Rapid Income Method Review

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Rapid reviews to strengthen health policy and systems: a practical guide

World Health Organization, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research

Publication details

Editors: Andrea C. Tricco, Etienne V. Langlois and Sharon E. Straus
Number of pages: 119
Publication date: 2020
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 151276 3



Policy-makers require valid evidence to support time-sensitive decisions regarding the coverage, quality, efficiency, and equity of health systems. Systematic reviews and other types of evidence syntheses are increasingly employed to inform policy-making and produce guidance for health systems. However, the time and cost to produce a systematic review is often a barrier to its use in decision-making. Rapid reviews are a timely and affordable approach that can provide actionable and relevant evidence to strengthen health policy and systems.

This Practical Guide explores different approaches and methods for expedited synthesis of health policy and systems research, and provide guidance on how to plan, conduct, and promote the use of rapid reviews, while highlighting key challenges including their application in low- and middle-income countries. Our proposed solutions will help provide policy-makers and health systems managers with strategic evidence to make crucial decisions about health systems’ response in emergency situations, as well as in routine decision-making.

Rapid Finance Review

Need help finding a lender?

  • Some additional fees
  • Limited support materials


Rapid Finance (formerly Rapid Advance) is a Maryland-based alternative small business funder. It offers merchant cash advances (MCAs) and short-term business loans to small businesses seeking short-term funding. Unlike many of its competitors, it offers a number of variations on the typical MCA, leading to a slightly longer application process, but also better rates in many cases.

As always, you’ll want to be sure you don’t have cheaper alternatives before signing up for a cash advance or short-term loan. Before moving forward, take a look at our short-term funding comparison chart and make sure you don’t qualify for better terms.

Table of Contents

Services Offered

Rapid Advance offers the following types of business funding:

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Borrower Qualifications

Rapid Finance offers a number of different named products, but they’re all variations on the same short-term funding theme. Depending on where you live and the nature of your business, and how long you’ve been in business, certain products may not be available to you.

To qualify for funding from Rapid, you must meet these prerequisites:

Time in business: 12 months (STL)
3 months (MCA)
Credit score: 500
Revenue: No specific minimum requirement; depends on the amount borrowed

Rapid offers premium versions of both its loan and MCA products. These come with better rates, so long as you can meet the more stringent qualifications.

Terms & Fees

Here are the terms for Rapid’s products:

Borrowing amount: $5,000 – $1 million
Term length: 3 – 60 months
Fixed fee:
9% – 31% of the borrowing amount
Origination fee: 0% – 2.5% (depending on the product)
Effective APR: Learn more
Collateral: UCC-1 blanket lien

If you’re used to traditional lending, the “fixed fee” portion of the above chart might be confusing. That’s because the type of funding Rapid provides isn’t interest-based. Instead, you’ll be paying off the amount you borrowed times a multiplier referred to as a “fixed fee” or “factor rate.” So if you’re borrowing $10,000, at Rapid’s lowest factor rate you’ll be paying back $10,900. You can expect to pay back between $1.09 and $1.20 for each dollar you borrow (not including origination fees). For some of its products, Rapid may instead quote a monthly interest rate (1.25%, for example). To find out how much you’ll owe, take the amount you’re borrowing, multiply it by your monthly interest rate, then multiply the result by the length of your term in months. For example: $10,000 x 0.0125 x 12 = $1,500.

The rate you are offered will depend on the assessments Rapid makes of your business, including your credit rating.

Rapid will likely triage you toward its loan or advance program based, in part, on how your company does business and how long it’s been around. These are still short-term loans, but you may see some variation in rates, borrowing amounts, and term lengths.

A merchant cash advance has many of the same components as a short term loan. The difference? It’s not technically a loan at all. The funder isn’t lending you money, they’re buying a percentage of your future card-based sales. The end result looks a lot like a short-term loan, but it skirts many of the regulations that govern loans. This makes them both easier to qualify for and, usually, more expensive.

Each business day, Rapid will hold back a percentage of your daily credit and debit card sales until you’ve “paid back” the terms of your advance. Since your sales will likely vary day by day, there’s no hard and fast term length for MCAs. If business is booming, you’ll pay them off quickly. If it’s not, it’ll take longer.

Like short term loans, MCAs have fixed fees, meaning that instead of interest, you’ll be charged a percentage of the amount you’re being advanced.

Application Process

As a short-term lender, Rapid prides itself on getting you through the application and approval process quickly.

To begin the process, you can either call Rapid or fill out a short application form online. You’ll want to be able to produce documents confirming your revenue. These include the last three statements from a business bank account, a voided check from a business checking account, and identification. You may be asked for additional documents depending on the product.

Rapid Advance will do a hard pull on the credit of qualifying applicants.

Approval can come within 24 hours, with funding available in as soon as three days.

Sales & Advertising Transparency

There’s quite a bit going on on Rapid Advance’s website, although a lot of it isn’t especially useful information. Still, it can give you a decent, zoomed-out view of what the company offers. You won’t find much info about rates anywhere convenient, unfortunately.

Sales staff was willing to answer more specific questions when I called directly, but you’ll probably need to get a quote to get all the details.

Customer Service & Technical Support

I had an easy time reaching customer support, and they seemed agreeable to answering my questions.

Unlike many similar funders, Rapid actually has a pretty large customer review footprint. Customers generally reported positive experiences dealing with Rapid’s staff.

Customer service can be reached by phone or through their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts.

User Reviews

Rapid Finance’s user review footprint trends positive overall. The company has an A+ rating with the BBB and an unusually high number of positive reviews on the watchdog site. User reviews on TrustPilot are also overwhelmingly positive. Professional reviews are a little more measured, but on the whole, Rapid’s reputation is pretty good.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

Rapid maintains a mostly positive reputation with its customers, but there are a handful of complaints:

  • Difficulty Getting Approval: Some customers reported that the approval process dragged out longer than expected and ultimately didn’t end in approval despite reassurances from staff.
  • Costly: As is common with short-term lenders as a whole, you can end up paying quite a bit of money each month.
  • Customer Service: Some customers reported not being able to reach their representatives when they needed to.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

Happy customers liked Rapid’s:

  • Comparatively Good Rates: A lot of customers found that Rapid’s rates were lower than those of many similar business funders.
  • Easy Application Process: Most users appreciated that the application process was easy, quick, and painless.
  • Customer Service: Many users were happy with the customer service they received.

Final Verdict

With the name change to Rapid Finance, this company is signaling their move away from merchant cash advances (which they still offer), toward emphasizing short-term loans along with products offered through their third party affiliates. Expect to see more of this as the alternative lending industry matures. Overall, Rapid’s good reputation and relatively reasonable rates make them a decent option for businesses that need funding from a non-traditional source.

Looking for the best rates? Check out our alternative suggestions to make sure you’re making an informed decision.

Is Instant Income Method a Scam or Legit Money Making System? Let’s Take a Look!

I received an email about Instant Income Method today. Apparently, this system allows you to start making big money online, while raising your credit score to 750 or higher.

Sounds cool. But since you’re reading this review, chances are you’re skeptical. You want to know if this is legitimate or just another scam, right?

Here’s what you need to know before you join…

Instant Income Method Review

The first thing I did was visit the Instant Income Method website (instantincomemethod.com), and put my details into the box, so I could access the video.

From there I watched the video which is presented by Mack Mills.

Mack is a well known internet marketer who has successfully promoted a number of programs over the years. Using similar sites to this one.

For example he most recently created a site called Daily Income Method to promote a MLM company called Motor Club of America.

Not sure if that’s still going or not but it was quite popular. So my point is, Mack knows his stuff and he has made a lot of money online doing this sort of thing before.

Anyways, in the video Mack talks about how he started out broke and struggling to make money online. And how he maxed out his credit cards trying to get into profit with his online business. Eventually, he did start making money online. Apparently lots of it.

So he went about paying for everything with cash…

I have to say he does spend a good chunk of time talking about how much money he makes, showing off his luxury cars and house etc. But he says the point of this isn’t to brag, but rather to explain that paying for everything in cash was a mistake.

Because doing this, along with his past debt, left him with a bad credit score.

Which he eventually fixed, and now he wants to show you how to do the same thing. As well as showing you how to earn a substantial income in the process.

Which brings me to the what this is really about.

What Is Instant Income Method About?

Instant Income Method is a sales funnel for a MLM company called myEcon.

Mack is a myEcon associate, so if you join myEcon through his site, he will earn a commission. He is also selling you a replicated sales funnel for $97, so that you can promote myEcon using the exact same funnel you went through yourself.

What the heck is myEcon about?

MyEcon is a company that helps people attain personal financial success, or so it says. They sell a range of products and services, including a credit repair service.

Their flagship product is their ‘Income Shifting Membership’, which is all about educating people to become financially free. Through tax and debt reduction, increasing your income and investing in assets.

You can read my full review of myEcon here if you want to learn more.

And I highly recommend you do so. Because in the above review, I go into full detail about the company, it’s products and compensation plan.

Since this is what Instant Income Method is all about,you’ll probably find it useful! And as you will see, there are pros and cons to consider before joining.

Anyways to sum it up- myEcon is a network marketing company with legit products and it’s not a scam. Mack is an associate (AKA affiliate) for this company so if you join, you will actually be joining his downline.

Which if you are considering joining myEcon, and you want to do more than chase friends and family, does have its benefits.

Because Mack provides his referrals with a replicated version of the same Instant Income Method site you are considering joining through.

How Does This System Work?

When you click the button below the video, you’ll end up on this page…

There are TWO steps you need to take in order to get started with the system:

  1. Join myEcon for $19.95 (and $34.95 every month thereafter)
  2. Pay $97 for access to Mack’s sales funnel, so you can start promoting myEcon with the same funnel you are joining through

The first step is pretty simple- join myEcon. When you do this you will either be joining under Mack directly or through someone else in his downline who is using the system themselves. Either way you will be joining his ‘team’.

The second step is about setting up your marketing funnel, so you can promote myEcon. In this step, Mack explains that for $97 you can begin using his sales system to promote myEcon.

The system consists of some lead capture pages, sales videos, extra training and access to a private Facebook group. Basically the exact same system he is using to convince you to join myEcon.

You don’t need to do this to make money, you could literally just join myEcon and promote it on your own. But it obviously works, since you are considering joining yourself.

Like anything though, there are positives and negatives to consider with a system like this. And just because one person is making money with it, doesn’t mean you will.

Can You Really Make Money With This System?

Yes. You can make money promoting myEcon and Mack’s system may help you with this.

I’m not a huge fan of MLM in general, but if I was going to promote a company like myEcon, I would definitely use the internet to do so.

Because you have a much better chance of making real money with a company like this when you know how to do online marketing. And if this funnel converts well, then it might make it easier for you to get started.

For one thing, you are using the same funnel as everyone else which means it can become less effective over time. Second, you are paying big money for traffic with this method. And third, you are not building your own brand, you are building someone else’s.

The other point I want to make here is that Mack will be making the bulk of the money with this system. Because literally every single person who joins, pays Mack $97 directly.

Obviously a small amount of this will go into covering his costs for setting up the funnel. But this is how he is leveraging other people’s money to run large amounts of traffic into the funnel.

That’s all good and well for him. But you need to make sure you are ready to invest money into paid traffic. You can have the greatest system in the world, but unless you have traffic you won’t make a dime.

The cost of sending traffic into a funnel like this can add up VERY quickly. So this sort of thing is very much a numbers game.

You want to make sure you know your numbers before diving into something like this. Otherwise you could end up being out of pocket (quite a bit) with nothing to show for it.

Verdict- Is Instant Income Method a Scam?

I don’t consider Instant Income Method a scam and I don’t believe myEcon is a scam either.

You do get real products for your money (with myEcon) and you do get access to a sales funnel if you buy Instant Income Method. Along with some other benefits like additional training and access to a private Facebook group.

And as I explained earlier, you can make money this way (assuming the funnel converts).

However, like anything there are drawbacks to consider. And there are other ways to build a profitable online business that do not require you to join an MLM or invest in paid traffic.

What you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this review has been helpful either way.

You may not know this… but the truth is most people fail to make money online.

So the odds are seriously stacked against you.

I don’t mean to be negative, but that’s the cold hard truth. And I believe it’s mostly because of all the fake “gurus” out there, selling their overhyped “systems” that simply don’t work.

The good news is.. it IS possible for the average person to create real success online, I know because I’ve done it myself. Here’s how I went from zero to 6 figures online (4-step formula).

Tim McKinlay

Hope you enjoyed the article! I’m Tim, founder of Affiliate UNguru. Like most people, my early attempts to make money online weren’t very successful. But I eventually learned how to create a real online business, and these days I earn a living this way. Here’s how I went from zero to 6 figures per year online.

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