Worthy FX Trader Review Is Worthyfxtrader.com A Scam

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Worthy FX Trader EA Review

Currency pairs: EURGBP

Worthy FX Trader EA Review – Profitable Forex Expert Advisor For Metatrader 4

Is Worthy FX TRADER an EA or a manually trading system? Worthy FX TRADER is a fully automated Forex Robot. It’s easy to install and once setup you don’t need to do anything. It runs while you are away.

What is the minimum recommended balance for Worthy FX TRADER? Worthy FX TRADER will work on any account size. I do however recommend a minimum account balance of 100USD – 150USD.

How often does Worthy FX TRADER? Worthy FX TRADER trades fairly often. You will see trades most days but there also may also see gaps of a few days at a time.

Worthy FX Trader EA is a powerful and fully automated Forex Expert Advisor that offers reliability, dependability and high effectiveness for all of its users. It is one of the most sophisticated FX Robots on the market today.

The developers are constantly monitoring the performance of this forex trading system to make sure that it is optimized for you.
This Forex Robot has been developed by a team of experts to ensure that it is the perfect trading solution for you. Here are the most important features of this highly profitable FX Expert Advisor:

Worthy FX Trader EA works with ALL currency pairs and indices on 1 hour time frameThis FX Expert Advisor is simple to setup and use, and gives perfect entry and exit pointsThe smart lot size and Risk Management System gives you full control of how much you want to riskFully automated from Start to Finish – Opens, manages, and closes the best trades for youThe Forex EA for the Metatrader 4 (MT4) trading platform is based on a set of complex algorithms.

Worthy FX Trader does not use scalping and hedging to ensure only the best and long term successful investment decisions are made through it. This means that you get not only the best system today, but the best system going forward too.
New updates are delivered to you as soon as they are ready. This will ensure that the Worthy FX Trader EA keeps on delivering you the best results time after time.
Worthy FX Trader EA was developed by an expert team of professional traders who want to see you succeed!

Worthy FX Trader EA – Aren’t Familiar With Forex Trading?

Forex Trading is short for Foreign Exchange Trading and refers to the profit or loss that is made by trading different foreign currencies against each other. The study of different international markets, how geo-political events affect those markets and the analysis of the stability level of a certain economy are factors that help a trader in assessing which foreign currency is about to strengthen against another.

Professional and experienced dealers who have the sixth sense for trading end up making thousands of dollars simply by buying and selling foreign currencies at the right time. They use their capitol to purchase the currency that is about to strengthen and then sell it off when it is reaches its potential.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

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Sounds easy? Technically it is, but gauging the different factors and acting on the right moment doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But why waste such an easy and lucrative opportunity when there is technology to help you out!! Yes, the computer whizzes have really done it this time.
Make use of the Worthy FX Trader EA and turn your investment into GOLD!

Worthy FX Trader EA – Haven’t Heard About Forex Trading Robots Before?

Easy money without any effort is what the Worthy FX Trader EA is all about. It is an automated Forex strategy that allows you to sit back, relax and simply watch the FX Trading Robot do its trick. After the parameters have been provided by you, the Robot takes over and handles all of the transactions for you. This permits you to take control while focusing your energies on other important matters as well.
The Worthy FX Trader EA stays on and operational 24/5 searching for profitable trading opportunities. So unless you turn it off, you won’t miss a single lucrative trade option.
Unlike us humans, the Worthy FX Trader EA is devoid of emotional instability and will only work in a completely calculative environment.

Worthy FX Trader EA – About Trading Logic, Setup And Other Requirements

First of all, Worthy FX Trader EA is aimed at helping traders get the best out of the FX market. Once it is being installed, there would be no need of any form of human intervention. It works automatically with the use of its inbuilt strategy which is build through the use of several indicators.
Furthermore, with the Worthy FX Trader Expert Advisor, you derive the pleasure of a far better winning ratio. You can see for yourself the results of the tested software on our own trading account and you can see the performance and also it’s trading history.
Finally, this Worthy FX Trader EA is compatible with ANY type of FX broker and account as long as the broker allows Expert Advisor trading. We recommend a minimum account balance of 100USD – 150USD. Some brokers that we usually use are IC Markets or XM.
Worthy FX Trader EA is available for instant download. All you need to do after purchasing this FX Robot, is sending your MT4 account number for activation. You will get notification by email about your license activation.

FBS Review: Complete Forex Broker Overview

FBS is an online Forex, CFD and crypto broker. They have a large Asian presence and have been around for over 10 years.

They offer traders the opportunity to trade a range of different assets on both STP and ECN accounts. Using well know trading platforms, users can trade these markets with leverage of up to a whopping 3,000:1!

However, are they safe and can you Trust them?

In this FBS review, we will give you everything that you need to know about this broker. We will also give you some top tips when trading with FBS.


FBS was established in 2009 and is operated by FBS Markets Inc. They have their address at No.1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize. They also have a subsidiary in Cyprus that operates the fbs.eu domain.

FBS is a forex and CFD broker that has ECN and STP accounts. They state that they operate a “no dealing desk” model with no re-quotes at all. In total, 95% of client orders have been executed in under 0.4 seconds

FBS has provided a wide range of accounts that will allow their traders to choose the trading conditions that best suit them. For example, they have one of the lowest deposit accounts on the “Cent” account with only $1 deposit requirement.

They have grown substantially in the past few years and claim to operate over 12 million accounts in 190 different countries. They service most markets as evidenced by the number of languages the website is translated into – 18 to be exact!

Having said that, there are quite a countries where they have restricted traders. This includes the likes to the USA, Canada, the UK, Japan, Brazil, Israel and Malaysia.

Is FBS Safe?

This is perhaps the most important question that you have on your mind.

When we are analyzing the safety of a broker, we like to look at their regulatory oversight as well as their internal risk management processes.

FBS has two regulatory licences. Firstly, the parent company is regulated by the International Financial Securities Commission (IFSC) in Belize. They have a licence number of IFSC/60/230/TS/18 .

Their European subsidiary also has a licence from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec). This licence number is 331/17 and is registered to Tradestone limited.

Copy of the Licence from CySEC and from the IFCS

While the CySec licence is by far the most reputable one, they both have similar protections that are afforded to the clients. These include the following:

  • Capital Reserves: Before a broker is allowed to apply for a licence, they have to demonstrate capital reserves of €750k in the case of CySec or $100k in the case of the IFSC
  • Segregated Accounts: Both of these agencies mandate that brokers should maintain segregated client accounts away from the broker.
  • Client Compensation Fund: In the case of CySec, brokers are obligated to contribute to the compensation fund. This will cover accounts of under €25k in the event of a broker collapse

Which licence you are covered by will depend on the region that you are based in. Apart from giving you a certain level of ease, these regulations mean that you have an agency to turn to in the case of any suspicion.

Negative Balance Protection

When you are trading with leverage, you are taking on considerable risk. Thankfully though, FBS has instituted negative balance protection.

This means that no matter how quickly and how much the market moves against you, your account will never be placed in negative territory. You will never be at risk of owing FBS any money and the maximum that you will ever lose is what you invest.

Negative balance protection at FBS. Image via Client Agreement

Of course, this does not mean that you should not set adequate stops to protect your positions but it does give you some certainty around maximum potential losses.

Asset Coverage / Leverage

There is a pretty standard range of assets that you can trade at FBS – if not on the light side. You have Forex, Metals, CFDs, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies.

In terms of the Forex pairs, you have most of the standard G10 crosses as well as a few EM currencies. In metals, you have Gold, Platinum, Silver and Palladium. You have a number of single stocks and on the crypto side you have Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH and Ethereum.

We would have liked to have seen more selection on the commodities side as they only have Oil CFDs. Similarly, they are lacking in terms of their cryptocurrency assets as they don’t have an array of other very popular coins.

You will be trading these assets in “lots” and these will vary according to the account that you have and the assets that you trade. With the Forex pairs, the lot size is 100,000 units .

When you trade at FBS, you will be margin trading. This means that you will put up a margin that is only a small percentage of the total position size. You are trading with borrowed money which implies leverage.

At FBS, the max leverage that you can get on Forex is up to 3,000:1. This is more than we have seen at any other broker…

This is the max achievable but the exact leverage that you will have depends on the type of asset, the account that you are on as well as the size of the position you have on.

For example, the Micro, Standard and Zero spread accounts will allow you the 3,000:1 leverage. However, the Cent has a 1,000:1 max leverage and the ECN has a 1:500 max leverage.

When it comes to the assets, the max leverage on these specific classes is:

The crypto leverage appears to really be quite paltry and they are much lower than other brokers that we have seen. If you want to trade crypto with leverage then you could consider an exchange such as ByBit.

Finally, in order to manage the risk at the broker, the position size will also impact on the amount of leverage that you can take on. Below are the max leverage by position size:

Leverage limits according to Position size. Image via Client Agreement

So, all in all, some pretty respectable leverage numbers.

Although the broker does offer negative balance protection, we would encourage you to start with lower leverage limits. 3,000:1 is too risky to really consider in an optimal strategy.

FBS Spreads & Commissions

The spreads at FBS are generally low given their use of Electronic Crossing Network (ECN) and Straight Through Processing (STP) systems.

With the ECN model, FBS will route your order to their pool of liquidity providers. This means that your order is going straight onto the market and you will be getting near market “raw” rates.

For the STP accounts, you will have different spreads based on the type of account that you have set up. We cover these accounts in the section below.

To give you an idea of the types spreads that you could encounter trading here, below are some indicative levels on the different accounts for a select group of assets (in pips):

Asset Cent Micro Standard Zero ECN
EURUSD 0.8 3.0 0.8 0.0 -0.1
GBPUSD 2.0 6.0 0.7 0.0 0.2
USDJPY 2.0 3.0 1.0 0.0 0.1
Gold 10 6.0 10 0.0 0.0
WTI 2.0 2.0 2.0 1.0 NA
BTC 250 NA 250 NA NA

You can view the full list of the spreads here.

Seems that the best from a spread perspective is the Zero or the ECN with some of the ECN spreads even being below the actual market rate.

Of course, there is no free lunch…

Apart from these accounts requiring a larger deposit, you will also have to pay a standard “lot commission” on the trades. This is charged per lot that you trade and it ranges from $12 on the Zero to $6 on the ECN.

Deposit / Withdrawal Fees

Thankfully, the deposits are almost entirely free at FBS. The only method of payment that will charge you is via SticPay which has a 2.5% + $0.3 deposit commission.

Surprisingly, there are also withdrawal fees although these are relatively low. Below are the fees that you will pay according to method:

  • Visa Card: $1
  • Neteller: 2% commission with min of $1 and a max of $30
  • SticPay: 2.5% + $0.3
  • Skrill: 1% + $0.29
  • Perfect Money: 0.5%

Account Types

As mentioned, FBS has quite a range of accounts that you can sign up with. In total they have an impressive 5 account options.

They will differ according to the type of spreads you get, minimum funding levels and the assets / platforms that you can trade on. Below is the complete list:

FBS Account Options

All of the accounts have the same volume options from 0.01 to 500 lots with a step of 0.01. They also all allow you to develop your own Expert Advisors (EAs).

When it comes to execution speed, the ECN account routes through the liquidity providers which means that the time will vary. The other accounts are STP and your order will be executed at speeds that start at 0.3 seconds.

If you are a crypto trader, then you will have to focus on the Cent and the Standard. These are the only accounts that you can use the MT5 on and hence give you the chance to trade crypto.

If you fund your account with more than $10,000 and you have traded more than 10 lots then you will get access to the VIP level.

This account level has a range of additional features that you could make use of. This includes the likes of priority deposit / withdrawal processing, your own account manager, gifts and a VIP “client certificate”.

Many of these appear to mostly be cosmetic and the last one made us chuckle. A client certificate is such a token symbol that has zero value for the trader.

So, if you are funding 10k and intend to trade that volume then it could be a nice touch but you should not do it just for the sake of it. It should also not incentivise you to trade more volume if you did not intend to.

FBS Demo Account

Why risk your funds on a live account to start if you can use a free demo account?

This is a great way to test your trading skills in a non threatening manner. It is available on any of the accounts at FBS and you can use either of the trading platforms corresponding to those accounts.

Note ✍️: Demo accounts are not able to replicate the impacts of “slippage” that you will get on the live accounts.

This demo account will allow you to trade for up to 45 days and they will give you $1m in demo funds to start trading with. These can be topped up right on your dashboard if you run through it too quickly.

If you want to start trading on demo then you will first have to create an actual account. They will require some basic information including name, phone number and email.

Setting up demo account in FBS Dashboard

Although the demo account is limited to 45 days, there is no reason that you cannot request additional time if you think that it could help inform your decision.

FBS Platforms

When it comes to trading platforms, FBS uses the MetaTrader platforms.

These are trading software that is provided by the MetaQuotes company. They are third party technology providers who have extensive experience in trading technology. The result are well refined and efficient trading platforms.

This is the most well-known trading platform that was first released in 2005. It is used by millions of traders and countless brokers.

The MT4 is well tuned for Forex trading and has a long track record among brokers. It also makes switching brokers that much easier as the software is standard. Once you know how to use an MT4 platform you can easily switch.

The FBS MT4 platform is a technical analyst’s dream as it allows for a great deal of charting and other functionality. You have a plethora of technical studies and indicators at your disposal.

FBS MT4 Trading Platform Screenshot

The MT4 platform also has a modular design. This means that you can easily drag and drop the various windows into the ideal positions for your trading preferences. This is ideal for those traders with more than one screen.

As we mentioned above, FBS allows you to develop EAs. These can be developed on the MT4 platform through the use of their proprietary MQL4 coding language. This is relatively easy to understand and there are numerous guides across the web.

The FBS MT4 platform is available on Mac, PC, Linux as well as through your browser on the Webtrader. However, we would suggest you avoid the Webtrader as there is more latency than on the computer program versions.

As you can probably tell, the MT5 is the latest generation trading platform from MetaQuotes.

At FBS, the MT5 is available on the Cent and the Micro and this is the platform that will give you access to the cryptocurrency markets.

From a technology point of view, there are a number of things that are now included on the MT5 platform. For example, it has a slightly more intuitive UI and you also have more chart customisation options.

MT5 platform at FBS. More charting functionality

Other interesting features that are included are an Economic Calendar as well as the market liquidity charts. The latter is really helpful especially in the crypto markets as it gives you an indication of bullish / bearish sentiment.

The FBS MT5 platform also has a completely different coding language in MQL5. This is more functional than the MQL4 as it is an Object Orientated language. You can develop your own custom indicators to supplement your charts.

The MT5 is available on the same operating systems and platforms as the MT4 and you can download it straight from the FBS website.

Well, if you have to trade crypto then MT5 is your default option. However, in general traders tend to prefer the MT4 as it is time-tested. There is also broader support from other brokers for the MT4.

FBS Mobile Apps

If you are always on the go then you are most definitely going to want to make use of the numerous mobile apps on offer at FBS.

Firstly, FBS has developed their own proprietary mobile application. This is available on both iOS and Android and has as simple and intuitive trading interface.

It is also easy to place trades, manage orders and do elementary charting. Funding / withdrawals and other account management options are also available on the app so you can easily top up while away from your desk.

If we take a look into the two app stores, we can see that it has pretty positive reviews from a number of users. Even more encouraging than that is the fact that the developers are very responsive and address all concerns immediately.

FBS Trader App Reviews in the Google Play Store

If you are more of a fan of the MT4 and MT5 platform then you can always use their own mobile application to trade your account through.

These apps are the most popular trading apps currently on the market and combined, have been downloaded more than 15 million times across the iOS and Android.

The Apps are great for doing elementary technical analysis and have many of the same features that you will find on the PC based MetaTrader platforms. The apps have quick one click ordering which we found quite nifty. You can also monitor / manage your EAs directly from this app.

MT5 Mobile App screenshots. Source: Apple iStore

These apps are loved by the trading community and the ratings / reviews that they have attracted no doubt reflects that.

Which app you do decide to use will come down to your own trading preferences and experience. However, we would suggest that you stick to trading on your PC. This is because mobile screens are not well optimised for charting. Moreover, mobile connections are not the most effective.

Funding / Withdrawal

If you have been trying the demo and decide that you want to move onto the live accounts, you will need to fund it.

There are a number of options to fund your account and it is relatively easy. You head onto the account funding section right there on your dashboard. You will see the below funding options.

Range of Funding options at FBS in Admin

The biggest omission that we have noticed on this list is that you cannot fund by a wire or bank transfer. We find this quite weird indeed as this has been offered by multiple brokers that we have reviewed.

However, they do offer something called “Local Exchanges”. These are the local money exchangers that are popular solutions in Asia. Unfortunately, you do not have any Bitcoin or cryptocurrency funding options.

Withdrawals are just as simple as deposits. You have all of the same options apart from through CashU.

If you funded your account with a credit card then on withdrawal, they will send the deposit funds back on the credit card. If you have any profits above this then then you will have to pay the balance through some other means.

It is also worth noting that before you are allowed to withdraw, you will have to complete their obligatory KYC procedures. This may require a copy of some identity documents and proof of address.

FBS Customer Support

We have often found that customer support can make or break a trading experience. So, we decided to test out the FBS customer support to see how they stack up.

Perhaps the quickest way to get help from them is through their online chat function. This is available to both current and potential clients. When we reached out, they responded immediately.

Susan answering our questions comprehensively

We did this on a number of occasions and asked a range of questions. All of the operators were very professional and knew exactly what was needed when asked.

If you do create an account at FBS and have an account related query then you are perhaps best suited to deal with their support through their ticket system. This way they can track an ongoing support request. You can raise this right in your account dashboard.

If your support request is taking a bit longer than you would like then you can always reach out to them through one of their numerous social media and messaging channels. They have a Twitter, a Telegram and a Viber account.

Finally, if you have a more general question then you can always use their Knowledge base. This will have the answers to most of the questions that other clients have asked in the past.

FBS Bonus & Promotions

We were quite impressed with the extensive list of promotions and bonuses on offer at FBS. These range in their scope and coverage and are clearly designed for a broad array of traders.

If you are going to be taking advantage of any of these, be sure to check the eligibility with your country / account.

This is a deposit bonus that will give you the exact amount that you deposit as a bonus. This can be a great way for you to augment your balance with some additional liquidity.

Of course, there is nothing in life that really comes completely free. You will have to meet a certain minimum traded lots in order to be able to withdraw this bonus. There are a number of other conditions that may be attached so be sure to read the bonus T&Cs.

Trade $100 Bonus

This is a relatively new bonus that will give you a free $100 to trade with and improve your trading skills. This bonus does not require any form of funding so it can be considered truly “free”.

Get the Trade 100 Bonus at FBS

This is also a great way for you to get a real feel for the market above the standard demo account. It will perhaps best replicate the trading that you will get on a live account.

If you want to unlock the $100 before you can withdraw, you will need to trade the minimum of 5 lots in a 30-day period . If you have managed to maintain or increase the balance then you can withdraw it after the period.

This is a promotion that will pay you cash back on the lots that you trade. This can be up to $15 per lot for every lot – losing trades included.

This is free to enter and you can activate it in your account area. It is also available on all accounts at FBS. You can see an exact breakdown of the cashback numbers in this table. Clearly the micro account has the most cashback for lots traded.

Of course, you should be perfectly clear about the conditions that are required to claim this cashback. The primary one that we noticed was that the difference between opening and closing price on the complete transaction should exceed 5 points.

This is regardless of the trade being profitable or not. Also, this “5 points” number is only applicable for those with 4-digit quotes. For the 5-digit quote, the difference between opening and closing should exceed 59 points.

If you are an affiliate (see below) and refer traders to FBS then you qualify for this partner bonus. This is a great way for you to add up to $3,000 on top of your monthly commissions.

This partner bonus will depend on the amount of volume that your referred clients trade. There are three tiers of monthly bonus based on the amount of lots traded by these clients:

Partner Bonus levels at FBS

This is a bonus that is on top of the normal IB and affiliate earnings that you make so it really is a juicy offer.

We don’t often see brokers giving away prizes like this but FBS has done this on a number of ocassions. They hold regular “raffles” which the traders can enter to win one of these cars.

They have given away cars like a Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Audi and even a Porsche!

To enter the competition is really pretty simple. All you have to do is keep an eye on the competition section and enter your name when the raffle becomes available. They will enter your trading account number in a lotto style draw and choose the lucky winner.

Other Offers

It is always a nice touch when the broker includes other offers that could help improve your trading experience.

With FBS, you can also make use of their VPS offer, join their loyalty and rewards program, or jump into one of their trading competitions.

FBS has partnered with a VPS provider to give you free access to a Forex VPS. Pro traders know the many benefits that come from using a dedicated trading machine.

Below are some of the reasons that you may want to consider a VPS:

  • Trade 24/7: The VPS is operational 24/7. This means that you can leave it trading even while you are away from the desk
  • No Downtime: VPS is located in a datacentre which limits up-time to nearly 100% continually
  • Low Latency: Datacentres have internet connections that are multitudes faster than those of a home connection. This reduces order execution time.

Perhaps the best reason for you using a VPS with FBS is that they allow you to run EAs on all of their accounts. This means that you can leave your EAs trading the market 24/7/365!

This VPS can be applied for in your account area. It will remain free as long as you have funded your account with a minimum of $450 and you trade at least 3 lots per month .

When you trade at FBS, you will earn loyalty points. These points can then be converted into a number of gifts at FBS.

There are three tiers of awards that you can win on FBS. These are the Green, the silver, the Gold and the Platinum. The green includes goodies such as cashback and private coaching. The Silver is a range of cellphones. The Gold includes a Rolex, PCs etc. The platinum even has a Mercedes Benz up for grabs.

What Loyalty Points can Get you & the Points System

Something else that is pretty neat about this is that it is not only your trading volume that will count but also that of any traders that you refer.

If you have a bit of a competitive flair then FBS has a range of contests that you can take part in. These can be a great fun way to test out your trading skills.

When we looked into the contests, they had the following available:

  • Ramadan Trading: With this contest, FBS will add a 300% bonus on to your account. Then, all of the spreads that are earned on this account by FBS are given to a charitable cause during the month of Ramadan.
  • 10 Years Award: This is no longer running but it was a competition which celebrated FBS’ 10 year birthday. There were a number of prizes that were up for grabs.
  • Super Trader: This is a group competition where you could team up with other traders and go head-to-head.
  • FBS Pro: This is a contest where you will trade on a demo account with $10,000 in demo funds. The winner will get $450 credited to their account.
  • FBS Star: This is a bit of a different competition. It is a photo competition where you must submit your funniest photo. It will get sent to the FBS Facebook and users will chose the funniest. The prize funds are $1,500.

These are quite interesting although some do appear a bit gimmicky. If you are going to be entering any of these competitions, be sure to read the terms and conditions.


It is one thing for a broker to provide a platform to you to trade on. It is another when they give you the training required to make money on it.

FBS has a range of educational material which could help to augment your knowledge. There are also a host of other useful market analysis pieces.

Forex Guides & Books

The Forex guides are helpful step-by-step posts that take you through numerous disciplines in Forex trading. These are positioned at traders of all skill levels and are fairly comprehensive.

For example, on the beginner level they went through some of the most elementary disciplines of Forex including the differences between Technical and Fundamental Analysis. The Elementary went through the basics of charting.

Forex Guides and their Levels at FBS

Then, on the more experienced side, the intermediate and the advanced went through more complicated disciplines in Technical Analysis and Algorithmic Trading.

We were quite impressed with how well written and in-depth the guides were. When possible, they are supplemented with useful charts that illustrated the disciplines. It is quite clear that whoever compiled these guides must have spent quite a bit of time doing so.

Apart from these guides, FBS has also included a list of hardcover trading books that you can buy through your account. These are more theoretical and could help give you a more in-depth understanding of the markets.

Tips for Traders & Videos

These are more regular analysis pieces that delve into some interesting concepts that you may not have encountered before.

These analysis pieces are incredibly comprehensive and are intuitive, thoughtful and most importantly, actionable . They are updated about every two days so you have relatively fresh content

However, what happens if you are trading and don’t have the time to read an extensive guide?

That is where the FBS video lessons come in. These are really helpful video guides that take you through many of the disciplines that they cover in their standard guides and trader tips.

The material has helpful cues and it is all backed up with relevant charts and analysis. We did, however, find the presenters accent to be quite thick and may be hard to follow for some of you. Perhaps they could have added some handy subtitles.

Forex News & Analysis

Forex news are live updates of the current market conditions during the day. They go over price levels, Economic announcements and other market moving information.

These posts differ from the others in that they are short and sweet. FBS will post at least three a day in order to keep the analysis as fresh as possible.

FBS also has their daily trade ideas in their analytics section. These look at particular trade ideas and profitable setups. There are at least two of these a day and you can refine them based on whether you want a Technical Analysis idea or a Fundamental Analysis viewpoint.

Some of the most recent Analysis at FBS

Finally, you have live Forex TV. These are daily updates from FBS that go over their “trading plan” for the day. These look at potentially profitable setups from a technical perspective.

They also have weekly market outlook videos that go through the key markets to watch for the upcoming week. These were decent videos but as is the case with the educational guides, the presenters accent made it quite hard to understand.

This is something that we really liked at FBS. They have an extensive range of free seminars as well as online webinars that you can partake in.

Seminars are a great way for you to engage with others in the trading community. FBS also uses these as an opportunity to give you more training in a lecture type environment. These seminars also have a host of fun events packed into them.

FBS has held seminars all around the world in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Morocco and Indonesia. If you want to register for the next seminar then you should probably keep an eye on the announcements on their website.

If, however, you cannot attend a Seminar then you can always jump into one of the many webinars that they run. These cover a number of different topics and are quite interactive. It also gives you the chance to ask questions from the professionals who are presenting.

FBS Affiliate Program

If you found your trading experience at FBS to be pleasant one then you can register with the FBS affiliate program and start earning commissions for the clients that you refer.

FBS has some of the highest commissions that we have seen among other brokers. You can earn up to $15 per lot for the traders that you refer to the broker. They also have a tiered commission structure where you can also earn commissions from the traders that your referrals bring to FBS.

Benefits of the FBS Affiliate Program

FBS claims that payments for these commissions are made every day and that you will get your very own IB manager who can help you make the most of your affiliate status.

If you want to join the affiliate program then you will need to first register a partner account and make an application. Once this has been approved then you can generate your affiliate link in your partner dashboard and start promoting FBS.

As mentioned above, you can combine your regular affiliate earnings with partner bonuses to bring home more commissions.

What We Didn’t Like

We could not complete a full FBS review if we did not list some of the things that we thought warranted improvement on the platform.

Firstly, their asset coverage is really on the light side. You can’t trade any indices, there is only one commodity asset and four cryptocurrencies. They don’t include any of the other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ripple (XRP) or Monero (XMR).

Secondly, we were really quite surprised to see that FBS did not accept any form of wire transfers. This is something that nearly 90% of international brokers provide and the lack of bank transfer options could limit deposit size.

Finally, there are a number of countries where FBS restricts traders. Countries such as the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom also have keen traders who would like to make the most of their trading platform.


Our FBS review has found this broker to be quite reasonable. They have tight spreads with a large variety of accounts that will satisfy most. Their promise of no re-quotes and negative balance protection helped to put our minds at ease.

It was also a plus for us that they used the well regarded MetaTrader platforms. The great customer support made dealing with the broker a pleasant experience. Moreover, their extensive range of promotions, educational material and bonuses was an impressive addition.

Yes, there are things that we did not like but these can easily be improved on. If FBS is receptive to their trader’s feedback then they may be receptive to changes.

So, should you trade with FBS?

We would encourage you to do your own research but if you are looking for a well-established broker with favourable trading conditions then they should be considered.

Honest FBS Forex Broker Review 2020

Table of Contents

Review: Regulation: Spreads: Forex Pairs:
(4.5 / 5) IFSC, CySEC Starting – 1.0 Pips 50+

You are looking for experiences with Forex Online Broker FBS Markets Inc.? – Then you are exactly right on this page. As traders with more than 7 years of experience in the financial markets, we have examined the provider and share in the following texts and summaries my experience and the results of the test report. Is it really worth to invest your money with FBS? – Find it out in my trusted broker review.

The official homepage of FBS Forex Broker

What is FBS? – Forex Broker presented

FBS Markets is an Online Forex Trading Broker and for Contracts for Difference (CFDs), founded in 2009. Since 2009, the company has grown significantly and can boast over 2.5 million active merchants in 2020. The broker is internationally active and also possesses the necessary licenses through the IFSC and CySec (Europe).

International clients are accepted by this company. In addition, the FBS got international branches with customer support in more than 20 languages. The biggest customer base is in Asia. FBS is very well-known through live events and charity for poor people. The broker is specialized for Forex Trading, which you can see on the broker’s homepage. FBS tries to give its clients the best conditions for trading currencies. With this broker, you can start trading by any amount of money because the minimum deposit is only 1$.

Facts about the company:

  • Founded in 2009
  • International broker
  • Specialized on Forex Trading
  • More than 2.5 million traders and active partners
  • Charity and sponsor program
  • Interesting bonus programs
  • Main customer base is in Asia

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Regulation and safety of customer funds

When it comes to trade with real money an official regulation of a broker is very important. There are some scam brokers which act without a real regulation to do fraud on the customer’s money. To avoid these practices always look after the regulation of the broker before you start investing real money.

FBS is regulated by the IFSC in Belize and the CySEC in Europe (Cyprus). The registration number of Belize regulation is 119717 and the license is IFSC/60/230/TS/18. This is an official regulation where the companies headquarters is. You can check it by yourself. The broker only gets this regulation by acting as a serious Forex Broker. In addition, FBS uses only regulated payment methods for the customer’s transactions. This is also a very important point. In conclusion, it seems to me that FBS is a reliable broker for online trading. It is a regulated company so fraud cannot happen in our opinion.


  • Regulated by the IFSC in Belize
  • Regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus (Europe)
  • Only regulated payment methods

Broker awards of FBS

What are the conditions for trades at FBS Forex Broker?

We looked closely at the conditions for traders. At first glance, the provider makes a very good impression on us because he offers many different account models. You can, therefore, adjust your account to the deposit capital and the trading style. The minimum deposit is only 1$ and you have the chance to get a free bonus for your capital.

The spreads depend on the account type and start at -1.0 pips. An account with low spreads usually incurs one commission per lot traded. Overall, you are always cheaper with a commission account in the markets. Again, there is a plus for me. You can try the platform with a free demo account. There are 3 types of different platforms of the broker which we will review later.

FBS Markets specializes in Forex Trading. This is also noticeable in the selection of tradable assets. There are many currency pairs available, but the choice of CFDs is rather low. As we recognized the broker tries to increase his offer of tradeable markets. American Stocks are added to the portfolio in the past.

Facts of the conditions:

  • Trade Forex, Stocks, and Commodities
  • Different account types for any trading style
  • 3 different platforms for any device
  • Start with only 1$ deposit
  • Low spreads
  • Bonus Program

The best conditions for traders

High leverage and negative balance protection for FBS Traders

In the FBS platform traders can choose different leverage for their accounts. It is possible to get huge leverage of maximum 1:3000. In our opionion, it is not useful to use such high leverage but some strategies require it. Sometimes high leverage is very risky, especially if you trade the market news. Some traders fear a negative balance.

FBS offers negative balance protection for its clients. If you make a huge loss you will get stopped out before your balance will be negative. In conclusion, you can trade very safety with FBS even with the high leverage of 1:3000.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Review of the FBS Trading Platform

Which trading platforms are offered by FBS? – The broker offers the classic and popular trading platform Metatrader in version 4/5 and also a Web Trader. The MetaTrader software has been widely known among private traders for many years. It belongs, so to speak, to every successful dealer in the equipment.

With the MetaTrader, you can try out and adopt different strategies. The software offers almost unlimited options. It is available for the smartphone, tablet, browser, and desktop.

Even we have gained good experience with the MetaTrader. Almost every big broker offers this software. After a short introductory phase, it is easy to use. FBS helps its clients with video tutorials and coaching to understand how to trade successfully. In the following section, we will show you some facts about the platform.

The MetaTrader is available for any device

Professional charting and analysis

The MetaTrader offers a huge range of tools for a professional analysis. Choose between different chart types and develop a successful strategy. You can use free indicators on the platform. It is very easy to configure them. In addition, it is possible to download extern tools and integrate them into the software.

For technical analyses, there are drawing tools to analyze the chart. Furthermore, FBS offers everyday new analysis and trading ideas to its clients. Each tool is personally customizable for any strategy. Another big advantage of the software is automatic trading. It is possible to create an automatic system that is running 24/7. The MetaTrader supports VPS Server for a little amount of money per month. In conclusion, MetaTrader offers all that you need for successful trading.

Facts about the platform:

  • Available for any device
  • Free indicators
  • A huge range of technical tools
  • Automatic trading possible
  • Customizable and user-friendly
  • Mobile Trading

How to open your account with FBS

To open an account with FBS is very easy and uncomplicated. The broker only needs some information about your identity to start trading. You can open your real trading account in less than 60 seconds. Start with your email address and a safety keyword.

Open your real account

Free and unlimited Demo Account

We recommend for beginners who want to try this broker to open a demo account. This is an account with virtual money. You can trade without risk. It is like trading with real money. The demo account is the best way to practice and develop a strategy for beginners. Also, advanced traders can try new markets or methods with it. FBS offers a free and unlimited demo account.

Which account type should I choose with FBS?

FBS offers different account types for forex trading. Each account is for a special purpose. The broker tries to give a trader the best conditions for his capital. There is the opportunity to trade with 1$ or less risk in each trade with the cent account. If you deposit more than 1$ you can get better conditions and lower spreads. In the following section, we will explain the different account models of FBS.

This table will present you the different facts about the account types:

Standard Cent Micro Zero Spread ECN
Minimum Deposit: 100$ 1$ 5$ 500$ 1000$
Spread: 0.5 Pip 1 Pip Fixed 3 Pip Fixed 0 Pip – 1 Pip
Leverage: Max. 1:3000 Max. 1:1000 Max. 1:3000 Max. 1:3000 Max. 1:500
This account is for: Normal traders with average deposit of 100$ Mini account for traders with small deposits Traders who want to have a fix spread Lower fees but higher deposit required The best conditions for large traders

As you see above in the table FBS offers a different account for different deposit amounts. You can say that if you deposit more money with FBS you get better conditions and lower spreads. On the other hand, it is a huge advantage that they offer accounts for traders with a very small deposit. The contracts are special in the cent account and you can trade with less risk.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Review of the deposit and withdrawal with FBS Broker

The deposit and withdrawal of money are as easy as the registration with FBS. The broker offers different payment methods to do your transactions. You can use bank cards or electronic wallets. First of all, we recommend verifying your full identity with FBS before you deposit and start trading with real money. In the dashboard, you will see the instructions. It is very important because the broker only withdraws to verified accounts.

These methods are available for deposit and withdrawal:

  • Credit Cards
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Sticpay
  • Perfect Money
  • Bitwallet
  • Local Exchangers and Bank Wire
  • CashU
  • 2Pay4You

Use different methods for your payments

How long does it take to deposit and withdrawal?

Deposits through electronic methods are working instant. The money is credited directly to your account. The withdrawal can take the maximum time of 48 hours. From my experience withdrawals are made very quickly and in less than 48 hours.

Are there any fees?

FBS does not charge any fees for a deposit on their platform except the payment method “sticpay” with 2,5% + $0,3 commission. For withdrawals, there are some commissions which you have to pay. You can see the commissions direct in your account dashboard. The fee always depends on your payment method.

What can you expect from the FBS Forex Broker Bonus program?

FBS offers a huge bonus program for free. You can activate the bonus in your account dashboard. This is a great advantage compared to other Forex Brokers. Trades can get additional money for their accounts to trade with higher risk. I have to mention that the bonus depends always on certain conditions.

Before you activate the bonus you should read the conditions. Some traders say that the bonus program is a scam because they do not read the bonus conditions. FBS markets show the conditions very transparent in the dashboard so you can decide if you take the bonus or not. Sometimes it is necessary to open a separate bonus account.

FBS offers a good bonus program

At the moment these bonuses are available:

  • Trade 100 Bonus (get 100$ for free if you trade and make a profit)
  • Cashback (the broker pays back some commissions to you)
  • 100% bonus on deposit (get additional money)


As mentioned before the conditions are transparently communicated between the broker and the trader. For example, if you get a deposit bonus you have to make a turnover of trading volume on FBS before you can withdraw the money.

Contest and awards for traders

Another big plus for FBS is the free contests and awards for traders. The Forex Broker offers different contests that have been updated each week. For example, there is a chance to win a car or an iPhone X. Personally I like the free demo account contest to win money without risk your own money. The prize fund is like 1000$ or more and the 5 first places winning a certain amount of it.

Free demo contest

Support and service for traders

The last point of this FBS review is the support and service for traders. FBS offers phone, email, and chat support for each client. The support is in multi-languages and available 24/7 a week. In addition, every trader gets personal support through an account manager who can help you by frequently asked questions.

Also, we had a closer look at the service for traders. FBS is very present in the Asian region. There are events and coachings for new traders. Furthermore, the best traders win prizes and get a big bonus. Webinars and coachings are available on the platform for beginners or advanced traders. In conclusion, FBS is one of the brokers with the best and personal service for its clients.

Facts about the support:

  • Support 24/7
  • Phone, Email, and Chat
  • Local FBS events
  • Webinars and coachings
  • Personal account managers

Countries – FBS accept international trader

FBS is a well known international company. They accept international trader with a few exceptions. The support is available in more than 20 different languages. The most traders are from Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and the Philippines.

These countries are not allowed:

Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Iran

Conclusion of the review: Is FBS a scam Forex Broker or not?

FBS Markets is in our experience and tests a serious company. The broker has international and European licenses, which is why fraud is ruled out. In summary, we can recommend the provider, as he offers to trade in the forex market very cheap. The broker scores points with numerous account types and bonus offers.

The trading platform Metatrader is also professional and available in version 4 and 5. In addition, the support replies very fast in different languages. One of the biggest advantages is that traders can start on a contest to win money or other prizes. Traders without a deposit get the chance to earn money. In conclusion, the service is very good and special with this broker.

The advantages of FBS:

  • Regulated in Belize and in Europe
  • Accept international traders
  • Different account types for your deposit
  • High leverage of up to 1:3000
  • Low spreads and commission
  • Specialized on Forex Trading and CFD Trading
  • Bonus program, contests, and events
  • Reliable support and service

If you are looking for a good and cheap forex broker, then you are right with this provider. (4.5 / 5)

All Customer Reviews & Comments about AAFX Trading Forex broker

Advantages: Good support, tight spreads.

Comment: I dont really write reviews but AAFX Trading deserves a pat on the back. This broker is my second broker which was recommended by my brother. What I like most about AAFX is they got a very effective support system. One time my account was hacked, I turned to their support team which gave me a response within an hour. They froze my account until I had proven that it’s really my account. I got it back the next day. Another thing I like is the tight spreads. Yes, it can go really high especially during news releases but under normal conditions, spreads are really tight.

Comment: All these binary options, trading and cryptocurrency companies are scams, I lost a huge amount of money. Things have turned out good for me, being that I was able to recover my money thanks to a recovery pro. You can reach me if you’re interested in finding out how I recovered everything I lost. Rachelmillr4 gmai,l dt com

Advantages: Great mobile app.

Disadvantages: Lost it on a big leverage.

Comment: I trade only from my phone, so I am primarily interested in the mobile application. In aafx it was made as qualitative as possible, everything flies, there are no limits on the number and volume of orders.

Advantages: Affordable seed money, training videos.

Disadvantages: Few crypto.

Comment: I got settled in here pretty quickly. I do not see any restrictions in my trading or difficulties with withdrawal of funds. Everything works with high quality. I like that there is a strong emphasis on training of traders.

Advantages: spraeads are tight, no fees, free demo

Disadvantages: wirthdrawals are sometimes slow (up to 3 days sometimes)

Comment: Cool advantages, that include affordable minimum deposit, small spreads, no additional fees and freee demo. For me that’s strong reasons to trade with AAFX Trading. Brokerage is cool in reagard you want to trade with reliable company. However, there are some features that highlight brokerage from its competitors, first of all impressive leverage (up to 2000), it’s more marketing thing that real use, but it still available, maybe you will try it

Comment: Hello, guys! I have a question about AAFX Trading. Is there an option for Fix spreads or only variable? And what they starts with?

The aafx has both options. Variable starts at 0.5 pips. And fixed for currency pairs starts with 1.8 pips. I like that you can choose the option that suits you best and will be profitable in any case.

Advantages: Terminal, services, number of assets.

Disadvantages: Little bonuses.

Comment: I don’t need a broker to pick on that, because if I wasn’t happy with something, I wouldn’t be trading here. But I am a very profitable trader, I have excellent statistics, so I would like to work with more money, and they give me standard bonuses, and I would take 200-300% and I would be ok.

Advantages: Good services, smart managers.

Disadvantages: Big bonus workout.

Comment: I’m doing quite well here, because the terminal works without any failures and has everything for technical analysis and fundamental. It seems to me that I will continue to work with this broker for a long time.

Advantages: No commission, tight spreads

Disadvantages: No exclusive tools for analysis.

Comment: A worthy broker. I have everything working clearly here, I like that spreads do not jump, everything is aimed at helping clients with different capitals.

Are there variable spreads or fixed?

There are both of them, you can choose ECN acc with variable spreads or Fixed acc with fixed ones. Fixed, btw, starts from 2 pips.

I was also happy with the spreads, everything is stable and you can safely run the long term and not worry that all the free margin will go nowhere. Market safety comes first.

Advantages: Cool terminal, lots of tools, fast withdrawal.

Disadvantages: Too much bonus work.

Comment: In my opinion, AAFx is an old broker that has kept its loyalty to its clients while adding many modern services. It is convenient, profitable and well thought out, so this broker can be recommended even for beginners.

A friend of mine recently started working at aafx, without any experience at all, and from my observations he is doing a great job, I certainly help him a little bit more, but he says that webtrader that AAFX offers as a platform is good enough and he already manages to find profitable market situations and slowly earn.

Advantages: Good technical support, lots of services.

Disadvantages: A large leverage range for small capitals is dangerous.

Comment: I like to trade in AAFx because it is a very convenient terminal for trading and very, very many assets that can be used at least every day. And there are also very profitable spreads and the opportunity to work with small amounts of capital.

Advantages: order execution, fast withdrawals, Metatrader, Webtrader, tight spreads

Disadvantages: i don’t see them

Comment: AAFX is great broker and I see many advantages of working with it. To start – here is cool educational centre and demo account as well. That’s beneficial, as you can constantly learn and gain knowledge in the same place you’re trading. Demo-account is not only about learning basics, but about trying sth new and testing new strategies. Metatrader 4 is good for trading as that’s one of the most popular trading platforms, so that’s easy to find guides and additional info. AAFX has also other advantages – tight spreads and quick order execution. Withdrawals are also quick and no lags

I like AAFX broker, that is really broker, that is one of the best I know of. There are many bonus programms, so you can get additional money that you can use in trading and get profits. There are 35% bonus on innitional deposit (starting at $500) and, what’s more important, there are additional bonuses for further deposits, so you will get additional money each time you add money to your depo. Except bonuses, there are other benefits that I like and which force me to trade with aafx. I’m talking about tight spreads and Expert Advisor function, so I can set-up and launch my own trading algorithms or robots. There was no problems with withdrawals so far, so here is okey.

AAFX is good brokerage if you want to trade forex. I don’t see nothing bad or nothing that I can name a fail. Just reliable brokerage, tight spreads and withdrawals within 1-2 days. I also extremely like there are no swaps and commissions, so I don’t overpay.

Yes, AAFx meets all expectations, well, they can already afford – so many years on the market – I think spreads there bring a good trade turnover. In general, it’s cool that there is such a company, a rarity in our time.

Hello everyone feel free to reach out to Mr barry on Barrysilbert540 @ gmail.com if you need help or guidance on how to recover your lost fund using good strategy and how profitable trades is been done. And also if you want to recover your lost funds using his masterclass strategy he can help you. I’m earning $10,250 weekly using his masterclass.. you can also reach him out on whatsapp +447508298691.

How much you offer, in fact, I think that AAFx has enough instruments to master the market qualitatively, it seems to me that a trader should develop independently and not count on help, even if it is qualitative, from the outside.

I was attracted to work in aafx because there is a large number of services, and the broker cooperates with mt4, which I have always liked due to its versatility and convenience for market analysis. This broker has some advntages: high-quality terminal and wide range of leverage, but it’s disadvantage is big bonus workout.

I agree completely, great company, but about the bonus – why do you even need them, count on your strength and everything will be okay .

Lost all investments trading with a scam broker. Lost more money to fake recovery services. Please be careful of fake recovery services! They are littered all over the forum. If you truly wish to get your money back then I suggest you reach out to me and I will guide you on steps I took in getting back my money. Write me on tomhaggins3 attGmaiI dotKcom

Advantages: recover your stolen funds

Comment: I was also cheated by Banc de binary. in first step I lost $1250. My account manager- Mr. Brace gave me 90% incorrect signals and always pushed me to open trades with high amount of money such as my first trade was with $1000 and I lost it, then he gave me a bonus for the same value and again I lost all. I complained to their management and they agreed to gave me $500 credit just to trade, again another guy named George called me and tried to cheat me to deposit $5000 and when I did not accept he became angry and tried to cheat me in another me so asked me to open a trade for 50% of my account, but I opened it with 10% and I lost it. It is obvious that they try to you lose your money. They make money when you lose money. for Optionrally I had same issue and my manager gave me 10 signals 100% incorrect and I lost $3500. I saw someone recommend ULTIMATEFUNDRECOVERY art GMAIL dot COM and honestly I contacted him and sincerely his services were really worth it because he got all my issues rectified in full. HIS WHATSAPP : +14079061584 TEXT: +14079061584

Lost all investments trading with a scam broker. Lost more money to fake recovery services. Please be careful of fake recovery services! They are littered all over the forum. If you truly wish to get your money back then I suggest you reach out to me and I will guide you on steps I took in getting back my money. Write me on tomhaggins3 attGmaiI dotKcom

it’s a pity that you have such a situation, but it’s good that you were able to help, I don’t think aafx clients can use such services. Its not a binary broker. In fact, I haven’t seen a more transparent and quality broker yet.

Advantages: terminal, bonuses

Disadvantages: too much leverage for small capitals is risky

Comment: I’ve actually been trading not so long and aafx is my first experience, but I think I’ll be in this business for a long time, because I really like it, it’s interesting to test and try everything, and of course to see the plus on your balance sheet, even if it’s small.

I’m just getting started too, but I really, really like it, it’s just a handy terminal and a lot of analysis, so I think I can do it.

Advantages: There is still hope for you to Recover your stolen funds today

Comment: Well, I can’t say all are legitimate. I was scammed last month by a fraudster claiming to be a woman on a dating site. I lost $67,050 in total as I was sending money to take care of the fraudster’s parents. He claimed they were involved in a ghastly road accident. leaving them in that critical condition would be very inhumane of me. I kept sending money to the fraudster thinking I was serving humanity. I was so disappointed to discover it was all scam. I later got a recovery expert who helped me trace and hijack my money from this fraudster. It took him four days approximately but It was worth the wait. I’m glad to say I got my money back in one piece. You can contact his mail Email: CREDITSOLUTION63 at GMAIL dot COM WhatsApp: +1 9176634684 You Can Also Text Or Call: +1 9176634684 NO UPFRONT PAYMENT!

It’s a pity that you have such a situation, but for those who trade in aafx you don’t need the services of such a plan, all because there are really good conditions for trading and there are no commissions, and spreads are small enough, so there would be knowledge – it is possible to work and everything will be ok.

Advantages: no commission for withdrawal of funds, loyal attitude to traders.

Disadvantages: no mt5, there are not too many instruments and assets.

Comment: “I looked for a broker for a long time and very calmly, because I realized that too much depends on him in the market. I can say that I chose aafx exactly because this broker had very high ratings and a lot of information on the internet, plus it has been on the market for many years now, so there was more trust. In fact, I still trade here, I see that the broker tries to stay at the high level, some services are constantly added and so on. They have a convenient platform, there is a bonus system, in principle, some global problems have not occurred during this time, except that sometimes a little bit of the terminal hangs.

I’m almost 2 years with AAFX and trading platform hangs are very rare and don’t affect trading experience. When I was choosing broker, I’ve made decision in favour of AAFX cause I read a lot of reviews and 80% were positive + broker was chosen as the best Asian broker in 2020. I think that reputation is the most important and AAFX has really good one :)

Advantages: AAFx provides extremely high leverage that can reach 1:2000, but I don’t suggest you to use it. There is fast support and withdrawals, so you don’t need to wait and lose money while waiting. Spreads are tight also

Disadvantages: I don’t see significant. One point I can mention – don’t use high leverages, as you can blow your deposit in a couple of hours or even seconds.

Comment: AAFX is a broker that can offer you almost all stuff, needed to start and maintain trading. I was looking for respectable broker with longstanding reputation and AAFX was one of brokers that I tested and I like it the most. There was a number of reasons, but the main one is that I reached real traders that work with AAFX and got their oppinion. Also, one of the reasons to choose AAFX was the fact they accept clients from the USA. I don’t mean that I care about the US citizens, but I know that USSEC has severe regulations, so if my broker accept citizens from United States, that mean that everything is okey.

I started with AAFX by recommendation of my friend and for that 3 years I never though about changing a broker. I like that AAFX spreads are tight and I don’t overpay a single penny, with a hunderds of deals the sum of savings may be really significant. AAFX moves to building a strong reputation, but I think company pays not enough time to promote itself and establish a stable connections with all the traders. Yeah, it has really fast support service and I can get clear answer really in a time, but media presence isn’t enough, as I think. And that’s why AAFX is sometimes underestimated on the market.

Advantages: Fixed spreads from 1.8 pips.

Disadvantages: A trade cannot be closed during the first 60 seconds after opening

Comment: I have a long history of cooperation with AAFx. I never wanted to stop working with this broker because the conditions here are very interesting. You can safely test various strategies and trade in the format that is convenient for you. In particular, you can launch your own automated program or work in person at a convenient time. There are about a hundred, if I’m not mistaken, assets here, there is a wide range of leverage. Though it can be a little dangerous for small capitals, therefore it is necessary to be careful with it. And so everything is okay. There is a demo for testing new strategies and a huge number of tools.

I can only agree with all written above. AAFX is a broker that deserves to be tested – fast order execution, quick withdrawals and exremely rapid support service, that’s all about aafx. There are also a lot of assets and all of these factors combined make AAFX a great place to trade. There is one point you don’t mention but I found it extremely cool – all client’s funds are stored in segregated bank accounts, so even if broker will experience some financial troubles (but I’m sure it won’t), your funds will be safe and you will get them in 2-3 days.

Advantages: Tight spreads, Metatrader platform, quick support, high leverages, negative balance protection

Disadvantages: Leverage drops down with high account size, so you need to obtain VIP

Comment: AAFX is what I what looking for. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on unsignificant things, so I don’t need not only platform for trading, but a partner they will have features to save my time and money. AAFX has a lot to offer. First of all, there is used Metatrader 4 with WebTrader version, so I can trade anywhere and anytime and I don’t even need to install any apps. Moreover, I can setup and organize indicators as I want. Second point to mention is tignt spreads and option to fix them. That’s so good, as I can save not only money and don’t overpay, but I also can choose fixed spreads to secure ability to open deals in time of any market fluctuations. I can’t list all features here, so I’ll mention only one more thing. AAFX offers high leverages + negative balance protection, so you can take a risk and conduct really great deals. I don’t suggest to do so if you’re amator, but the fact that broker offers this is very nice.

Yes, there are all conditions for risky traders to insure them and take out at least minimal losses if everything goes wrong, I also use actively fixed spreads and other moments to save capital. On the other hand, in AAFx I has started testing strategies more actively and the statistics have become stronger in reality.

Advantages: Full recovery

Comment: Losing money to fake investments can be frustrating, because there are a lot of fake binary options, forex trading, real estate and cryptocurrency investment platforms, and i was one of the people that invested blindly. Anyway,i lost a lot of money to binary options scam but I was able to recover my funds from a very sketchy company, last year a friend and i invested all our life savings but got duped in the process. Earlier this year, we were able to use the services of OXOMAR ( you can google him) and we have gotten all our money back. My nightmare is over, Its a whole new day here. Do be careful when dealing with investments, and you can also recover your money. Mail; admin @ oxomarhackers . com

Indeed, losing money is terrible. That’s why I chose my broker so scrupulously. As a result, I stopped at AAFX and now I am sure that no problems will arise in the future. The company keeps traders’ money in a separate bank account and if something happens, the traders’ money will be safe. I think it is much more important to choose the right broker in advance, so that you don’t have to be upset about the lost money. I think this advice will help many people.

Advantages: Quick withdrawal of funds without commission.

Disadvantages: There is no support for MT 5.

Comment: I am attracted by the opportunity to work in AAFX on ready-made trading systems, which allows me to increase my profit. At the same time, I trade independently. I have set up the system, which brings me 5-8% per month from above in a passive format. The spreads here are very small. Therefore, you can trade several assets at once. Another big plus is different leverage. Sometimes you want to use larger ones, but here you need to focus on the capital, how much it is profitable for you. But it is good that every trader has a choice and freedom in choosing a strategy.

Advantages: I already described the advantages. I may only add that broker did everything to balance all things and provide a reliable and well-designed service

Disadvantages: I can’t see any

Comment: AAFX is good broker for all types of traders. It will be good for newbies, as well as for professional traders. Newbies will be pleased with convenient Metatrader 4 and small deposit amount. $100 is good for those who want to try. Professionals will find a perfect feature Expert Advisor, that allows traders to program their own robots and algorithms. I’m someone that is between newbie and professionals, so I don’t use advanced features. However, I like AAFX for fast support, convenient trading platform and high leverages. High leverages aren’t so useful, as someone may think, as trader can lose everything in a few minutes. But AAFX allows to take leverage up to 1:2000 and that’s good, as traders can always decide how to trade.

Advantages: Tight spreads, fast withdrawals, convinient trading platform

Disadvantages: High leverage is baiting you to increase risk

Comment: That’s good that AAFX decided to use Metatrader 4. Maybe there are better or more convenient platforms, idk, but Metatrader is a time proved platform which almost every trader knows how to use. Let’s talk about their trading plaltform in detail. It can seem like a maze for those who are absolutely new to trading, but after a couple of days, you will go easy with MT4, as it combines simplicity of use with possibilities for very detailed settings. Originally, Metatrader 4 should be installed as PC or Mac App, but there is also WebTrader available – an in-browser trading platform. Other things are also good with AAFX

Advantages: recovered all

Disadvantages: lost all at first

Comment: The whole crypto currency investment is full of scam ,A lot of unregulated brokers and Account managers are operating illegally stealing fund from traders. I don’t comment on articles easily,but I need to share this for the sake of other followers.I lost my investment capital of over $340,000 USD to unregulated Binary option broker.After my account generated thousands of profits the requested for additional fee before my withdrawal request can be processed at the end I lost all my money.All my efforts to reach out to their customer support was unsuccessful, I was in pains and couldn’t tell anyone about it until my friend narrated how she also lost her fund until she met with Mr bruce willian who who helped her to recovered her money back . I narrated my story to her too and she advice me to contact same Mr bruce willian who specialized in helping all scammed victims with valid proofs to get their fund back , I contacted Mr bruce personal email he instructed me to provide all legal details of my investment, I did as instructed.All like a dream I was able to recovered all my money back through the help of Mr bruce willian and other financial authorities. I want to encourage you reading this , don’t sit back and cry why your Account Manager or broker enjoy your money , contact Mr bruce willian he will guide you on how you can successfully get back your money . You can reach him via his Email .. ULTIMATEFUNDRECOVERY on gmail WHATSAPP:+14079061584 TEXT: +14079061584

Your comment is quite strange. I’m trading with AAFX for a long time and never met any problems. Yeah, there are some problems, but they are quickly solved by support team. I had around 20 withdrawals and I never met any problems and they usually took around 2 days. Moreover, AAFX has nothing to do with binaries that your talk about! So please, don’t blame an honest broker for something it isn’t guilty. And if you know that it is, then provide the proof.

Comment: I find the browser version of Metatrader (Webtrader) quite nice. Maybe you can try this option out as well. It can be a good alternative to MT4. Depends on your priorities though. Webtrader is already available with AAFX. I’m sure once more people demand MT5 they will also include it in the list of supported platforms.

The only two reasons I prefer AAFX Trading is WebTrader and high leverages. WebTrader is extremely important, those who used to trade with PC app won’t understand untill they try. It’s so convenient that you feel how fast trading platform is. It’s another experience of trading I think. And it’s wonderfull. Regarding high leverages, I can say that it’s extremely risky, but I know a lot of traders that use up to 1:1000 leverages and make significant profit. So that gives traders more way to trade and apply their own strategies.

Advantages: Written in the comment

Disadvantages: There were also cons, among them you can allocate time to withdraw more than 24 hours, although they answered me that this was due to security requirements. As an experienced trader, I also lack specific assets for trading.

Comment: The advantages of this broker include a small minimum deposit (starting from 100 USD), the presence of bonuses for the first deposit and a quick terminal. I really liked the fast reaction speed of the terminal, which is important for me as an Intraday trader. At the same time, the terminal is multi-platform. Despite the fact that I prefer to trade with a PC, sometimes when I go on vacation it helped me a lot that I could use the terminal from the phone.

Advantages: reliable executions; no slippages; no price manipulations; fair pricing policy; easy withdrawals

Disadvantages: MT4 platform only, no alternatives; limited choice of stocks to trade with CFDs

Comment: My experience with AAFX was positive so far. The stated spreads and commissions policies turned out to be truthful and I didn’t find any hidden fees while trading actively for about 3 months now.

Advantages: tight spreads, no swaps, no commissions per trade, easy setup, wide variety of trading instruments , licensed brokerage

Disadvantages: offshore registration, few cryptocurrencies in CFDs

Comment: Good brokerage with an easy setup. You only need to have a set up MetaTrader 4 on your computer, then you run AAFX .exe file and enter account credential. This is it. You are free to start trading! The good thing about it is that you also have the option to use demo account for your trading, so you can start risking the real money only when you are confident enough in your strategy.

Advantages: nice interface

Disadvantages: dishonest company

Comment: chargebackguaranteed,info is helping affected investors get their money back . Reach out to them for all your trading related issues and broker verification

I’m working with AAFX for about 5 years and never faced with any significant problem, Of course, there sometimes happen mirror delays with withdrawal, but these problems are always solved with support team. I think if someone faces any problems, it’s better to ask support for help, rather than turn to some highly suspicious side services. AAFX support team answers quickly and will help with any issue.

Advantages: Full Refund Guaranteed

Comment: I got ripped off by a bogus broker recently it was very hard to get a withdrawal even after several attempts. I had to hire a recovery firm to get my money back. Glad this is over for me, happy to share my experience. Contact: Realfundsrecovery @ gmail.com.

Looks like the new scam method is being tried on the people who have already been scammed. But why on AAFX page? I’ve never heard anyone complaining about this brokerage,and I’m pretty sure I won’t.

Advantages: Partnership program; spreads but no commissions; SWAP-free trading; excellent customer service

Disadvantages: no alternative to MT4; not enough marketing materials to spread for the sake of partnership payouts.

Comment: My experience with AAFX lasts over three years. Considering it is such a long-term partnership you can assume I’ve been completely satisfied with the service. This would be correct assumption to make :)

Oh my, I didn’t even pay attention that they do have a partnership program in fact. I wonder if it can be another source of extra income. I often recommend things I liked to my friends and acquaintances, but have never considered taking money for this.

Advantages: high leverage, minimalistic spreads, no withdrawal fees, many assets, nice customer support

Disadvantages: no alternative to MetaTrader

Comment: I found AAFX in the rating of the brokers who offer the best leverage on the market. For my system high leverage on broker’s side was crucial, so AAFX was competing with 9 other brokerages for my capital. I compared the lists of assets available for trading, fees and took into consideration the number of years in business. It turned out that AAFX has won this “competition” so I am their devoted customer now,

Advantages: Tight spreads, high leverage level, awesome customer service, accurate orders execution

Comment: Finding a perfect brokerage is like finding perfect running shoes. They have to be there, you can’t run without them, but when you run, you simply don’t notice they are there. If you do – something went wrong and you need another pair of shoes. I mean another brokerage. If spreads are too wide or there are hidden commissions, you will notice that you are giving the broker too much of your profits. If orders execution is no good, you will get mad at your broker for missing some good trades (sure enough no one ever misses bad ones, lol). If you don’t get enough leverage, you’ll be disappointed with missing some nice opportunities at the market. So please pay attention to AAFX. They do have tight spreads, high leverage level, awesome customer service and accurate orders execution. Another good thing about spreads is that they can be either fixed or variable, so you can decide which option fits your trading style better and than apply it to your account. Withdrawals at AAFX are almost instant. Only once had to wait over 24 hours, but it turned out that there was Monday off in the banks so this was probably the problem on the side of my bank.

Advantages: MT4 platform Fixed spreads starting as low as 2 pips Tight variable spreads available Bonus program Partnership program Easy withdrawals

Disadvantages: Dangerous leverage

Comment: Me and many of my colleagues trade with AAFX. its been a long search and I think I’m finally satisfied with all the terms broker offers me. The only thing I am very cautious about is the leverage that they offer. 1:2000 is probably the highest level of leverage I’ve ever seen. It feels a bit tempting to use and its hard to control emotions when you think of what kind of opportunities you are missing while trying to keep the risk under 3% per trade level.

Advantages: Easy deposit

Disadvantages: difficult withdrawal

Comment: Times have changed. Technology is evolving everyday. There are new innovations that do not only trace bitcoin addresses but find out what platform or exchange they belong to. Anyone would agree that this is a big step in recovering coins. I lost over $20000 to Binary Options Trading but thanks to a private hacker and his team for their professional and Ethical service rendered in recovering all of my money from this scam binary options company. You can mail them if you need to recover your money back also. Information is Key. Contact: Hackassets via google mail for proficient services

AAFX does not offer binary options. You are offering highly suspicious service here which does not even relate to the topic of discussion.

Comment: One wouldn’t really think much of this, all I really wanted to do was invest and be part of it but the way I was misled by this brokers and it was terrible, to easily take money from all in the name of investment and when I wanted to make withdrawals every single attempt was fruitless with constant hassle to invest more I really can’t say more than I have already said. I would really consider myself to be one of the very few lucky ones as I was able to have my funds recovered from this scam Binary option brokers, although it was through unethical means as far I am concerned but what can I care after how my hard-earned funds where taken from me, these guys are the best in less than 7days all my funds including bonuses had been recovered, If your broker lost your funds trading Binary options or any other online fraud (recoverywealthnow360 @ gmail, com) will help you recover your funds.

You’ve done a mistake posting this under AAFX thread. This broker does not allow trading binary options, so people, beware, this is a spam message that has the only intention to fool you with fake promises. If you’ve lost money invested in binary options trading, I’m sorry but you have to realize you’ve been fooled and please find the courage to accept it. Nobody can get your funds back if you’ve read and signed the risk disclosure. So don’t spend more money on fake promises given in the above post. Better learn technical analysis, develop your trading system and trade CFDs. Or simply buy something nice for your kids or family and forget about trading career if you are not ready to work hard on financial markets ;) Once again, that is a spam message. AAFX is withdrawing funds at first request instantly. This is NOT a binary options brokerage!

Advantages: honest brokerage, low spreads, 0 trading commissions, 0 withdrawal commissions

Disadvantages: My family doesn’t get to see me much, cause I spend a lot of time trading now

Comment: This broker is trustworthy. For a long while I wasn’’ making any profits, so couldn’t really give the feedback on reliability. Finally! My account size exceed the initial deposit by $250 last week. I ordered funds withdrawal via Skrill. Got the money in 10 minutes. Who’s happy? I am!

Advantages: Instant withdrawal Leverage up to 1:2000 Lots of tradable assets Minimum deposit $100

Disadvantages: EA arbitrage not allowed

Comment: I’ve been working with AAFX for over a year now. Not speaking of tight spreads, I also really like the attitude to the customers here. Each question is answered immediately and in a professional manner. Most importantly there is no fee for withdrawal if it is some other than wire transfer method.

Comment: Don’t be deceived by the fake testimonies everywhere. It took me 2 months to finally find someone who Helped me recover my lost funds but it wasn’t easy because i was scammed once. You can recover what you lost to scam brokers Long story cut short, i was very skeptical about working with this individual but i am glad i did, deftrecovery via gmail com. Get the peace of mind you deserve.

Serge, you are the deceiver here. If the broker turns out to be a scammer, then you can’t get your funds back. Well, may be if FBI catches them red-handed. If police can’t help you, than nobody can.You are simply trying to make people who have lost their funds with unreliable brokerage to pay some more and you will get them fooled again. The other bad thing about what you do is that you are posting this fraudulent message under AAFX review. This is a reliable brokerage that I’ve been working with for a long while, so please stop deceiving people here.

Advantages: Reliable award-winning broker Nice spreads Dozens of instruments Affiliate program Welcome bonus

Disadvantages: $100 minimum deposit

Comment: It takes time to choose a broker who will suit all your needs and requirements. I was looking for someone reliable, with nice fees and low threshold for market entry. AAFX was a chosen one because they don’t apply hidden commissions and fees. Just spread. I didn’t like the idea to invest $100 first, cause prepared to start with $50 only. But then I received an unexpected bonus at work and decided its a good opportunity to settle with a broker who is really reliable. So here I am. So far so good.

Comment: Thank you for recommending binaryoptionassetrecovery *&% com. They were quite attentive to my case and got me my money back. Excellent service. I have no hesitation in commending them to anyone else who has been scammed. A grateful customer.

Dear “grateful customer”, I don’t think you can explain how the highly suspicious service that you are recommending here relates to AAFX brokerage. Perhaps you do nor realize in full the tremendous difference that binary options have with forex and CFDs trading that AAFX represents. So this is the only reason why this message appeared here. Please feel free to spread this spam under binary options brokerages but stop slandering forex brokerages including AAFX. Thank you!

Comment: Hello everyone feel free to reach out to Mr Andrew on [email protected] if you need help or guidance on how profitable trades is been done and also if you want to recover your lost funds, with his masterclass strategy I’m earning $2250 weekly. you can also reach him out on whatsapp +263787350597.

Don’t think this is an appropriate place to recommend some trading classes. Making 2K a week sounds nice, but you know… too good to be true. The sky is the limit with the leverage that AAFX proivides, but you have to keep the risk in mind!

Advantages: Bonuses program

Comment: I started to trade on Forex approximately half a year ago. Now, something’s coming up, I’m slowly starting to get the income. I hope to make my first withdraw shortly))When I was just starting to work with AAFX, I got a $350 bonus on my deposit right away (I made $1000 deposit). It was nice, but this bonus is a specious thing. When in the beginning you are slowly wiping up your deposit because of wrong decisions (-100, -200 bucks) seems like you are still in the black, because you’ve got $350 as a bonus. But in reality, you will be able to withdraw this bonus not that soon, and it means that this is not the real money yet. It’s better to keep in mind this kind of moments. And also the broker offers the lavarage 1:2000. I really do not recommend to use it to the fullest. It seems that this way you can get more income, but one wrong move against you and you will wipe up the whole deposit. I was almost stuck once that way, but I was lucky enough and get out even with some income)) Aafx trading is a great broker, but you need to understand which opportunities to use and which are better to ignore.

Unfortunately, this is a dishonest broker. I have two trading accounts opened with this company. On 06/26/2020 approximately at 16.00 GMT the company did not inform or warn, without any reason, blocked both my trading accounts 2132533045 and 2132534223 and nullified the balances on both accounts. over $173,000 .Immediately after that, they closed the online chat. Also blocked my personal account. My messages that I sent to customer support are not answered. On the first account I have open positions that need to be constantly monitored, but I have not had access to my account for 15 hours. It all started after I applied to withdraw funds from my second account. The application was submitted on 06/25/2020 and has not yet been executed. On both accounts a rather big amount. Now I would have been left with nothing.my friend had to direct me to a fund recovery specialist [email protected] GMX. COM.he recovered every penny for me. i believe AAFX TRADING are having some kind of madness, they do not even respond. Be careful, I in no way recommend this broker.

Yeah well, and you’re promoting some company that’s kinda supposed to be bleeding money out of brokers. But that’s these companies that are real scams, don’t you know that! Several years ago I had some pretty negative experience with some broker. well, I mean the broker was quite OK, it’s just that there were some withdrawal delays – that’s all. But I was way too inexperienced, you know, and got so anxious that I decided to turn to one of such companies for help. They took my prepayment and assured me they would work on that. The truth is that I received money from my broker within 3 days. But my bank informed me that the broker had paid the money a week ago, and it’s all merely about processing delays – nothing to worry about. And what’s more shocking, that kinda “company” didn’t even try to contact either my bank or the broker overall! They didn’t do anything, instead they were just waiting until the broker would pay me eventually. And after all that, I had to pay them a certain interest on the money I’d received, for it was stated in the contract that I have to share funds with the company if the broker pays me after all. And even though they did nothing for that, they didn’t care – such is the contract. Uh and of course, that whole story with the alleged two accounts is simply ridiculous. Crap, that’s what it is!

AAfx is perticulary notarble for its interface and connectivity to the zulu trade social trading network the fees here are quite low compared to the MT4 platform, customer support is easily accessible they get to sort any difficulties on time. I feel they should reduce the minimum deposit to create more room for starters. but generaly aafx is a good broker to invest in

I really like it that AAFX managers aren’t. you know, pushy. Unlike most brokers, they don’t pester their clients with phone calls. It seems that the comfort of their clients is more important to them than the immediate revenue from sales, and I believe that’s the right tactics. Because the truth is, if two brokers offer me equal conditions, I will most certainly opt for the one I like to work with – namely, the AAFX company.

I’ve been trading with this broker for some years back,just few months ago I I made a substantial bank transfer coming on for 48 hours before, yet it was still not showing in my account. I contacted customer services several times sending different mails and trying to call and they had answers as to where my all money is or when I will get it. I was devastated, most of these these companies are complete jokes. Fortunately, I was angrily surfing the internet when I saw this one recovery company, and decided contact them to report the situation. It was at www.primefinancerecovery.com . I actually got my deposited money back after certain hours. I really commend their efficiency, swiftness and reliability. AAFX need to do better. There might be a problem with their systems, and their customer services reps are probably just getting paid for signing up every morning.

I’ve been trading with this broker for some years back,just few months ago I I made a substantial bank transfer coming on for 48 hours before, yet it was still not showing in my account. I contacted customer services several times sending different mails and trying to call and they had answers as to where my all money is or when I will get it. I was devastated, most of these these companies are complete jokes. Fortunately, I was angrily surfing the internet when I saw this one recovery company, and decided contact them to report the situation. It was at www.primefinancerecovery.com . I actually got my deposited money back after certain hours. I really commend their efficiency, swiftness and reliability. AAFX need to do better. There might be a problem with their systems, and their customer services reps are probably just getting paid for signing up every morning.

I’ve been trading with this broker for some years back,just few months ago I I made a substantial bank transfer coming on for 48 hours before, yet it was still not showing in my account. I contacted customer services several times sending different mails and trying to call and they had answers as to where my all money is or when I will get it. I was devastated, most of these these companies are complete jokes. Fortunately, I was angrily surfing the internet when I saw this one recovery company, and decided contact them to report the situation. It was at www.primefinancerecovery.com . I actually got my deposited money back after certain hours. I really commend their efficiency, swiftness and reliability. AAFX need to do better. There might be a problem with their systems, and their customer services reps are probably just getting paid for signing up every morning.

I’ve been trading with this broker for some years back,just few months ago I I made a substantial bank transfer coming on for 48 hours before, yet it was still not showing in my account. I contacted customer services several times sending different mails and trying to call and they had answers as to where my all money is or when I will get it. I was devastated, most of these these companies are complete jokes. Fortunately, I was angrily surfing the internet when I saw this one recovery company, and decided contact them to report the situation. It was at www.primefinancerecovery.com . I actually got my deposited money back after certain hours. I really commend their efficiency, swiftness and reliability. AAFX need to do better. There might be a problem with their systems, and their customer services reps are probably just getting paid for signing up every morning.

I’m trading with AAFX Trading because there are the most beneficial spreads on ECN-accounts. The spreads are floating and in a quiet time, they do not exceed 1 pip for the major currency pairs. This is very beneficial, and only a few brokers can offer tighter spreads (back in my time I was learning all the market offers very detailed). But when the spreads are zero, I don’t trust such company, because probably it makes money by wiping out its traders. And here I see that the brokers are earning on commissions, they are not big, that is why beneficial for all, and here exists mutual rely on.

AAFX is a fine broker with decent trading conditions. Personally I started trading with AAFX years ago. At first I would pay little attention to this activity – I mean, I would open orders for several days or for a week, change systems, and generally behave in a truly disorganized and unprofessional way. Later though, I switched to scalping. That’s when I realized how one should actually trade. Owing to the tight spreads, scalping with AAFX is a truly rewarding activity – you can earn even with small trends and corrections if you notice the movement on time and enter it. And generally, I’m much more interested in scalping at the present time. I really feel like I’m ready to pay more attention to trading, grow and earn more and more.

Advantages: Conforming terms

Disadvantages: Weak reputation

Comment: AAFX Trading – one of many brokers, which popularity doesn’t reach market leaders. So they are trying to compensate it by some additional bonuses. You can start trading with AAFX with $100 both on regular and ECN-account. They have better spreads (from 0,6 pips for eurodollar), but even at reasonable volatility spreads will expand. Fixed spreads are not so advantageous. Two pips for eurodollar – not the best offer on the market. The list of assets is not bad – a few hundreds of assets for trading including CFD on shares. It is very convenient that you shouldn’t pay for swap while trading CFD. The main problem of the broker is an ambiguous reputation. The company have negative reviews on many sites, an overwhelming majority of them are obviously copied. Negative campaigning is a common thing in the forex world. And it seems like the broker doesn’t care. I think that these reviews shouldn’t be taken seriously. If it is the truth, the broker would be already closed. However, everyone looks at things like that from a different point of views, and probably the broker will lose some clients.

So I also noticed that negative reviews are appearing from time to time even though the broker is perfect, I don’t have any claims to them for 2 year of our cooperation. And then I noticed that all the reviews are kind of the same and strange. For sure this is an ordered by competitors reviews, or they are trying to promote something else. When the e-mail is left in such weird reviews it becomes clear that it is just a PR campaign.

Advantages: just positive experience

Disadvantages: Website design

Comment: I joined AAFX quite by accident – just read some good comments on forums and concluded that if a non-famous broker gets positive reviews, then this must be a really good company. When I got onto their site and got registered in the personal cabinet, I kinda got creeps :) No offence guys, but your website design really sucks :)) Anyway, I decided to give it a shot. After all, it is trading that really matters, while the MT4 is the same with any broker :) So, I made a deposit of $500 on the ECN-account and started trading. By the way, I even got a fine bonus for the first deposit, which was really a surprise. The trading was OK, it was all just positive experience. The only party responsible for profit or loss is me, and the broker does his job the way it should be. The execution is top-class as well, not a single bug throughout my history of trading. Recently I’ve made my first withdrawal – I decided to withdraw money to the credit card, that’s more reliable. The money came the very next day. Actually I asked the support right after the withdrawal how long it would take, and they said that it is usually in the course of 24 hours. Well so it happened, even sooner. In general, I’m completely satisfied with the broker and will continue our cooperation.

Finally, I have gotten back all my lost fund and bonus from olymptrade. They froze all my trading capital and deprived me access into my account for over two months now after I’ve invested $80K with them, my hard earned money. Thought I was not gonna see this day, but as God may have it, today I’ve got back all my money back for real. I will forever remain grateful to God. If you’ve been locked out from logging into your binary option trading account or you are unable to make withdrawal from your broker account, maybe because your broker manager is asking you to make more deposit before you can place a withdrawal and you need my assistance, kindly get in contact with [email protected] , I will guide you on steps to take to regain access to your account, make withdrawal freely and easy, as well as recover all your lost fund. visit, www.oxpahat.org

Comment: I’ve been trading Forex with AAFX for almost 2 years by now. Basically, I knew the conditions from the very beginning, I’m not a newbie on Forex. I chose AAFX because they offer an opportunity to start trading with ECN with just $100. Of course, later I increased the deposit, but usually I don’t start with big amounts of money – it’s more preferrable to make a small deposit and test the system. In general, the broker is quite adequate and does the job well, so I have no complaints. Probably I wouldn’t even think of writing a review, but then I saw all the crap that people write here and realized it’s time to share my own experience.

Disadvantages: Couldn’t Witdraw

Comment: Same story. I started with 30,000USD. They asked me to fund my account again as I thought i was making money and thought I could make more. After paying they left my trades open, then I couldnt login to close my trades. I lost everything and was told it was my mistake. I almost lost my mind. Thankfully, i have fought for my rights by hiring a recovery expert who got all my money back with damages. A total of 80,000USD Anyone in the same limbo, contact daviesmicheal6 at gmail,com

Such a bold-faced lie! I’m sick and tired already of the commercial from this recovery experts, do you think that all traders are complete idiots? Who will believe in all the same stories about you losing a whole bunch of money, going crazy, and then appaired a wizard, who returned everything to you?! Here is my advice to all the newcomers, who doesn’t have any experience on financial markets yet and making their first withdrawal. If the money delays, just contact support and wait just a little bit. In 99% cases this is a process of payment system delays, and your money is on the way to you. No recovery expert can speed up this process, but when the money will be accepted the recovery expert will be take the credit for it together with the half of your money. Personally, I never had any delays with the money withdrawal from Olymp Trade. I read a few times on forums, that some traders had delays – both times it happened in India, and as it turned out to be because of the fault of their local banks. If you want to get the money within a few hours – use skrill, if only card is suitable for you, when be ready to wait for 1-2 days, and don’t worry for nothing.

Comment: Be very careful with these fake binary options brokers, they are the best at taking your money but also making sure you never see it again, luckily for me I was able to have mine recovered by Geminihacks -.- com thank you guys enough good luck.

Comment: Don’t partake in such financial investments. I would advice you run at the hearing of the name HQbroker. I clearly got a second chance to learn from my mistake and make things right. On a good day like this, some months ago I clicked on an “Ad” while surfing the web about Binary Options deal which offered great returns. Decided to check it out by registering a demo account under an assigned account manager to learn how to carry out the trades. I had so much bonuses/profits with my demo account and that gave me the courage to get started. I was told by my account manager at HQbroker to get Started with $250, I listened and did as instructed and my returns were great. I decided to upgrade as the options at the higher levels were more lucrative. I invested more and more till it got to a total sum of $100,000. With these I was able to trade a few more times, I made much more bonuses than before then decided to Immediately I requested for a withdrawal I got excuses upon excuses asking me to invest more. They told me that I had to make a one off payment to cover charges and taxes etc, so I sent $60,150cent for that, also they deposited 150,000 into my metatrade account and asked to match it, then I was told that someone has issued a fraudulent Cheque putting their account over $ 800k in the red. The assured me that the situation would be resolved which took forever The solution was a bank which they started working with, and the money would be deposited there which I could withdraw at a small fee. I checked the “bank” out and it was a complete joke. The domain had only recently been registered, and funnily enough, to the same people who registered the “HQBroker” site. I conducted my own investigation and called the Domain registration company twice, and the responsible person never ever got back to me. I assume that someone internal is working with the scammers.I wrote it off as one of “life’s” expediencies but hoped I would come across a solution somewhere on how i can get all my funds back and then came across;Tombrooks0003 AT gmail (dtcm)–, I got in touch with their recovery section and I’m more than happy to share my experience with everyone on how they got my money back swiftly just as it was said in other online reviews i got to hear about them…I worked for over 20 years for that money they took and it was gone in a matter of months. My fault I know, but parasites like these people don’t deserve a place on this earth.Clearly, Got a second chance to learn from this.

Advantages: Decent execution

Comment: Even taking into consideration the broker’s regulation – I will continue to trade with him. I’m sure that the regulation is not that critical, because the regulation is often just a worthless piece of paper and a part of marketing. I’m glad, that aafx is not chasing the laurels and titles, insted they immediately withdrawing the money, which is more valuable. Usually, I make a withdrawal request in the evening once in 3-4 weeks. The next day I receive the money.

Advantages: Bonuses for the first deposit , significant leverage, trading without swaps (Islamic accounts)

Disadvantages: The website doesn’t support many languages and there is not many information, no PAMM

Comment: High-grade broker, no issues with trading at all, platform works perfectly. Also, I received a bonus. Soon I will fulfill the requirement of it and plan to withdraw. I have grown the deposit already. It is sad that there are no PAMM services. I wish I could have an opportunity for people to give me their money for asset management. This way I would receive additional income and people would also make some money. I hope this service will be added soon, but as for now I’m trading as it is ;)

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

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How To Make Money on Binary Options Trading
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