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#ElectionWatch: American Bots in South Africa

Fake accounts boost attacks as ANC picks new leader

As the African National Congress prepared to choose its new leader on December 18, a cluster of apparently American Twitter accounts began boosting partisan messaging.

The accounts were automated “bots”, created to impersonate genuine Twitter users, and posting at sufficiently low rates to avoid automated detection. They numbered in the low hundreds.

They were not engaged in large enough numbers to swing the political decision; nor do they appear to have fundamentally reshaped the online conversation. However, their presence serves as a warning of, and primer for, likely future tactics, as South Africa heads towards presidential elections in 2020.

As with other elections across the world, South Africans can expect social media to be a propaganda and misinformation battleground, and the bot activity around the ANC’s December National Electoral Conference is a taste of what can be expected in 2020 and 2020.

The ANC contest

The ANC leadership contest was essentially a two-horse race between South Africa’s Vice-President Cyril Ramaphosa, and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, former chair of the African Union Commission.

The crude figuration of the contest was that a victory for Dlamini-Zuma would have been a victory for sitting SA President Jacob Zuma (her ex-husband) and his supporters in government — some of whom stand accused of large-scale corruption.

Conversely, a victory for Ramaphosa was seen as an attempt by the ANC to self-right its course and placate disgruntled supporters, whose disdain was evidenced by the ANC’s poor results in the last municipal elections.

The two-horse race devolved into horse-trading, with Ramaphosa winning the leadership battle on December 18, but the Zuma faction filling three of the six top ANC positions available. These three have been accused of being in place to fight a rearguard action to protect Zuma from corruption charges and potential retribution.

They include, in the graphic characterization of writer Richard Poplak, “Mpumalanga Premier and gangster supreme David Mabuza,” and Ace Magashule, “a politician so fundamentally unsuitable that he’d be a caricature in a 1930s Hollywood gangster flick”.

And in fact, the #ANC54 conference, as it’s known, is still not quite finalized: 68 delegates whose votes were excluded have mounted a legal challenge to be reinstated.

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Ahead of the leadership vote, there were concerns that Twitter traffic could face large-scale manipulation from automated “bot” accounts — accounts which have recently played a significant role in South African politics.

In 2020, a large leak of emails (known as the #GuptaLeaks) produced evidence that an expatriate family, the Guptas, had effectively achieved control of parts of the South African government, including Zuma, using a combination of political chicanery, patronage and outright bribery. They deny all the claims.

The response, with the help of now-disgraced PR agency Bell Pottinger, included the first large-scale fake news propaganda campaign in South Africa, described by the opposition Democratic Alliance as a “hateful and divisive campaign to divide South Africa along the lines of race”.

The African Network of Centres for Investigative Reporting estimated that “the network of fake news produced at least 220,000 tweets and hundreds of Facebook posts to confuse the public between July 2020 and July 2020”.

Twitter traffic: organic flows

To analyze the Twitter traffic for possible irregularities, we conducted machine scans of traffic on the two leaders’ main hashtags: #CR17 for Ramaphosa and #NDZ for Dlamini-Zuma. Each scan ran from 00:01 UTC on December 1 to 18:00 UTC on December 12.

Overall, the scans showed a largely organic pattern of activity. There was significantly more traffic on Dlamini-Zuma’s hashtag: it was used 25,165 times, compared with 13,111 uses of Ramaphosa’s. In both cases, the traffic included both supportive and hostile messaging, indicative of two sets of supporters trying to push their own message and disrupt their rival’s.

The ebb and flow of traffic on the two hashtags was very similar, and followed the news cycle in South Africa, with the highest peak for mentions of both hashtags coming on December 4, when the ANC branch in the province of KwaZulu-Natal held its own primary.

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By Dewald Venter
Post date

South Africa (2020)
Infantry Combat Vehicle – 22 Built (244 to be built)

“Badger” – The Modern African Bushfighter

South Africa has a long tradition of designing highly mobile wheeled armored vehicles such as the Casspir, Ratel, Rhino and Rooikat. The terrain and climate in the region, as well as the strategic defence needs of South Africa, require a highly mobile Infantry Fighting Vehicle (ICV) able to travel large distances and fulfil a wide variety of roles. The Badger ICV adopts its name from its predecessor, the “Ratel”. This animal, despite its small size, is a fierce creature which can sustain a large amount of physical damage as well as inflict it with its long claws. The Badger is therefore well named as its modern armament, enhanced protection, and vastly improved mobility over its predecessor the Ratel make it a formidable opponent. It is designed and produced at a time when South Africa, as a fully-fledged democracy, is undertaking more peacekeeping responsibilities on the African continent. While its neighbours still rely heavily on Soviet-designed equipment, South Africa chose to continue its tradition of self-reliance by making use of more than 70% local content for the Badger.

Section variant – With permission Andre Smith


With the venerable Ratel ICV passing 40 years of service in 2020, the need for a more modern ICV is seen as paramount. Having formed the backbone of South African mechanised battalions for 13 years during the South African Border War (1968-1989) and continuing to serve until the present day, the Ratel is starting to show its age. Shortages of dedicated parts make logistics very difficult, resulting in cannibalization of surplus vehicles.
The need for a modern ICV was already laid down in 1995 with the writing up of the required operational capability by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). This was subsequently approved and followed by the staff target and staff requirement, which consists of a functional user requirement and logistical user requirement. In essence, a wish list of capabilities. The Armaments Corporation of South Africa SOC Ltd (ARMSCOR) was tasked with translating these requirements into technical engineering terms. During the following three years, the SANDF decided to prioritise the modernisation of its Navy (4 Valour class frigates and 3 x 209 Class diesel submarines) and Air Force (26 Gripen C/D and 24 Hawk 120). Subsequently, the Army had to make do with what it had for at least another ten years.
By early 2005, eight South African and four international defence contractors were asked to submit proposals and budgets for a new ICV under the code name “Project Hoefyster (Horseshoe)”. Only one bid was received from a consortium which consisted of the Finnish Patria and its part-owner, EADS (European Aeronautic, Defence and Space Company), Denel, OMC (Olifant Manufacturing Company) and Land Mobility Technologies (LMT). The proposed vehicle was the Patria’s 8×8 Armored Modular Vehicle (AMV), which would be redesigned for southern African battle space by LMT. OMC would manufacture the hulls and Denel the turrets and main armaments. The approved budget for the project was around US$780 million.
In May 2007, Denel Land Systems (DLS) was contracted to do the internal fits and supply one prototype of each of the envisaged five variants using the Patria hulls that arrived in South Africa. Each was evaluated and accepted by the SANDF which led to 22 pre-production vehicles being built by Patria in Finland. During late 2020, the SANDF awarded DLS a further contract to develop Badger ICV products. The then Minister of Defence approved “Project Hoefyster” in 2020 after the initial development phase was complete. The original order called for 264 vehicles but was later reduced to 238. The final number of vehicles to be delivered now rests on 244 ICV`s after increasing advance payments to the industry. The final 244 ICV`s will consist of 97 Section, 14 Fire support, 41 Mortar, 70 Command, 14 Missile, and 8 Ambulance vehicles. According to Denel, the first battalion of 88 vehicles will be completed in 2020. The entire production order is set to be complete by 2022.
The vehicles will be primarily used by 1 South African Infantry Battalion (SAI) based in Bloemfontein and 8 SAI situated in Upington. Some variants will be allocated for utilisation by Brigade Headquarters while a small number will be assigned to Signal and Artillery Formations. The Badger combines a good mix of firepower, protection and mobility and overshadows all current regional rivals. It is highly maneuverable for its size and continues the SANDF`s tradition of mobile warfare based on an indirect approach and low force density. The principal tasks of the Badger are variant specific and include troop transport, fire support, anti-armor, command and control, and medical transport.

Design features

The design, development and production of the Badger was undertaken due to the need for a more modern ICV to replace the Ratel presently in service with the SANDF. The Badger is characterized by eight big wheels, mobility, bush breaking ability, and versatility as a weapons platform which will be well adapted for its role as a modern ICV in the Southern African battle space.


The African battle space favors a wheeled configuration, which makes the Badger the perfect candidate for its role as an ICV. The Badger makes use of an automatic ZF gearbox with seven forward and one reverse gears with the option for the driver to also change gears manually if required. The Badger can ford 1.2 m of water without preparation and has 400 mm of ground clearance. It is powered by a Scania fuel injected diesel engine which produces 543 hp @ 2100 rpm and provides a 20 hp/t ratio. This horsepower to weight ratio allows the Badger to accelerate from 0-60 km/h (0-37.2 mph) in under 20 seconds and 60-100 km/h (37-62 mph) in under 40 seconds, and achieve a top speed of 104 km/h (64 mph). The Badger retains 70% mobility with the loss of one wheel and 30% with the loss of two wheels. The wheels feature a central tire inflation system. It can cross a 2 m trench at a 3km/h crawl, and can climb a gradient of 60%, and has a side slope rating of 30%. The suspension system makes use of hydro-pneumatic struts which allows for true independent wheel movement over rough terrain, thereby dramatically increasing the stability of the vehicle and ensuring a smoother ride for the occupants (see Mobility track demonstration, AAD 2020 video below at 0.37 sec). All wheels are equipped with ABS brakes. The auxiliary power unit (APU) allows all onboard systems to remain powered even if the engine is switched off.

Endurance and logistics

The fuel capacity of the Badger is 450 litres (118.8 US gallons) which allows it to travel 1000 km (621 mi) on the road and 750 km (311 mi) off-road. 190 litres (50.2 US gallons) are stored in the left fuel tank and 230 litres (60.7 US gallons) in the right one, while another 27 litres (7.1 US gallons) are located in the transfer tank. The Badger is fitted with a mix of up to 2 x VHF, 3 x HF tactical radios which allow for reliable inter-crew and multivehicle communication. This command and control system enhances the ICV`s force multiplier effect on the battlefield. The Badger features four built-in drinking water tanks with a total capacity of 130 litres (34.3 US gallons).

Vehicle layout

Most Badgers carry a standard complement of four crew members, consisting of the troop commander, vehicle commander, gunner, and driver. The vehicle commander’s station is located on the left side and the gunner’s station on the right of the turret. The troop commander is positioned behind the driver who is seated in the forward left side of the hull. Each station in the turret has six vision blocks which provide a 270-degree field of view. The vehicle commander has at his disposal a day video sight which offers a stabilised 360-degree capability. Both the vehicle commander and the gunner have a 360-degree situational awareness through episcopes and multi-function flat panel video displays. Additionally, the vehicle commander has the ability, via the video sight, to override the gunner’s control and slave the main gun onto a target. The gunner’s station is fitted with an x8 day and night, thermal sight periscope as well as an auxiliary gunner sight with direct view optics with aiming reticules. Entry and exit for the former and latter are through the gunner’s and vehicle commander’s cupola. In an emergency, the gunner and vehicle commander can escape through the rear of the vehicle. The driver’s station is located on the front left of the hull and is accessible through the fighting compartment or a single-piece hatch above the driver’s station. The driver’s station is adjustable and features three periscopes for enhanced visibility and situational awareness. The central periscope can be substituted with a passive night driving periscope allowing full day/night capability. The driver can make use of compressed air to clean his periscopes while buttoned up, a feature particularly useful in the dusty climates in which the Badger will operate. The driver makes use of power-assisted steering wheel to drive while acceleration and braking are controlled with foot pedals.
The rear compartment has seating space for passengers the number of which is variant specific. The Badgers crew and passenger compartment feature an air conditioning unit, which helps reduce crew and passenger fatigue. The passenger seats face inward and are fitted to a frame which is attached to the hull in such a way that should a mine detonate under a wheel or hull the minimum amount of mine blast energy reaches the passenger seats, thereby reducing the possibility of spinal injury. Additionally, each seat is fitted with a footrest which allows the passenger across from the seat to rest their feet off the floor, also to reduce the possibility of injury should a mine be detonated. The Badger is fitted with several hull encased, all-round camera video system for enhanced situational awareness. The troop compartment is equipped with several monitors displaying the camera views and a dedicated section leader monitor for planning and presentation purposes. The hydraulically operated rear door was designed in South Africa and doubles as a weapons and equipment rack which can hold entrenching tools, light machine gun (LMG), 40mm six round grenade launcher, RPG-7, 60mm patrol mortar and ammunition for the aforementioned weapons. The advantage of such an arrangement is that it frees up the troop compartment from unnecessary clutter and provides quick access to troops disembarking from the rear. Entry and exit from the rear door are made easier by a step which deploys mechanically as the door opens and retracts when the rear door closes.

Main gun

The Badger makes use of the Light Combat Turret (LCT) which forms part of a Modular Infantry Combat Turret (MICT) family developed by Denel as part of the New Generation Infantry Combat Vehicle (NGICV) programme for the SANDF. The turret family is built around the Fighting Compartment Module (FMC) principle which allows various weapons and sighting systems to be integrated with ease. Such a design vastly reduces logistical requirements, operational costs, training time and ensures maximum commonality and re-use of components within the modules. Both the Section variant and the Fire Support variant make use of the LCT-30 turret which can make a full 360-degree rotation in 13 seconds. The Mortar variant is equipped with the LCT-60 while the command variant is equipped with the LCT-12.7, and the Missile variant uses the LCT-Missile turret.

Modular Infantry Combat Turret Variants – Screengrab from AMICT brochure (see bibliography)
The Section variant is armed with a Denel 30 mm dual feed linkless Camgun (EMAK 30) which can engage targets effectively at 4000 m. The Camgun features a double baffle muzzle-brake and has a single recoil mechanism. Rapid fire consists of a 3-round burst mode which provides 60 rounds per minute. Empty cartridges are ejected on the left side of the turret. The section variant carries 400 x 30 mm cannon rounds. The rounds carried consist of Armor-Piercing-Fin-Stabilised-Discarding-Sabot (APFSDS) for use against armored targets and Semi-Armor-Piercing-High-Explosive-Incendiary (SAPHEI) for use against soft targets. Literature searches reveal that modern 30 mm cannon rounds such as the APFSDS have a muzzle velocity of 1430 m/s and can penetrate th Ed. Date of access: 15 Apr. 2020. (PDF)
Smit, A. 2020. Interview with Badger, project manager Denel. Date 9 Feb. 2020.
VEG Magazine. 2005. Die vervaning van `n legende: Projek Hoefyster. Issue 8. Victor Logistics.

Help support tank’s encyclopedia with the official Denel’s Badger poster !

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    The South African market has experienced a revamped financial sector and being one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, the rainbow nation embraced the binary options industry in the early part of this century. At the onset of binary options trading platforms, there wasn’t an official regulator to cover the safety of traders or provide brokers with licenses. But that didn’t stop the industry from becoming more and more famous as time went by.

    However, many of the local brokers held official licenses which allowed them to operate since most traders dealt with brokers that were located offshore. These brokers were mostly firms domiciled in other countries but which accepted South Africa-based traders. In the intervening years, the trading landscape has grown and expanded fast for trading platforms in South Africa and currently, there are licensed and regulated brokers.

    The FSB [Financial Services Board] is the authority charged with regulating the South African binary options market. FSB supervises the regulation of Africa’s largest stock exchange market; Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Many traders thus adjust their trading strategies to reflect the processes going on in this stock exchange. However, the main job of the FSB is securing the work of one of its agencies, the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services [FAIS]. This is the agency that essentially is in charge of the binary option trading industry in South Africa. FAIS is tasked with securing financial service providers through a number of departments, and each department has a particular field of operation;

    1. Registration of South African brokers
    2. Supervising the entire binary options trading field
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    There are many reliable trading platforms that are allowed to operate in the exciting South African market, with many of them also having a presence in the global market. Among these are the Binary Option Robot, the Option Robot and the Binary Hedge Fund. In this review, we’ll be looking at how each has impacted the South African market.

    Binary Option Robot

    Trading binary options has slowly gained traction in South Africa in the past few years, with more and more traders joining this lucrative online industry with a goal to maximize their profits. As technology continues to witness remarkable advances, the South African market has embraced binary auto-trading platforms which have proved to be an entirely new concept in trading owing to the many exceptional features they are comprised of.

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    In addition to the special features, South African traders have a choice of technical indicators that serve to improve the overall Option Robot platform. You can choose to rely on a single technical indicator, or you can choose two or more indicators as your sources of trading signals. The six indicators are:

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    Binary Hedge Fund

    Update: Binary Hedge Fund no longer accepting new customers

    Trading binary options in the Rainbow Nation has continued to progress remarkably well in the past decade. The major reason for this is because the last few years have witnessed a greater penetration of global markets by South African traders. Investors in South Africa, like in the rest of the world, want to increase their profits too through trading in this fast-growing financial industry. As such, they are searching online reviews regarding binary robots, binary options brokers, auto-trading signals and classic binary options platforms in order to have an edge when trading.

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    How the Binary Hedge Fund Works

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    Investing in hedge funds for the ordinary citizen in South Africa is virtually impossible due to strict regulations. But since the Binary Hedge Fund is essentially not a fund but automated software, the same limitations attached to hedge funds aren’t applied. You are thus able to access all its advantages free of charge and without risking millions of Rands. Among the many advantages of the Binary Hedge Fund are;

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    hedgefund broker

    Notable Features of Binary Hedge Fund

    There are various special features that the Binary Hedge Fund boasts of. Most of them have been designed to make the trading experience not only easy to muster but also to make it more convenient for South African traders from all walks of life. Among these are;

    • You can choose the total number of trades to place per day as well as the daily loss amount you are comfortable with.
    • You are able to monitor your trades via the “Trading History” facility. This facility gives you a full account overview of assets traded and trading results among other specifics.
    • You are able to check signal types versus their success ratio via the “Signals” facility that displays all the signals generated.
    • Expert traders have access to a special feature that allows them to select the maturity of their individual portfolios.

    Since its introduction, the Binary Hedge Fund has become quite popular with binary options traders and it’s easy to discern why. Together with the features detailed above, it has gained the trust of South African investors who are continually turning to this exceptional trading platform that allows them access to professionals support while they invest on a wide range of global assets. And by working side by side with influential brokerage houses, the Binary Hedge Fund can afford to assure traders that this is clearly an auto-trading platform that’s on its way to marking a leading position in the coming years.

    Basic Concept of Binary Option Robots

    Many binary options investors domiciled in the Rainbow Nation traders know that this financial instrument is completely legal. In addition, traders should know that most of the brokers who are licensed to operate in the country are mostly based in the United States and Europe. But this is a big advantage since most investors know that signing up with offshore brokers afford them a bigger piece of the binary options pie, especially for brokers regulated in Europe as they give traders access to the entire European Union trading block. There are various types of brokers, just as there are various types of trading platforms that South African traders have access to.

    Because each of the trading binary robot platforms above comes with its own pros and cons, it is up to the traders to choose the one that will suit their preference best. When using the signals provided or their auto-trading robots, ensure they fit not only your investment expectations but your strategic goals as well. In addition, make sure that the broker you eventually sign up with is both reliable and trustworthy. Read up on each of your prospective brokers in order to make the choice that fits you best. As a prospective investor in South African, you must understand the different offers given by various binary options brokers.

    Registration Procedure

    The registration procedure is made quite easy and simple so you can sign up for an account and deposit funds. Because different brokers offer different registration rules, feel free to select the broker who suits your needs the best. In addition, each broker available on the binary option robot has minimum initial deposit amount as well as a minimum investment amount so selects the one who suits your needs.

    You might also want to consider the minimum withdrawal and bonus amounts each is offering before deciding on the broker you will finally sign up with. Many South African traders who are new to binary options will more often than not choose a broker who offers a demo account so they can get experience through trading using virtual money as opposed to placing real money trades.

    Customer Service Support

    The binary option robots reviewed here typically offer users a Live Chat option. Should South African traders have any questions regarding the trading platform or process, they can get comprehensive information from the customer service support team via Live Chat, Email or Phone Number. In addition, users are provided with articles which detail the inner workings of these auto-trading robots, plus excellent FAQ section which host various answers about the entire trading process in simple language.

    Choosing a Broker

    Because not every binary options broker is the best fit for your trading needs, it then becomes vital to be smart about it before you sign up for a trading account. Below are a few factors you should consider when looking for the best broker to register with in South Africa;

    1. Ensure your broker of choice comes highly recommended by any of three auto-trading robots reviewed above. Make sure the broker isn’t a fraud and has good reviews online.
    2. Ensure your broker of choice will provide you with a range of tools that will teach you about trading binary options. Such tools include tutorials, technical guides, e-books, etc. A demo account is certainly the icing on the cake for it will enable you to place trades using virtual money thus giving you much needed experience.
    3. If you’re looking to conduct binary options trading via auto-trading robots or by following signals, ensure your choice of robot has the requisite reputation in the market before you commit your trading capital to their platforms.

    Concluding Summary

    The binary options trading industry in South Africa has been growing in leaps and bound in the past few years and from the look of things, South Africa is well positioned to be the prime trading hub for online traders. Binary robots in turn are quickly gaining a reputation as among the best trading tools South Africans can rely on for increasing their investment returns. The Binary Option Robot, the Option Robot and the Binary Hedge Fund have proved to be some of the greatest tools investors can have access to.

    South African citizens who have been searching for the best binary options robots, binary options brokers as well as trading signals need look no further. It’s in this knowledge that we have compiled this review so we can make it easier for the residents of South Africans, and any trader wanting to access the binary options industry via the Rainbow Nation, to access all the information they need to know concerning this exceptional financial facility. Now you are ready to choose the robot as well as the broker who suits you best so you can begin trading.

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