Passing your broker’s account verification process, what is required from you

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Account Verification

Account verification adds an extra layer of security to your account by alerting you when a new device or browser tries to log in and access your data.

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How Account Verification Works

With account verification, no one can access your account without your username and password—plus a special code sent to the account holder in an email.

Logging in from a new device

When you log in from a new device or browser, we send a login alert email to the account email address. The email includes a verification code that you need to verify your device and finish logging in.

To verify a device, open your preferred browser on that device and complete the account verification steps. If you use a different browser later, you’ll need to verify again.

Is account verification required?

Yes. We require account verification to help protect your account and data. It’s not possible to turn off or opt out of account verification.

You can click Do this later to skip verification up to 3 times. Once you run out of skips, you’ll be required to verify each time you log in from a device or browser that’s not verified.

What if other people use my account?

Each account is meant for one person—the owner of the account email address. Sharing accounts is against our Terms of Use. Please don’t share your login details or let multiple people use your account since it’s not secure.

We have some great ways you can work with others on surveys while everyone uses their own secure account, username, and password.

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What Are Verified Devices?

A verified device depends on two things: the device and the browser you use on that device. If you complete the account verification steps on a device using your preferred browser, that device and browser will be verified. If you log in on a different browser on that same device (or clear your preferred browser’s cookies), you’ll need to verify again.

You can have up to 2 devices verified at a time per account and can swap them for different devices as needed.

Managing your verified devices

To see your verified devices, edit a device nickname, or remove a device, go to the Login Details section of My Account.

How does SurveyMonkey remember my verified devices?

We use cookies to remember your 2 most recent verified devices. If you clear your browser’s cookies, we’ll prompt you to complete account verification the next time you log in.

Can I get more than 2 devices verified at a time?

No, it’s not possible to have more than 2 verified devices saved per account at a time. You can still log in to SurveyMonkey with a different device or browser anytime, you’ll just need to complete account verification and remove an active verified device.

Verified devices aren’t the same as users on a team. The account holder, identified by the account email address, should be the only person verifying their device and logging in to the account.

Teams and Account Verification

Every person on a team gets their own username and password and needs to complete account verification for their own account.

Emails with a verification code are sent to the account holder’s account email address, not to the Primary Admin.

How many verified devices can my team use?

A team is made up of multiple SurveyMonkey accounts. Every person (user or seat) on the team has their own account and can have 2 verified devices saved at a time.

Can I add more verified devices to my team?

No. Each account on the team can have 2 verified devices saved at a time. If more people need to access SurveyMonkey, you can invite them to join your team.

Troubleshooting Account Verification

Since we use cookies to remember your verified devices, check that your browser isn’t clearing cookies automatically and preventing us from remembering your device.

Enabling cookies ensures we can remember your verified devices for a smoother login experience.

Verification codes expire after 24 hours or if a new code is requested. Make sure to use the most recent code and enter it correctly—copy and paste the code directly from your email to make sure it’s accurate.

If your code expired, you can Request a new code from the verification screen and try again.

Check your spam, junk, or clutter folder for the subject line “New login alert.”

You might need to add SurveyMonkey to your safe senders list by whitelisting our info before you can receive emails from us. If you’re not sure how to whitelist, just pass that info along to your IT department.

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Проблема с i-parcel при заказе с Амазона


Крутой иБаер

Неделю назад сделал 2 заказа на Амазоне. Один – у самого Амазона, второй – у проверенного амазоном продавца. Оба заказа шлют напрямую в Россию. Оба – i-parcel-ом. Оба заказа недорогие, около 100 баксов каждый, плюс доставка.
По амазоновскому заказу пришло письмо с просьбой вбить данные паспорта. Данные сразу же вбил, но сегодня трек обновился со следующим текстом:
In Transit
Your package is delayed in the customs clearance process. Additional information is required from you to complete the process. Please contact the carrier for next steps
Ничего не понимаю – я же вставил свои данные! Надо ли что-то делать,или это обычное уведомление?

А вот по второй посылке – вообще никакого письма с запросом не приходило. Но сегодня пришло письмо от Амазона:
A shipment from your order (#______) for the following item(s) has been returned as undeliverable.
If you haven’t already requested a replacement order or received a replacement notification, you’ll receive a refund notification soon, in which case you may return to our website and place a new order.

If placing a new order, please take a moment to verify the correct shipping address is listed for any open orders you may have. You may view your order status online in Your Account

В первый раз с таким сталкиваюсь – почему заказ не доставили, совершенно не понимаю.
Кто знает, в чем проблема? И как быть с первым заказом – не развернут его тоже?


Verification Process Overview

Initial Verification Process

The E-Verify process begins with a completed Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. Next, employers create a case in E-Verify , using the information from their employee’s Form I-9, no later than the third business day after the employee starts work for pay. E-Verify checks information entered against records available to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Photo Matching

If the employee presented a Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551), Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766), U.S. passport, or passport card, E-Verify Photo Matching will prompt the employer to compare the photo on the employee’s document with a photo displayed during creation of the E-Verify case. This helps ensure that the document the employee provided is genuine and relates to the employee.

Case Results

After the employer enters their employee’s information into E-Verify , a case result is displayed. The chart below provides an overview of the case results that E-Verify may return.

Case Results Overview

  • Employment Authorized – The employee’s information matched records available to SSA and/or DHS.
  • Verification In Process – This case was referred to DHS for further verification.
  • Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) – Information did not match records available to SSA and/or DHS. Additional action is required.
  • Case in Continuance – The employee has visited an SSA field office or contacted DHS, but more time is needed to determine a final case result.
  • Close Case and Resubmit – SSA or DHS requires that you close the case and create a new case for this employee. This result may be issued when the employee’s U.S. passport, passport card, or driver’s license information is incorrect.
  • Final Nonconfirmation – E-Verify cannot confirm the employee’s employment eligibility after the employee visited SSA or contacted DHS.

If the initial case result is a Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC), the employee must be notified and take further action before E-Verify can provide a final case result and complete the verification process.

If the initial case result is Verification in Process or Case in Continuance, it means E-Verify needs more time before a final case result can be given.

To complete the E-Verify process, the employer must receive a final case result and close the case. Final case results include Employment Authorized, Close Case and Resubmit, and Final Nonconfirmation. E-Verify automatically closes cases resulting in Employment Authorized.

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