a mistake when pacing bids, is lying to you. Richard claims that his program can guarantee your success thanks to connection with GPS satellite. Don’t trust him!

People that use software and have years of experience are still losing money in binary options. Software
can’t always send you winning bids because software doesn’t know what is happening on the market, software doesn’t know anything about market fluctuations.

The fact that Richard claims that his software can guarantee you 94% success ratio is ridiculous enough to understand that this program a total crap.

Plus if you don’t do a serious research of who your broker or how credible the trading platform is, you are going to put your money at risk.

Final word on GPS Trader

If you’re a loyal reader of my site you know that I always try to be very realistic and honest when writing product reviews. I don’t like hype that we unfortunately can see in most programs we come across almost every day on the web.

And unfortunately, GPS Trader is not the same crap site, it’s even worse than many others that I’ve seen so far. Richard lies to you right from the start and makes ridiculous claims.

He shows you fake numbers and fake millionaires. Richard is so desperate for money that claims that you can start making $20.000 per day in a few seconds from now.

He claims that his team of brokers will integrate everything for you. You don’t have to do a single thing other than fund your account! And in fact, it’s the only thing he needs from you. Your money!

The complaint above clearly proves that this man is not going to help you become rich. Believe me, you will be richer IF you stay away from Richard and GPS Trader.

Global Investment Satellite Review: Yes, It’s A Scam

Global Investment Satellite Review: Yes, It’s A Scam


Last Updated: Sep 1, 2020 @ 12:09 pm

It’s been a while since we reviewed any binary options product on this site. That is because lately, we have not came across binary options products that are worth spending time on. Nevertheless, this one caught our attention. It’s called Global Investment Satellite.

The reason why it leaves tongues wagging is because this vendor is claiming that Global Investment Satellite makes $750 per hour. This is because the program uses a secret trading strategy that utilizes a special GPS technology.

The presenter of this software is known as Richard Heffner. Richard Heffner is a well-known person in the binary options scenes. The problem is that he is infamous for promoting scams. He is the go to guy when you have a product and want to trick people into buying it.

Richard is experienced in selling the dream life or what we have been referring to as trader porn. In this specific example of the Global Investment Satellite, Richard claims that all participants will make at least 20K by the end of the presentation, and that this will be their lifestyle from the day they subscribe to the app onward.

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You see, this man is literally the CEO of all scam robots out there. Today, he is the CEO of Global Investment Satellite. The sad news is that it is impossible to trust him since his reputation say that he is an untrustworthy man. All the robots that he has promoted on the web before have failed to deliver.

This time round, he is throwing a cunning hoax on the internet. His intention is to get the attention of the unsophisticated investor and trick them into subscribing for this bogus trading system.

Global Investment Satellite Review

To be honest with you, Richard has also featured on scams like GPS Trader, Safe Guard Trader Scam and Terabit Trader Scam.

Surprisingly, all of these scams use the same 27-minute video that is now featuring on the Global Investment Satellite landing page. In fact, you do not even have to waste your time watching the entire video because it lacks content. Instead, the presenter keeps saying that you will earn $20,000 at the end of it.

And we know that some guys are prone to falling for such scams. This guy is promising you a lot of money in one day. To justify his claims and make it look like he is speaking the gospel truth, the dude claims that Global Investment Satellite has a special feature known as rapid counter trade. This feature is supposed to shield you from any loss that may occur as a result of trading with this software.

But if you think of this from an objective perspective, you quickly realize that this is an unrealistic trading concept that has never existed anywhere in the world. They only exist in the world of scams where individuals claim that their trading secrets can never lose money no matter how the markets behave.

You can be sure that Global Investment Satellite is a money sucker because all individuals who watched the video presentation and opted to send their money lost it all. But you are obviously too smart to act dumb, which is why you are reading this review in the first place. Hold on as we reveal the truth.

So, why is Global Investment Satellite a big fraud?

Honestly, when you find out that a digital product that promises overnight wealth is being promoted by someone whose reputation is shoddy, you should be cautious and even suspicious of the fact that this particular product is being promoted by someone whose words never turned out to be truth.

In the example of Global Investment Satellite, we have no doubt that this program was recycled from old scams, and has victimized dozens of innocent traders who thought they’d found a gold mine. Many of them had expected to turn in a profit of 20k out of a small seed investment of $250 that very same day. However, it turned out ugly as neither the technology or profits mentioned in the video were real.

You might be new in this business. But no matter your level of experience, you should know that earning $20,000 profit per day is not possible with trading. And even if it were to be a possibility, that specific trader would need to invest a fortune to make that profit. On top of that, they would need to trade using a good program for them to even dream of making a small profit, let alone the promised 20K per day.

Generally, when we watched this video, we felt annoyed because Richard kept repeating the lie that traders were going to make abnormal profits with this trading system. We felt irritated because 20K per day profit was like saying that this system makes 8000% return on investment every 24 hours. Isn’t this just too good to be true? Well, it certainly is, and this fact alone will annoy you.

The Global Investment Satellite is just a lousy auto trading robot. We have come across such robots in the past, and we can promise you that there are quite a number of them out there.

Let’s be clear on this: That Global Investment Satellite, rapid trade counter and the promised profits are all unrealistic things. Richard too is a fake because that is not his real name.

The concept of rapid counter trading cannot work in options trading or even in Forex trading. You see, even if you were to use that ”concept” of trading, there is something called spreads, plus the payout in the event that you are trading option will still put you in the losing zone.

On the other hand, when trading CFD or Forex, you will still lose money in form of spreads because you opened a counter trade. It does not matter how fast you do it because it still remains that you are opening trades in opposite direction, and it’s costing you.

Let’s review the details of this man, Richard Heffner

By now, it should be pretty obvious that Global Investment Satellite is a scam. This man Richard is just an actor in real life. He has never owned any trading company in his entire life.

If you want to know that he is an actor and a con artist, just read this Omnia app review. He revealed himself as Matthew Hammersmith.

This guy simply has so many identities, yet the same face keeps resurfacing on many binary options scams on the internet. We are forced that these are the very same network of fraudsters who decided to produce Global Investment Satellite.

Therefore, this software is fake. The so-called actual trading results are fake too. It is not logical to make that amount of profit from trading. But this guy seems to love engaging in cheap lies.

Our best advice for you

At this juncture, we’d like to warn you not to sign up for this software because this man has appeared countless times in other scam projects on the web. He is not offering anything new this time round. Instead, he is just giving it a fresh shot to see if he can steal more money. On the other hand, you can try our tested products here.

REV Trader Pro – популярный внутридневной советник форекс

Описание и результаты тестирования внутридневного советника форекс REV Trader Pro от наших экспертов – Forex журнал

В 88 номере журнала мы будем исследовать популярный на сегодняшний момент торговый робот REV Trader Pro. Особым интересом со стороны трейдеров он стал пользоваться в последнее время, по большей части благодаря своему среднему таймфрейму (скальперы уже немного надоели), а также низкой просадке. В распоряжении лаборатории журнала было две версии этого советника – 2.2 и 2.4. В целом результаты их тестирования были очень похожи, поэтому мы остановились на последнем варианте от автора.

Описание советника форекс

Советник форекс REV Trader Pro полностью автоматический, без необходимости что-то дополнительно настраивать, это особенно удобно для новичков и тех трейдеров, кто не увлекается программированием и экспертами в принципе. Так утверждает автор. На нашем форуме же есть замечания по этому поводу: те пользователи, кто уже попробовал работу REV Trader Pro, говорят, что результативность его часто зависит от конкретного брокера, а также о том, что новая версия – это только лишь оптимизированные параметры под новый торговый период, что также не добавляет советнику автономности.

Тем не менее, REV Trader Pro – мультивалютный советник форекс, работающий успешно на четырех валютных парах. В работе его используются Stop Loss, Tralling Stop и Take Profit, что хорошо для капитала в целом. Основой робота является три индикатора – стандартные Stochаstic и Moving Average и пользовательский HighLow, которые фильтруют ложные сигналы, поступающие из анализа старших периодов. В качестве формулы для выявления сигнала используется расчет удаления цены от ближайших точек минимума и максимума. Когда-то мы уже описывали подобный вариант работы на Форекс, интересующиеся могут поискать его в наших ранних номерах. Слабой его стороной являются сильные тренды. Весомым добавлением, которое делает REV Trader Pro более прибыльным, чем стратегия, которую исследовали мы, является появление дополнительных сделок в том же направлении, если цена идет в противоположную сторону. Т.е. если мы открыли Buy, а курс двинулся вниз, то советник спустя некоторое количество пунктов открывает еще одну сделку в том же направлении, но по более выгодной цене. У этого принципа, конечно, есть все тот же минус, – затяжной тренд. Но они сейчас довольно редки, поэтому пока REV Trader Pro прибылен. Если робот угадал с направлением, то сделка закрывается по Tralling Stop или Take Profit где-то на 90-130 пунктов прибыли.

Рис. 1. Пример торговых сигналов советника REV Trader Pro на покупку.

Рис. 2. Пример сигналов советника REV Trader Pro на продажу.

Условия тестирования REV Trader Pro

Для работы нам понадобится торговый счет минимум в 1000$ и плечом 1:1000, с учетом работы лотом 0.01 на ECN. У REV Trader Pro предусмотрена функция Money Management, в случае необходимости советник сами подправит объем сделки. Важно также, чтобы котировки были 5-тизначными. Счет в этот раз нам предлагает наш новый спонсор, компания RVD Markets.

  • Компания: RVD Markets
  • Терминал: MetaTrader 4
  • Депозит: 1000$
  • Тип счета: реальный
  • Таймфрейм: H1
  • Время работы эксперта: круглосуточно
  • Тип: коммерческий
  • Начало тестирования: 28.11.2020

Рабочих параметров у советника просто огромное количество. Автор дает возможность произвести настройки всех индикаторов, манименеджмента и трейлинг стопа. Это дает дополнительную гибкость при оптимизации, особенно если робот плохо работает у вашего брокера.

Описывать все параметры REV Trader Pro нет смысла, настройки стандартных индикаторов можно найти в интернете, а суть остального большинства ясна из названия. Расскажем только про основные.

  • Enable Alert – звуковое оповещение при появлении сигнала
  • Use_Trade_Time – включение/отключение функции использования торгового времени
  • Enable Email – оповещение на е-мейл при появлении сигнала
  • Trade Magic – аналог Magic Number
  • ECNMode– включение режима для есn cчёта, true –включен
  • Оrder 2Distance – расстояние в пунктах от открытия 2-го ордера
  • Оrder 3Distance – расстояние в пунктах от открытия 3-го ордера
  • SL– размер Стоп лосса
  • Мoney_managment – включение функции управления капиталом
  • Percent Risk – параметр динамического увеличения лота, в зависимости от размера баланса
  • Lot – значение фиксированного лота, если Money_management равен false

Рис. 3. Параметры советника REV Trader Pro (частично).

В целом вы имеете возможность сделать работу этого робота совершенно другой, значительно изменив параметры. Любители оптимизации будут счастливы.

Тестирование советника форекс REV Trader Pro

Так как у нас мультивалютный робот, работающий сразу на 4 валютных парах, то резонно было поделить возможный депозит на 4 части в равных долях для каждого инструмента. Конечно, в жизни все будет несколько иначе, но для тестирования берем идеальные условия. Поэтому нашим начальным депозитом будет 250$, временным периодом – текущий год (с 01.01.14 по 26.11.14), остальные условия идентичны реальным для компании-спонсора. Первой будет пара EURUSD.

Рис. 4. Тестирование советника REV Trader Pro на валютной паре EURUSD в период с 01.01.14 по 26.11.14.

  • Количество сделок: 71 шт
  • Чистая прибыль: 54.00$
  • Максимальная просадка: 39.54 (14.70%)

В этом и дальнейших стейтментах от нашего спонсора очень пугало большое количество ошибок рассогласования. Для того, чтобы удостовериться в успехах работы REV Trader Pro, мы провели дополнительное аналогичное тестирование на котировках компании Alpari. Результат вышел максимально похожим.

В целом, за год хорошая прибыльность при симпатичной просадке. Цикличность объясняется теми самыми затяжными трендами, которые выбивали все сделки по Stop Loss. Если бы их было больше, результат сразу бы значительно ухудшился.

Рис. 5. Тестирование советника REV Trader Pro на валютной паре EURUSD в период с 01.01.14 по 26.11.14 на котировках компании Alpari.

Посмотрим на пару с фунтом:

Рис. 6. Тестирование советника REV Trader Pro на валютной паре GBPUSD в период с 01.01.14 по 26.11.14.

  • Количество сделок: 115 шт
  • Чистая прибыль: 112.43$
  • Максимальная просадка: 13.44 (4.94%)

Общий убыток за год составил всего 23$. Просто идеальные параметры для данного робота и валютной пары. Надеемся, что в реальной торговле динамика продолжится.

Посмотрим на австралийский доллар:

Рис. 7. Тестирование советника REV Trader Pro на валютной паре AUDUSD в период с 01.01.14 по 26.11.14.

  • Количество сделок: 40 шт
  • Чистая прибыль: 81.60$
  • Максимальная просадка: 34.67 (11.58%)

График баланса более сглаженный, но маловато сделок для того, чтобы быть уверенными, хотя просадка все также на уровне.

Ну и, наконец, новозеландский доллар:

Рис. 8. Тестирование советника REV Trader Pro на валютной паре NZDUSD в период с 01.01.14 по 26.11.14.

  • Количество сделок: 81 шт
  • Чистая прибыль: 37.28$
  • Максимальная просадка: 35.61 (14.01%)

Та пара, которой меньше всего хочется доверять свои деньги. В целом, при желании, ее можно исключить из торговли, но у нас несколько иная задача, поэтому мы оставим ее в тестировании.

Как видим, REV Trader Pro достоин того внимания, которое он имеет от современных трейдеров. Действительно, очень интересно, как робот поведет себя в реальной торговле. Надеемся, что результат будет приближен к тому, что он показывает при тестировании.

Эксперты журнала FORTRADER

Журнал FORTRADER — это большая команда специалистов в торговле на финансовых рынках. Трейдеры, управляющие, инвесторы, программисты, тестировщики, технические администраторы — мы все работаем для Вас каждый день уже много лет. Иногда мы пишем статьи сообща, тогда автором становится целый журнал.

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