Orion Code Scam Review

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Orion Code Scam – Review Reveals The TRUTH!

Welcome to my Orion Code review which is the latest scam binary system to launch. It comes from the same guys that brought us the Quantum Code scam and it’s definitely a system you need to avoid. You can read my full review on this page and learn the truth about it.

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Orion Code – The Truth

As I mentioned the guys behind Orion Code are the same people that brought us the Quantum Code scam, hence the similar name. The Quantum Code has scammed literally 1,000’s of people out of their money and this new system the Orion Code is set to do exactly the same. The sales video draws you into this system but in reality it’s just a load of scripted bull sh*t designed to get you to part with your money and deposit at their “recommended binary broker”. I explained in this post exactly how the binary options scams work. Really it’s quite simple, the owners of these systems get paid when you sign up and make a deposit at their recommended binary options broker.

These guys know that they can make a fortune by referring you to binary brokers. The scam is nothing new, it’s been going strong now since around 2020. The only thing at changes is the sales videos and websites, with each new scam a new website pops up with a new sales video and a fancy new software. In reality the software or “trading robot” never changes, it’s just repackaged into a new one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at the Orion Code or other systems like private profits app, if they are to do with binary options and claim you can make millions they are without a doubt a scam.

Orion Code – Fake Testimonials & Actors

So they have a fancy private jet in their sales video, they must be legit? Nope! Look, a private jet costs a few $1,000 to rent on a small journey. That’s nothing to these guys who scam millions out of people who just want to make some extra cash. They hire a private jet, and some crappy failed hollywood actor and they film the sales video. They put it all together and make it look “legit” but in reality it’s a lie and once again all they want is to get YOU to part with your money.

Orion Code – The Software Is Programmed To Lose

Here is the main thing that makes the Orion Code and any other binary options system a scam. The software robot that you get access to which is supposed to make you easy money? It’s a complete scam because it’s rigged to lose. It’s actually programmed to make losing trades. The thing is the brokers operate like casinos and they need you to lose money. They can’t have you making the millions that the Orion Code video claims because if that happened they would be out of business. It’s like going into a casino and winning over and over again. Imagine if you made millions in a casino over and over again, they would throw you out! With binary options they make sure that never happens because they rig their softwares to lose!

My Orion Code Conclusion

It should be clear that this system is a complete scam and you should not invest in it. This will definitely be the newest scam being added to my list of binary scams. If you spend your money on this system then you can wave it bye bye as you’ll never see it again. They’ll tell you it’s “just a deposit” but trust me, it’s not. If you deposit that money the software will trade it away to nothing before you can even try and withdraw it. Plus the broker will probably just ignore your withdrawal request anyway and by the time they process it, the robot will have lost all your money.

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Orion Code Review-Is The Orion Code By Edward Robinson a Scam

Product– TOC
Owner– Edward Robinson
Price– Free download, $500 trade minimum
Rating– 2 out of 5 Stars

Table Of Contents

Is The Orion Code a Scam Or Legit

With all the hype surrounding Edward Robinson’s binary trading software I decided to construct this Orion Code Review to help folks find an honest answer to Is The Orion Code a Scam or Legit.

I’ve never had much luck with selling or trading binary options but in the hopes of finding a new way of making money I began my research into this binary trading platform to discover what it’s all about.

If these sound like questions you want answered than this software review of Mr. Robinson’s system will undoubtedly help.

For those of you that don’t want to read the full article you can find the results of my research that will answer Is The Orion Code a Scam at the bottom of the page or click this link.

If your still reading than lets move on to find out about the bare bones of this binary trading software.

What Is The Orion Code By Edward Robinson

According to Mr. Robinson, The Orion Code, is a software app that uses state of the art automation technology to guarantee wins in the selling and trading of binary options.

Edward goes on to say this software uses NQS technology (Near Orion Speed) to take the human error out of trading and selling.

Basically the NQS technology is an algorithm that predicts what the brokers will do when there’s changes in the stock market.

Changes like dramatic world events or things like criminal implications against a major company, head of company, or board member.

Due to his team trying to perfect this automation technology is the reason why it wasn’t released until late October 2020 instead of 2006 when it was originally discovered.

Orion Code Pros and Cons

A tale tale sign an online money making product is a scam is if it claims to automate the money making process or “Guarantees” you can make money by doing nothing.

Now, while I’m not very familiar with the buying, selling, and trading of binary options I am familiar with determining which money making products work and which don’t.

With that said, I’ll point out the pros and cons and leave the decision making up to you.

  • Lot of money can be made selling Stocks
  • Owner did work on New York Stock Exchange
  • The Software is Free
  • Trades go thru a real brokerage firm
  • No reoccurring memberships
  • Takes $500 to get started
  • limits every trade to at least $25
  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • Picks brokerage firm for you
  • Slow to no support
  • Automated software(No Such Thing)

Orion Code System Cost

Getting this Software is free but it will not be cheap to use it.

After obtaining access you’re taken to a page where you must deposit at the very least $500.

If you can manage to afford this cost you’ll be limited to making trades of no less than 25 bucks.

I don’t know about you but $500 is quite a big investment for something with no real guarantees, other than unbelievable screenshots, that it actually works.

Mr. Robinson tells you in the intro video that everyone that uses his system makes between $10,000 to $100,000 a day and The Orion Code has made over 1 billion dollars in profits so far.

Oh and Edward claims he makes 10 mil a year in personal profits.

Knowing that let me ask you this!

If you had something that was guaranteed to make folks money like this would you give it away for Free or ensure your families financial future by selling it for what it’s worth?

Orion Code Review

The Orion Code Binary Trading Software was created by Edward’s team to automate a guaranteed winning process of making money by selling and trading binary options and stocks.

If that’s true than why does he say in the intro video that his system has nothing to do with binary options or trading stocks.

There’s another question for you to ponder on before you pull the trigger on buying!

In his defense through all of my research there was one thing that rang true from all sources.

Mr. Robinson did work on the New York Stock Exchange and I did find accounts of him being referred to as the “Wizard of Wall Street”.

What I was not able to get a read on was why he is no longer at the New York Stock Exchange Firm where he used to work.

He claims it’s because he wanted to help people by giving them the means to live a better life from obtaining wealth.

As well as help out the under paid technicians that put in the work creating The Orion Code and it’s NQS technology but can it really make you an unlimited amount of money for an unlimited amount of time.

There is no definitive proof that The Orion Code is a scam but there are quite a few scam warning signs that suggest it might very well be.

Here are the signs that make me question it’s legitimacy and why I’m not using it myself.

  • Claims unrealistic daily earning potential
  • No Refund Policy
  • offers to pay you $5,000 if you don’t make money
  • Crams income proof screenshots into every conversation
  • Owner consistently contradicts himself about what it is and does

Whether or not you choose this route is obviously up to you but as for me it’s just a bit to shady and to high of price.

So, unless you’ve got 500 bucks lying around that you don’t mind losing than I would recommend you find a more reliable and legit way to make money online in which to invest your money.

That wraps up this Orion Code Review of the Edward Robinson system and I hope it helped you understand whether or not it’s a scam. If you would like to share your experience or have any questions feel free to comment below.

The Orion Code – 100K+ In 30 Days

The Orion Code is a brand-new binary options product promising to make traders over $100,000 in the next 30 days. The developer of the software is Edward Robinson and he’s telling traders that he will pay them $5000 just for trying his software. We’ve seen promises like these many times in the past so it’s hard to believe that this one is any different.

Today I will be providing an analytical review of this software and what it has to offer the binary options trading community.

The Orion Code Review

Firstly, there is nothing different to The Orion Code. This sales page is essentially the same sales page we’ve seen a thousand times before it. There is a YouTube video, an email subscription form, fake security badges and fake timers that make the software seem like it’s going to disappear at any moment. To be specific, there is a timer right underneath the subscription form saying “you need to be fast, memberships completely close in” 34 or so minutes. Yet, when the timer hits the 34 minute mark it bounces right back up to 35 minutes. So it’s really not a truthful timer at all.

Video Breakdown

Marketing Tactics

Considering the fact that this product hit the market 4 hours ago, it shouldn’t even be available right now, but it is. This is just a marketing trick to make us act quickly. The problem with this marketing trick historically is that it’s used by developers of bad products who want us to quickly make a mistake without looking at all the evidence.

On the bottom right-hand side of the page it tells us that there’s only 4 spots available. On the bottom left-hand side it says there are 250 people on this page. Edward Robinson wants us to believe that there are limited spots available so that we make a lapse in judgment and leap into a bad investment opportunity. This same method is used by Code Fibo, Quantum Code and many other products in the “code family.”

Edward Robinson

So who is the man behind The Orion Code? Sadly, he’s not a binary options trader at all. The man in the video is actually an actor who played the role of Craig Phillips in the Amissio Formula software release. This is a release that performed very poorly and lost many binary options traders hundreds of dollars.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am only interested in binary options products developed by binary options traders. This is clearly not the case.

Trading Software

The software itself is reused. We’ve seen the exact same software used in recent releases such as SnapCash Binary and Gemini 2. These are 2 more systems that failed to produce any profits for the readers of binary today.


I see no good reason why anyone should sign up with The Orion Code. The marketing practices are deceitful, the developer of the system and word Robinson isn’t who he says he is and we’ve already seen the trading platform fail multiple times in the past.

I suggest that you take a close look at my latest binary options income reports to see what is working for me and the rest of the binary today community. Here you will find real binary options strategies and systems that can truly grow your accounts when used properly. If you have anything to add please leave your comments below the article now.

Orion Code Scam Review

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