Pips Alert Review Is pipsalert.com Legit Or A Scam

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Profits Today is a Nasty Scam

In today’s review we will be looking at one of the most recent and elaborate SCAMS put together by a very talented group of marketers – Profits Today.

Profits today posts “live trades” from today, however the way it’s happening is not realistic, illogical, and can not happen in real life because this chart is fixed on one parameter which shows consistent growth. In reality one would have fluctuations, I mean everything in life has ups and downs (even my relationships ;-), but that’s another story).

Anyways, this thing has con job written all over it. If you are in the mood to get ripped of by all means feel free to register for this service.

Furthermore, if you look at the second page you will see an instructional video. The person reading the script is advising you to fund a banc de binary account, but for some unknown reason a GTOptions account is displayed and an auto-trading feature is opened (kind of strange).

Technically speaking, you need look no further. Everything you need to make a decision is there and waiting for you. Strictly speaking, much like most of the schemes available these days this whole business is starting to look like one big cesspool filled with all kinds of swindlers and deceptions. If you want more proof this is a scam please feel free to contact me directly by leaving a comment below and I will also guide you as to how you can actually make money in this ruthless yet potentially very profitable profession of binary options trading.

If you want to go solo, by all means make sure you allocate a certain amount of cash you are ready to lose (similar to what you do when you go to a casino to roll the dice or shoot craps). Please note, there are a lot of so called Gurus out there pretending they actually know something – I personally don’t mind all that but would also like them to come out and be completely transparent about how they do things because I believe that while it’s OK to refer people and get paid for it, there are a lot of innocent people out there who really have a hard time making it through the day and have major bills piling up.

I believe everyone has a right to dream, it’s what keeps us sane at the end of the day. But when reality hits and someone on the other side pushes you to spend your savings or pension it’s not something that should be taken lightly. So if you are down or just want some advice feel free to hit me up no problem, even if I’m busy I will always try to respond.

So, just a quick recap on this Profits Today Review. I honestly believe it’s one of the less sophisticated scams out there today, and I strongly recommend you think twice before investing through this system. Furthemore, before investing you need to make sure you are dealing with regulated brokers like OptionWeb who have a good reputation for paying out withdrawals promptly and also take the time to respond to questions, even if they are not directly related to depositing. A good alternative would be www.thebinaryprofitmethod.com, at least you can choose your broker and minimize your chances of getting ripped off.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this article and if it helped you make a more educated decision about trading drop me a note below.

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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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What Is Kevf – Is www.Kevf.com Scam or Legit?

Nice work and you have found the answer to What Is Kevf found at www.kevf.com. Is Kevf a scam , fraudulent, deceptive, dishonest or is Kevf.com legit, genuine, safe, real and good? This www Kevf com Review may just be a scam alert warning to you to stay clear of that site. Currently, there are a number of other resources online categorizing that site as ‘Spam/Scam/Fraud’. But those are mainly bots. We need a human to investigate and come to a correct judgement. Don’t forget to leave your own Kevf Reviews below as well.

Those that feel that they were scammed by the above site are welcome to report them below in the comments. Where there is no doubt you should contact your bank and get a refund. Also, cancel your card to stop any possible unauthorized transactions. Many fake sites from China nowadays and that is a real point of concern if they are from there to. Actually, most fake shopping sites are from that region and I am sure it only makes it much harder on legit e-stores from there.

And so, if Kevf does turn out to be fake and dishonest, then you should expect to get nothing for your card, or receive shoddy, maybe stolen and counterfeit goods, inferior, low quality, damaged or an empty envelope to create a legit looking tracking code.

What Is Kevf Really All About Anyways – Site Analysis and Background Check on www.Kevf.com.

So the popular consensus, for the limited information on What Is Kevf, is that it could be a scam site. I have my concerns they maybe right. However, ‘YOU’ do not know ‘ME’ and so I must prove either ways if they are safe or not. So this Kevf.com Review is going to show you what steps to take to ensure you can tell the difference between legit and scam sites. We begin with the founder.

What really is Kevf.com – let us find out for sure!

Founder registered site in 2006/02/21 and did so up until 2024/02/21 . Usually scam sites will register a site for just a year or so, no more. A year or two is a sign of a site that maybe looking to defraud many people quickly and then shut down their site and run with all the money. Not the case here and is a positive point in their favor.

However that is taken away by the fact I know their address does not belong to them. That is not their true location. So that address is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US. You may Googled that address and may find many other sites using that address. So why would a real and legit online biz be using a proxy to hide their location? That is being deceptive and honest businesses do not do this.

Worse still, the Founder Name is absent and there is no reason for that. Now we have no clue who we just handed over our own payment information to. That is bad news and so who do we turn to when our order is late, never arriving etc? – Their Facebook Pages? That is all I see if terms of support.

Moving to their site for any information of this nature and I see they have a CONTACT US PAGE. No address and no Customer Support Number . These are strikes against Kevf and should be rectified if they are indeed legit and safe to purchase from.

I can assure you right now, as someone that has spent considerable time exposing online scams, the above lack of information surrounding their site is typical of an online scam!

Kevf S cam S igns – There Are Loads!!

So far that is enough for anyone to call them a scam! Since there is next to no reviews online, negative reports etc, the above steps are done via the website called WHOIS. Where put in any sites URL and then all attached information. Do know, bloggers do not have to let the world where they live! That is a cause of confusion for some and so do not get confused with bloggers and online businesses.

See all of the links at the bottom of their site? Have you clicked on any of them? Well, the only 1 that works is the checking your order link. The rest serves up a 404 page not found. They have had since 2006 to fix that and so we must conclude that is intentional in the hopes no one clicks on them. Only designed to give their site a sense of content. Common scam trick.

They have two Facebook pages. One seems abandoned and shows last post from Nov 26 2020. The ‘Kevf Official’ Page has a load of posts and a suspicious low level of comments. Two comments were of complaints and you may view them below.

Thank you to Johnathan Quick for the warning about www.kevf.com!

Thank you to Wang Fanjie for his complaint about www.keft.com!

Very few comments on a page like theirs could be sign that customer comments are just being deleted, it seems. I see post, after post, after post, after post of no comments – negligible comments in total. For a site online since 2006 – something is very wrong here indeed!!

I ran a group for a few months and it exploded after a few weeks of content and promotions – there is no way their page/groups should be this quiet unless they are deleting comments.

However, I did see a very entertaining clip of the new Ryan Renolds and Justice Smith Pokemon Movie I have not seen yet �� .

IsLegitSite.com has labled Kevf.com as potentially unsafe. ThreatLog.com has labeled them as categorized Spam/Scam/Fraud ! Ouch!

No founder name on their site that is being powered by Shopify. No images of the people running the site.

Customer contact number does not exist and I DO NOT recall seeing an email for support. That is even worse than most scam sites I expose and now there would no way I would trust them with an order to them.

Final Thoughts.

At this point you should have made up your own mind about them and decided if they are a scam or not. Legit sites do not hide all of that information about ownership, location and contact information I mean they did not even bother put up a fake phone number or nothing. Please take a moment to report them below if they have scammed you. Those that were happy with their order are welcome to let everyone know about your experience as there is very few reports online about that site in general.

Thank you for taking the time to read this very quick review and I hope your questions on What Is Kevf is now answered. Those that do have some questions are welcome to ask below. I respond to all comments personally and usually fast. People who need to have a rant and a rave about their experience are welcome to let off some steam in the comments. Actually, SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS if your experience has been bad or good. Thanks again for coming by and looking forward to your comments below.

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10 thoughts on “ What Is Kevf – Is www.Kevf.com Scam or Legit? ”

Hello my name is Ian Butcher I live in Missouri USA and I ordered a jacket from KEVF today I got my jacket and it is in good condition it arrived in about 6-8 weeks of the order.

  1. Scam Witness Post author April 6, 2020

Thank you for your Kevf customer review and I am glad to read it is a positive one. Much appreciated Ian �� . Should we get many more like this then we can no longer have any doubt about them.

Agreed, this site is a fake/scam. Placed an order and received an emailed confirmation with a view your order link. That worked for about a week. After that, it went to the same “Woops our bad” 404 error as the links at the bottom of the website. I emailed their “support” two days ago and have heard nothing. Given my order was placed on Jan 17th, it has been more than long enough, even with their claims that “Due to the high demand, the processing time may extend to 5-10 days”. I will be filing a dispute with my bank.

  1. Scam Witness Post author February 8, 2020

Thank you Sean for letting everyone know about your experience with the scammer site called Kevf. Much appreciated Sean �� and I wish you well with your dispute.

Just a quick update. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and email them requesting a full refund or that I would take up the issue with my bank. Miraculously, that threat seemed to cause their email support system to work. I was emailed back in under 2 hours apologizing for the inconvenience. I was then told that, due to a holiday at their Asian factory, they would be able to ship my order by Feb 20. Or they could refund me if I didn’t want to wait. Almost a month after it was placed. I guess I should move to China cause I want that kind of holiday, LOL.

I responded that the situation was ridiculous and that I expected a full refund. I will keep in touch wit the results. I needed to make a good faith effort to get a refund from them anyway per my banks dispute policy. Even if they aren’t a fraud, they are a terribly run company at the very least. I’ve ordered things internationally that take a long time, but there has always been open and upfront communication during the process. Typically, the delay is the international shipping process, not the production itself. Again, I will let you know what ends up happening. I would still encourage people to stayt far away from them.

  1. Scam Witness Post author February 8, 2020

I really hope they either give you a refund or your ordered item. Would love to hear the end of this particular saga Sean, and certainly if they do send you out something that is much different than advertised, then it is still a scam.

Fingers crossed for you Sean and thank you kindly for taking the time to up date us on this situation ��

Sure thing, no problem. I received my full refund yesterday. So that leads me to believe that they aren’t a scam necessarily; just a really incompetent business. I would still advise people against using them unless there is absolutely nowhere else to get the product and they can’t live without it. The particular item I wanted I indeed can’t find anywhere else, but the lack of faith engendered by the situation made me feel it wasn’t worth it. Mostly because I felt like even if I did get the product, it would likely be of sub-par quality and there was no way I could trust their support or communication.

Kind Regards,

They refunded you or your payment provider? I am glad to hear this for sure in either event Sean. For sure, if you get a product lower quality then what they advertised, then that is a scam. Its a risk and for some it pays off – and at that – then it becomes a gamble. Should I get many positive reports on this site then I may have to re-think that site and take another look.

Thank you Sean for up dating us on your situation and very happy it has been resolved for you favorably. Its tough enough to get scammed, but also, when ‘tricked’ out of cash it attacks us on every level. That, for me, is worse then losing some cash online as I have had my time wasted online before and also lost invested a few quid for nothing.

Welcome back anytime Sean and thanks again �� .

This website for them is fake! Just taking people’s money

  1. Scam Witness Post author February 7, 2020

Thank you Jeclyn for your report and be sure to put in for a refund.

Is Upwork Legit or Scam? REAL Truth Explanation

Security first has brought these two questions is upwork legit? or is upwork scam? It’s fair to research the market before investing.

What do you think is upwork safe and worth enough? Some of us are confirming upwork is a waste of time and others saying upwork worth it.

So, as a newbie freelancer/client you should first identify a safe marketplace for working. As you know upwork is a complete virtual place to deal with. So, when it is about scam, it totally depends on the freelancers and the clients to deal with it. So, first of all you must know about the following information about upwork and its surroundings.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a huge virtual international market place where a large number of clients and freelancers are available to hire and to be hired. It is a merged version of formerly Elance and Odesk from December 2020. Upwork is open to all sorts of skilled freelancers and Clients all over the world. The works are done virtually as well as paid virtually by the clients.

Is Upwork Legit or Not?

Is upwork legit? It is often heard that upwork is not safe at all, it is a fraud site and it scams others and so on. But as a regular member of over 15 years I assure you from my real experience that it is totally a legit site. All you need is to be conscious about the steps you are taking. You may be heard of a number of freelancers making a lot of money only by using Upwork. If it is really a scam then how do they do it?

Why People Call Upwork a Scam

Is upwork legit or scam? To get the answer you have to think wisely. The scamming activities are done by some scammers over the internet. You know your messages and emails are often seen as scams. Do you know why these are seen scam? It is because the scammers use these messages & emails for their own profit. But what you don’t know is that scammers do not scam only these messages & emails they are also active in the freelancing sites as well. May be they are freelancers or may be they are clients.

Who are being Scammed

Mostly the newbie asks for upwork legit? You must know that when you are a newbie you will face many competitors working over there. They won’t want you to be grown up easily. As a newbie freelancer you may be hired for a project and after submitting the work, you may find that the client is vanished without giving you any payment.

On the other hand, as a newbie client you may hire a freelancer for a hourly rate. After working one month, he may be vanished without completing your work. Upwork imposed laws of an hour work and an hour payment. And your freelancer has gone away scamming your money.

So, Upwork is not a scam rather some miscreants are doing these illegal activities over upwork and other marketplaces. However it is now strictly prohibited by upwork.

How to Remain Safe in Upwork as a Freelancer

So, now you see upwork is not a scam at all. It is totally safe to business. But to remain alert from being cheated as a freelancer you will have to tag along the following steps to get a genuine project and make money safely.

01. Never Hurry

It is often seen that the newbie apply for a job and after getting hired start their work in a hurry without being sure whether the client is genuine or not. It is totally foolish. Never make hurry rather be cautious of every steps. Check the client’s payment method is verified and ensure milestone for fixed price jobs.

02. Research your Client

Before starting with any project you must research your client. Read through the profile of your clients deeply. Take into account each details of your client. Try to know the policy of your client – the duration of their project, reviews, work-hours, payment method, budgets, amount to be paid, project type etc. Genuine clients make these things clear before making the contract. So, be wise while choosing your clients.

03. Check the Transparency of Your Client

You must check your client’s transparency. Check carefully your client’s rating and the feedback they got for their previous works etc. Remember that a reliable client surely has a great ratings and reviews. Never be scammed by the false reviews.

04. Don’t Agree of any Test or Free Samples

You may often see that some clients are demanding free samples from you to test your skills. The wise decision here is to avoid these clients. It is strictly against the policy of upwork. These clients are fraud and follow such policy to get their job done without giving any payment. So, avoid these frauds simply. Never agree to give any free sample.

05. Adopt a Secured Payment

Always try to follow a safe and secured payment for the job done. Upwork recommends you to use the escrow system it provides. It is safe, secured and prevents any kinds of payment disputes. Whenever you deal with any fixed price contract or hourly contract make sure that you are dealing with such secured system to avoid loss of your payment.

06. Report Scams

If by any way you understand that a job post is a scammed one, feel free to report against it. Give your suspicion a better consequence. Your step will help other freelancers restrain from involving with the scammed job post.

How to Remain Safe in Upwork as a Client

There are many other scams also in the land of freelancing. Just study carefully the following facts to remain safe as a client also. It will help you know how you may be cheated and what to do to protect yourself.

01. Scamming by Plagiarized Material

In the upwork system it has become very common to cheat a client with plagiarized material as there are a lot of opportunities to copy article, logo or web design etc. So, as a client you must remain alert of your job you are getting done by your hired freelancers. You may cross check to justify the originality of the task. We recommend you to use Copyscape to check written material. And to check any designs use Google reverse image search or other online tools. You should ask your employee for designs in editable formats and multiple resolutions. It will help for further process. You may also ask for the resource, usage rights to ensure if it is royalty-free.

02. Scamming by Hacking Your Systems

It is really a dangerous thing for a client that often happens when a client hires a freelancer to work on his website. It allows the employee to get all access to proprietary material of the site and thus hacking it. And if you forget to change your password of the site after the job done you yourself will give the hacker chance to hack it later.

To avoid such scamming use the tools like LastPass. It will share the access to your system without sharing your actual password. And you must ensure the level you want to share to accomplish the task and never give the highest level access even your employee demands. After the accomplishment of the job revoke the access as soon as possible and check system activities and logs.

03. Fake Identity

Identity theft is a very common scamming in all kind of systems in the internet. Many freelancers often use a fake identity or some other good freelancer’s identity to make the impression good to his client and get the job. So, as a wise client you must remain alert of such thing.

What we recommend you to avoid such scam that you may prefer a location of your choice of freelancers. It will ensure that the freelancer of the expected place only will be able to apply. If you are hiring your native employee, give special attention to his language, grammar and style to get a proof. You may ask for other identity proof from the employee for a large contract. For instance you may check his social networking site etc. for your comfort. You may also ask for referrals from your employee.

Is Upwork Legit? Yes! You May Trust

So, now you clearly understand that upwork is not any scam at all. But scamming is seen here often done by some fraud scammers for their dishonest intention. You will just have to remain alert from them. If you follow our instructions while using upwork, surely you will find it profitable for you.

Never be frightened about these scams. Upwork is always legit and helpful for you. It widens a great scope to both the clients and the employees to get their job done easily with some simple steps. All you need is to use your account wisely and deal with your partner only after checking every detail adopting the wise means.

Upwork will pave the way for you to make money easily or get your job done easily. So, use your upwork site according to our suggestions you will surely be contempt. Best of Luck

Bonus Story for You

Once, Tricky Macs, an American successful businessman, wanted to invest in Turkey for a big Telecommunication business. He got a visit in Turkey and stayed there for six days in order to research the technical market. Finally he found, Oil business is more worthy than telecommunication. Finally he invested five billion USD in Telecommunication business and another five billion in Oil Business. Exactly after two years, he saw that his profit from Oil business was eight billion including capital and losses from Tele business was three billion including capital. So, he was still in one billion profits. If he invested his whole money in Tele business, he would have been in four billion loses.

iPoll Review – Are they Scam or Legit Survey Panel?

Update! Be careful with this company! We received a lot of negative comments on them. You can review them below this post. We are really sorry for the bad experience that some people had with them. Still, there are people who make money with them and we cannot say that they are scam. But we have to report about the high number of negative comments that we receive. Our action at this time:

  • We deleted them from our list of high-paying surveys.
  • We deleted the link to them from our site.
  • We will leave the review about them on our site that we wrote years ago.

We are working to check what is going on with them and will update you. At this time, we can say that they are not the best pick for you. Why don’t you check our list of best paid surveys 2020 ?

Operated By: Usamp

Type of payment: PayPal, Retail Vouchers

Payment Delays: 3-4 weeks

BBB rating: N/A

Mobile Surveys: Yes

WebCam Surveys: No

Focus Groups: No

Product Reviews: Yes

Additional Info: $5 just for signing up!

Registration (Free, Paid, Invite): FREE

Min Withdraw: $50

Points Per Survey: $0.50 – $3

Point Expiry: If you unsubscribe

Points for disqualification: Yes

Contests: Yes

Contest examples: 10 Members win $20 each week

Contest Requirements: Complete the iPoll Satisfaction Survey

iPoll is the site that pays you $5 just for signing up to their site! Is it a scam or a legitimate survey site you can trust? We decided to review iPoll to find this out ourselves…

So firstly when you first visit this survey site you’ll notice that it’s a very friendly site, one of the things you may not notice is at the bottom of the page and it is something that you will hear us talking about a lot here.

Anywhere you see this badge, you know that you’re dealing with a business you can 100% trust and you’ll be able to cashout any earnings you make with the site.

iPoll is operated by a company called uSamp or “United Sample Inc”, they have a B+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) on a scale between F and A+ which is very good! The BBB is a trusted directory which reviews and rates businesses in the US to help you determine which companies are legitimate and safe to deal with.

In fact just being a BBB accredited business at all shows that a business meets a certain level of ethics and standards and that it can be trusted. United Sample has been BBB accredited since 2009 so you definitely don’t need to worry about being scammed.

iPoll Review – What to Expect After Joining

First impressions of iPoll are great, the sign up process is really easy and the sites really easy to use. Register in seconds with any social account and start getting paid immediately!

You’ll notice that the profile questions are like miniature polls that you can complete as and when you want, there’s nothing stopping you starting a survey straight off and getting paid.. Sadly though you won’t get anything for filling out the profile questions, other than them helping you to get more targeted surveys.

You should receive a LOT of invites when you first join, which is one of the appeals of iPoll, BUT you might not qualify for all of these.. The more profile questions you answer, the more relevant the surveys will become and the less times you will be disqualified.

Surveys are typically 20 minutes and are on a range of interesting topics, including some “interactive” surveys which make things a bit more exciting!

How Much iPoll Pays

You will get $1.75 dollars for a 10 minutes survey or $1.50 for a 20 minute survey, it really depends.. Typically surveys pay between $1.50 and $2.5, it’s not the worst paid survey site by any means and there are certainly plenty of surveys available..

Now you might be wondering just how iPoll can afford to give away $5 to every member who signs up… It’s simple really.. The minimum amount you can cashout is $50, which is quite high compared to some other survey sites. Some people might be turned off by this, but it’s certainly a motivator to carry on, one of the plusses of iPoll is that your points never expire, so long as you don’t unsubscribe from the site. So you don’t need to worry about losing your earnings because you went on holiday or stopped using the site for some time.

Members can choose to cashout with PayPal or through a selection of retail vouchers such as Amazon, which require a minimum of $15 in your account (a lot easier to reach). Be mindful that payments take 3-4 weeks though!

Does iPoll Have a Mobile App?

One way that you can reach the minimum withdrawal more quickly is through iPoll’s app, which pays between $5-$20 for you to complete fun shopping missions.

These missions might be visiting a local fast-food store and giving your opinion on the experience, the staff or the atmosphere, or even get paid just to take a few snaps. There are usually regular mobile surveys and some missions can even be completed multiple times!

Overall opinion seems to be highly positive for the iPoll app, in-fact it’s probably the best survey app that we have used, both the IOS and Android version have overall 4 star reviews respectively and we would have to agree with them. The app’s real easy to use on the go, most missions pay about $5, but that’s no problem, if you’re going out anyway… You’re just getting paid to do it, you may be lucky enough to get a survey paying $20 from time to time too.

As well as mobile surveys you can also expect to receive product reviews from iPoll from time to time, these don’t pay but you will get to keep any product you review. Other than that, it’s simply lots of regular surveys and mobile missions. The surveys work well, although the downside for some is that a lot of them are 20-30 minutes so make sure to set yourself some time aside to complete new surveys each week.

Should You Join iPoll?

Our opinion was 100% yes! Read the comments below.

The social sharing is a little annoying, although it can be easily turned off so you shouldn’t avoid the site just because of that.

If you’re looking for PayPal cash, iPoll is a great choice for regular paid surveys and we would highly suggest that you sign up!

If you’re instead in earning cash from your smartphone, we would 100% suggest you sign up, few paid survey apps are as well put together as iPoll and few of them pay as well as iPoll either!

And if you needed any other reason as to why you should join iPoll, your points will not expire unless you unsubscribe, so you never need to worry about losing your earnings!

Contact Information

Survey Sampling International, LLC
6 Research Drive
Shelton, Connecticut 06484.
Attn: Legal Department

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