X-bit.it Review Is XBit a Scam or Should I Invest

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X-bit.it Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

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X-bit.it company is primarily about people. It is very important that the right principles and ideas are welcomed in the team. Every employee is a part of the team. A part of the big organism. And the only thing that bothers us every day is how to make our client happy. A prerequisite for any of our employees is daily growth. Once a week, we have a training session in our office on a topic chosen by our colleagues. We also strive to constantly grow spiritually in order to meet the level of X-BIT

Our company is officially registered in the Belize, which saves our customers from large taxes as much as possible

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Is X10 Platform a Scam? Bitcoin Trading Scam Revealed

You’ve always been interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, but you don’t know where you start and you don’t have time to learn about it.

You’ve probably come across a Bitcoin trading platform called X10 Platform. You’re interested in investing your hard-earned money, but you swore that you’re not going to fall into another scam again.

Well, this X10 Platform review is for you.

In this review, we’re going to discuss X10 Platform’s background, what it offers, its affiliate program, and its compensation plan. You’re also going to learn whether it’s a scam or not.

X10 Platform Summary

Product: X10 Platform

Price to join: From $97 to $997

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Rating: 0/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: X10 Platform claims that it is an automated Bitcoin trading platform. You don’t have to do anything or keep track of market trends. All you need to do is invest your money, and it does everything for you. Because it is fully automated, all you have to do is wait for profits. It doesn’t have any products or services. It does have an affiliate program where members can earn commissions simply by referring others to the so-called platform.

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What is X10 Platform?

X10 Platform markets itself as an automated Bitcoin trading platform. Investors don’t need to actively trade Bitcoin and keep track of the cryptocurrency market because the X10 Platform will do it all for them. According to its website, it can generate profit all day long using the AI-powered system.

Anyone is open to join the X10 Platform. All they need to do is register online, providing their name and contact details. Affiliates will then be redirected to the main dashboard where they track their Bitcoin earnings.

There are four types of membership X10 Platform offers. These plans include X10Go, X10 Plus, X10 Pro, and Ultra X10. Affiliates can earn automatic payouts every day. They can also downgrade or upgrade their membership without affecting their earnings.

It claims that the platform is very easy to use thanks to its AI-powered system. It is fully automated, so you don’t know have to keep track of the market every single hour.

What sets the X10 Platform apart is its so-called affiliate program. Just share X10 Platform to friends and family so you can earn a commission every time they, too, recruit others. You can receive as much as 10% commission for every successful recruit your team members bring in.

What Products Does X10 Platform Offer?

X10 Platform doesn’t offer any products or services its affiliates can promote and sell. What it offers, instead, is an affiliate program in which interested individuals can join. Members will then promote this affiliate program to their friends and families.

How Much Does X10 Platform Cost?

Affiliates need to invest a set amount to join X10 Platform.

Affiliates must pay $97 to become an X10 Go member. Would-be X10 Plus and X10 Pro members must invest $197 and $397 respectively. Those who want to join the Ultra X10 level need to pay $997.

X10 Platform Compensation Plan

There are several ways X10 Platform members can earn money.

X10 Go

Simply invest $97 to X10 Platform to receive at least $1,000 back.

X10 Plus

Invest $197 to get at least $2,500 in return.

X10 Pro

Investors who give $397 will receive a minimum return of $3,500.

Ultra X10

Investors who give $997 will receive a minimum return of $14,500.

Affiliate Recruitment Commissions

X10 Platform pays its affiliates each time they bring in new affiliates. All these commissions are paid within 60 days except for Ultra X10 which the affiliate will receive within 90 days. Here are the incentives they will receive.

* Earn $50 for every X10 Go you recruit.
* Earn $100 for every X10 Plus affiliate you recruit.
* Earn $200 for every X10 Pro affiliate you recruit.
* Earn $500 for every Ultra X10 affiliate you recruit.

Residual Commissions

X10 Platform claims that members can earn passive income when they join the platform. It has a uni-level compensation structure which means that the person recruited by a team member is placed under them. This goes on until level five.

You can earn as much as 10% commission for every recruit made by your level 1 team member. You will earn another 5% commission for every recruit made by level 2 to 5 team members.

What I Like About X10 Platform

There’s nothing to like about X10 Platform, and you’ll see why in the following section.

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What I Don’t Like About X10 Platform

X10 Platform is shrouded in secrecy

No one knows who created the X10 Platform and who ran it. It has several marketing videos on its website where a man named “Nick from CryptoTech” explains what X10 Platform is all about. But “Nick’s” identity is also shrouded in mystery. There’s a high chance “Nick” is just fictitious identity, and the voice behind it belongs to an actor you could hire off from Fiverr or any such websites.

According to its website, the platform is owned and developed by X10 Hosted Solutions. Its office is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The problem is the address it uses is a virtual office.

Because no one knows who the person behind this s-called crypto trading platform and it uses a virtual office, you’re going to have a hard time recouping your losses and making the owners accountable in case of problems.

X10 Platform is a typical Ponzi scheme

X10 Platform markets itself as a fully-automated Bitcoin trading platform, but it is nothing more than your garden-variety Ponzi scheme. First, it doesn’t have any products to offer but it wants you to invest hefty amounts for it to trade.

The return on investment is ridiculously high that investors with a trained eye will immediately know that this is a scam. Just imagine receiving a $1,000 return when you invest $97. Pretty impossible if you’re joining a legit company.

Another tell-tale sign that this is a Ponzi scheme is the fact that your earnings will not come from trading cryptocurrency itself but from recruiting other people into the scheme.

It’s not registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission

Because it’s not registered with the U.S. SEC, it’s not allowed to trade Bitcoin on behalf of its investors and operating as a trading platform is illegal.

Is X10 Platform A Scam?

Yes, the X10 Platform is a scam. In fact, this type of scam is classified as a Ponzi scheme. It markets itself as a trading platform that invests Bitcoin on the behalf of its members, but it’s not allowed to operate because it is not registered with the U.S. SEC. Because of this, there’s a high chance that you won’t receive the ROI and commissions it promises

It doesn’t offer any products that you can promote or sell. What you can promote is the affiliate program itself so you can earn commissions. These are some of the hallmarks of a scam.

Should you invest your money with the X10 Platform? Definitely not!

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X-bit.it Review: Is XBit a Scam or Should I Invest?

If you’re into online casino gambling then 1xBit.com should have been detected by your radar. This is an online casino that literally has it all. I have come across so many online casino websites, in which I would think at that time that they have it all and none comes close to what 1xBit.com has to offer. Yes, true, some websites might have more than 800+ games, but here at 1xBit, you get that variety that a gambler should have.

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Here at 1xBit.com, you can bet on your favorite Sports through their Sports Book. Choose from a myriad of games available to bet on. They also have live games depending on the country that you are accessing the website from, they have live casino games, virtual sports, table games, and a lot more! We will be talking about these different game tabs they have to offer today.

How to get started with 1xBit.com

It is really easy to create an account with 1xBit.com; you are even given the choice to either register with one click or by e-mail. In other words, you are given the choice to go the traditional way, which is with the use of email or you can just choose the “one click” registration which is really easy since you just need to select the currency that you want to play with then enter your email address and you are good to go!

Once you are on the website, you are now able to look into the website features more closely.

1xBit.com Website Interface, Bonuses, and Partnerships!

Let’s admit it, when it comes to online casinos, it is really awesome to have a website that offers not only a wide range of variety but we also need something in return as well. Here at 1xBit.com, you are able to get something in return and a lot more! So what does “a lot more” mean? Here are the Bonuses and features that a registered player can take advantage of.

  • 100% Bonus on your first deposit – In order for the bonus to take effect, you first need to create an account with 1xbit.com. After that a minimum deposit of at least 5 mBTC for the bonus to happen. The bonus funds will then be credited to your account after a few minutes of depositing.
  • Unlimited Cash back Bonus – This is probably the first time I have seen something like this in all of the websites that I have looked into, well maybe one of the firsts. Here at 1xbit.com, you get bonus points whenever you place a bet! And the points gained don’t matter if you have won the bet or not. As long as you have placed a bet, bonus points will be credited automatically to your account.
  • Accumulator of the Day – This feature can increase the odds automatically 10% from the regular odds listed on their website, now who doesn’t want that? Though you are unable to use additional features like Advancebet, it would still be an advantage to get an increase in odds. You can read more about it here.
  • Advancebet – An advance bet is offered based on the evaluation of the potential returns from your unsettled bets. This means that if you have on-going bets, and the total of the potential winnings bets is larger than what you currently have, you are able to place an Advancebet. Read more about how to get an Advancebet here.

Aside from the Bonuses and awesome perks you get if you create an account with 1xBit.com, you also get the chance to be a partner! Yes, that is correct; you are able to get a chance to work with them. Not just become an affiliate, but the chance to be a real partner. They even also offer jobs to people that are interested to be a part of their team. You can get more information regarding these offers here.

Clearly, 1xBit.com is more than just a sportsbook/online casino, they offer more than any other websites out there today, remember what I just told you earlier? We’re not done yet! Let’s move forward and explore this website together.

Available Games at 1xBit.com

The crème of the crop, the icing on top of your cup cake; that one thing that makes an online casino, yes, you are right, GAMES! We have looked into the features and the bonuses that you get when you create an account with 1xBit.com, now it’s the time to look beyond that and what you get after you have entered the door.

Due to the number of game tabs they have here, we will be looking into games in a general manner to avoid confusion.

Sportsbook – What’s great about their Sportsbook is that you are able to choose the region that you want to bet on. This is one way of them making sure that one Sportsbook tab isn’t cluttered with all the options that they have. This also clearly means that they have enough games to bet on to be considered to have separate tabs for different countries. This tab can be accessed through their “SPORTS” tab, just click the drop down selection and choose “Bet on your National Team” and you will be given a different tab for you to choose from. Aside from the Sportsbook, they also have a separate tab for “Match of the Day” feature. This feature enables the user to bet on the given sport being played at. The sports that are featured are random and would mostly be part of current sporting events in the world. Games range from Football to Water Polo and eSports!

Live Games – Do not get confused with “Live Games” and “Live Casino Games” as they are two different things here at 1xBit.com. Let us first look into their Live Games tab. The Live Games tab contains real live games to be chosen from! I have taken a look at one of their games under the eSports tab and I was honestly amazed how the website can stream live videos without any problems at all. For a person that loves to bet on eSports, I found their website really awesome!

Their Live Games doesn’t stop on eSports alone as they, of course, offer exciting live feeds to place a wager at. Have you ever betted on a live cockfight before? Well here at 1xBit.com, you can!

Live Casino – The Live Casino tab here is way different from any other online casinos you have been before. Usually online casinos would only have two game providers that would provide them daily live game tables for their users to choose from. Here at 1xBit.com, the selection of game providers is crazy enough! Not to mention, each game provider has more than a dozen tables to offer, do you get the picture how huge their live game table selection is? Choose from live table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and a lot more! Again, what amazes me with this website is the sheer number of options they are providing you with. To name a few game providers we have Casino Grand Virginia, Extreme Live Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and more.

Regular Games – Due to the number of games that you are able to play here at 1xBit.com, I have segregated the games tab into “Regular Games” as this is what it is when you play it here. I mean, from all of the options you get, your staple games become regular games in no time. Here at their “Games” tab, you can play Blackjack, Scratch Games, Wheel of Fortune Games, and different table games.

Poker – Their available Poker games here are live games wherein you are able to play against real people. Unlike any other websites that offer you games where you play against the computer, here everything is done differently. The great thing about their Poker tab is that you are able to choose to play with Real Money or Play Money, and both of these options are available to all tables. This means that you can play against a real person using play money. How awesome is that?

Lottery – Their Lottery games can be found under the “More” tab. Here you are able to choose from two different Lotto games, one would be National Lottery Draws from around the world and the other one would be a Lottery within the website itself. Yes, you read it right; you are able to bet on the next Power Ball here at 1xBit.com. Do you feel luck today?

Aside from the mentioned tabs above, there are still a lot more games to explore at 1xBit.com. Jackpot games, guessing games and literally a LOT more! You are also able to play on their website on the Go using their mobile version of the website, which you are able to access here.

Gamble on Numbers

I am not talking about automated dice games, but the only numbers that count, money. Yes, you are able to place bets on the current exchange market. Bet against USD or EUR depending on the pairing that you think is the best profitable for your move. Aside from the currency market, you are also able to get into Forex trading using your crypto currency of choice.

How to transfer funds into your account

Now that we’ve looked into almost every possible way to bet here at 1xBit.com, it is time to know how to transfer funds into your account. So how do we do that? Unfortunately, the only way to transfer funds into your account is that if you already have an existing wallet containing the crypto currency that you already own. Here are the currencies that they accept:

With this being said this means that you are unable to directly connect your credit card to their website and just funnel cash from that. They also do not accept Wire Transfers which makes it even harder for people that are not into crypto currencies. But this is also good news for people that love anonymity.

Customer Service

1xBit.com offers 24/7 Customer Service, there is no doubt about that. The location of the Live Chat button is not hard to find as this can be located on the lower right corner of their home screen. You can contact them through live chat, or email. The only problem is that they do not offer any phone support, which could have been even better.

Pros and Cons

  • Ridiculously large amount of games and sports to bet on
  • Sportsbook accepts Bitcoins
  • Live Games
  • Crazy Promotions and Bonuses
  • Very Fast Registration
  • NO Deposit and Withdrawal Fees
  • Need website redesigning (some areas are cluttered)
  • No banking options other than crypto currencies

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This website is awesome! If you want to visit a website wherein you are able to practically bet on anything you can think of? Then this is the website to be in. I am not even exaggerating that, create an account and see for yourself. 1xBit.com has shattered my expectations and raised the bar higher for what an online casino should be! It was a really great experience looking around at what they have to offer. The only thing that I found oddly irritating is the fact that they do not accept credit cards or wire transfers, they should work on that. All-in-all, a great website to spend and earn money from!

Absolutely terrible casino. Literally stealing from me right now. I deposited $650 and they are refusing to credit my account or refund my money and are claiming they wont do it for 30 days despite it sitting directly in their ether classic wallet. STAY FAR AWAY

I converted points into a free bet of 32mbtc but cannot use it because of limits on my account.

I contacted support on mutiple occasions but they refuse to refund points or re-issue the bonus in an amount i can use

scam. does not credit the deposit .

Their support is horrible. Their bonus is just on paper and never funded to clients. The slots return rate is absolutely ridiculous. The 1xgames section design is deceiving putting number above the Auto Spin button to make it look like how many auto spins to run when in fact its how much to stake.

Cashback are not credited either.

like others said,

I see no address or location of their licensed office on their website. Looks like a scam.

Many negative comments here? Thinking if i will play

This is a RUSSIAN Casino-STAY AWAY at all costs-they are ripping off the public to support their ways-which are illegal and far from popular-any rave reviews are theirs-STAY AWAY!

I hace no idea why so many bad reviews. I play there for the last several months and only one incident coz I deposited from different currency and then had small problems while wihtdrawing so better stick to one currency and one address that you make deposits from otherwise you may find problems while withdrawing funds. To me all is good, they don’t have address coz they are cryptocurrency casino and no license needed to that as well but thanks to it it’s 100% anonymous, no verification at all (which we all know how much horrible can be sometimes). They also offer cashback accordingly to your account status which I always get �� I recommend it and I am genuine player.
Oh one thing I like to add, as it’s anonymous casino I would not put big amount of money like more than 1000 – 2000 EUR (equivalent) as you never know. Though I doubt they want to risk their reputation.

please do not even try to bet on 1xbit.

firstly my deposited was “gone” after 1.5 hour chatting and mailing the funds were in my account.

secondly, i placed an bet wich i had the possibility to cash out at 75% profit, but i didn’t 5 min later the bet was lost… but the game was still on. ( i betted on Team 1 has most goal attempts, it was 1-0 in extra time i placed the bet in minute 105 of extra time first half)

the chat and mail tell me the bet was an bug of the site, but i had to read the “agreement” after this scammy apoligize they told me the bet was only valid for the first half of the game (min 0-45′) how on earth can i place an bet in minute 105′ for the first half?? this is really a big scam website, stay away, far away!

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