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CardPay was founded in 2009 and has several offices around the world. CardPay is a global online payment market leader with more than 100 employees in Russia and Europe. Operations in all payment systems provide support for all their currencies and cryptocurrency transactions.
The company’s headquarters is in Cyprus (Limassol). In Russia, office development is presented in Vladivostok and Novosibirsk, in which more than 50 talented developers work.
CardPay cooperates with permanent payment systems that require high standards and requirements. CardPay offers its own MPI solution certified by Visa and MasterCard.

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Frank from Brazil

They block your card if you do more than 2 transactions, it’s terrible.

Chibala Chakaba from Zambia

Why is it giving me problems to deal with withdraw and deposit on my Skrill account please if you have to kindly work on that because are in need of this service please and soon as you get this.

Tash from South Africa

Horrible service, it’s been 27 days, i still haven’t received my money that was sent to me.

Christina from Cyprus

It’s been 2 years and a half since we are Cardpay’s clients. Cardpay still adds new features and optimizes the processes. Almost all companies in Cyprus are actually their clients and they are all positive about their work. Now the onboarding takes from one day which is almost impossible for Cyprus, very fast! So why so much negative feedback? (some of them are as irrelevant, as they show those people don’t even understand what Cardpay does.) People don’t normally leave the feedback if everything works neither did we. That’s a pityеру some fired employees can’t deal with the dismissal. Wish all the best to Cardpay.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!

  • Binomo

    Good choice for experienced traders!

Svetlana from Russian Federation

Нагло украли 150$ в двух выводах. Деньги два раза просто не зашли и испарились даже. И на счету в CARDPAYl их нет уже месяц

Tony from Israel

I have been CARD PAY clients for over 1 year. The company systematically violates the terms of the contract, there is no support, to get any response is impossible. Very often they cheat, provide incorrect reports on payments of funds.

Teresa from Poland

I have been using this bank for about 5 years. On the positive side, you can receive payments in foreign currency directly from buyers. You can sell goods on Amazon and receive money directly to a US currency account.

Wilson from United Kingdom

Josef from Germany

this system is unreliable for me. Always technical problems. We willnt use any more, i dont want to lose my money.

Manuel from Italy

I found a low commission, excellent workers from those. support, and rapid withdrawal of funds here!

PayOp Reviews

39 • Great

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 39


Many payment methods for the customers
Pretty simple and good administrator UI, but lacking more options like add workers, charts etc.

High fees
Bad support
Sometimes the website has issues with logins
Not all creditcards trust PayOp and some banks block the payments

PayOp is not good if you want to run a…

PayOp is not good if you want to run a profitable business. First of all the fees are extremly high. They charge you X% + custom fee (like 30 cents) per transaction. On top of this they also charge you with 1-5% for every payout (depending on the methode).

In total you lose at least 10% of the order volume. Compared to other sites which usual work with a 2-4% fee spectrum this is just too expensive.

And the best of everything is their low support quality. Not only does it takes days until they reply, also their answers are more off-topic. If you ask 4 questions in one ticket they will answer you 1 or 2 maybe. Their support is just time waste.

Better stay away and look for other alternatives. Here you pay much for zero service.

I have problems with withdrawal my balance

I have problems with withdrawal my balance. They locked payout features on my account with no reasons. Support didn’t answer from last Friday.


Thank youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ for best support and everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

PAYOP is gay

You can´t find Paysafe and Paypal!

Our team is on touch with your by email.

Please stop post false, information accusations and play public as it will not affect our compliance team decisions.
PayOp is following all local and international laws and standards in our operations.

Also PayOp has public offer for SME accounts, you can look into it by link:

Withdrawal problems and slow support

Since 1 month ago, they have problems with bank payouts.

On their website they clearly state that bank withdrawals can take maximum 7 days.

Well, I created a payout on March 16th and still haven’t received yet.

This is seriously damaging my business since we are a startup and we need constant cashflow in order to pay suppliers, maintain website, etc.

To date, we have 3 pending payouts. I will update review once the money is in our bank account.

They are working to solve issues and offered alternative payout options with high fees.

I will update again when everything is solved and we can work with them again normally.

We kindly sorry to hear your project was not approved

Payop has strict on boarding policies which are based on international, local and payment providers regulation.

But PayOp team never evaluating anyone’s religion or race.

This guy today verified my business

This guy today verified my business. I am so happy. Thank you so much PayOp team

Very high quality service

Very high quality service, I am satisfied and recommend it!!

Thank you so much PayOp team.

Thank you so much PayOp team ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.I am happy to work with your company.Thanks !

Great company

Great company, specialists work. Provide quality online payment service.

PayOp is the best

PayOp is the best. I like to work with them.

PayOp team the best

PayOp team the best. I am very glad that I dealt with you ❤️❤️❤️

Very big thanks for a this company .

Very big thanks for a this company . Thank you very much!
This guy today verified my business i am very happppy)))))

Thank you for the quality work and…

Thank you for the quality work and payment service. You are the best in your field!

You can trust them, but they need to work on better communication.

I have applied for processing in January for card processing, before that, I had no experience with card processing, and few of my competitors were using PayOp so I decided to apply, the first impression was 5 star, quick approval, quick withdraw, bit higher fees but I’ve been said after 6 months I can apply for better terms, all reasonable considering I am a new user so they cant give best rates.

Good sides:
Fast Approval
Good Rates
Lots of Payment Methods
Fast payouts ( at least first one )
Simple and clean checkout page
Good for high-risk businesses
Better than PayPal

Bad sides:
Bad and slow support website support ( there is skype support which can give u faster answers )
Around 50% payments were blocked by customer bank ( mostly US customers) , tho after making call to their bank payment went trough and no problems with future payments.

About me:
My name is Milan and I am coming from Bosnia, owner of small legal busniess and website ( misti.services ) which is doing services ( boosting ) in video games for over 5 years. Covering over 2000 customers per year, and growing on a yearly basis. Collected over 800+ real reviews on multiple trading sites. You can trust this review.

Why 1-star rating now?
Problems started in march, first, my withdraws were delayed for 2 weeks ( their website says 7 days max wait time ), got no explanation why is their delay and withdraw was processed successfully after 2 weeks.No problems, everyone can face some downtime so i was ok with that.

Withdraw page: https:// prnt.sc/ rm33qh

But real problem started a week ago, on 16.03 when I tried to withdraw 3k euros and got rejected after that support asked me to provide them more info on transactions i had from January, which is strange, they asked even for information which they had already, soon after i got that request, i provided them answer for what they asked.

The day passed, no answer so I decided to make one more withdraw, which got rejected within 3 hours, and I’ve been requested to provide more details on even more transactions I got, which I did, it took me bit time but I gave them answers on each transaction they asked.

Now 4 days after that, there is no answer to the support team, and the option to withdraw money is disabled without any explanation whatsoever. Proof https:// prnt.sc/ rm2t53

I am small seller so having access to funds is essential for my business, and I hoped that I am in good hands, considering PayOp is small and new player on market, but PayOp turns to be just another payment processor whos not caring much about their users.

Should you use it?
Considering there are many payment processors, PayOp is not doing its best to attract customers, but they are trying to be better. Since I started using them some visual improvements are noticed on the website, and they are more active on social media so you can expect them to get better over time. If u are doing high-risk business, and you are looking for the fast and simple approval process, you should apply and start using PayOp and see how it will work for you, BUT be sure you dont keep high amount of money, otherwise you might face issue like me, leaving you without option to withdraw money for no reason. I will keep using them for now, but if I face more problems and delays in the future will turn to other payment processors.

I will edit this review if the problem with my withdraw is solved, but I won’t be able to give a 5-star rating, there is still few things PayOp needs to earn a 5-star rating.

Update 26.03:
After talking with Skype support agent by name Denis I understand the situation now and waiting on further updates.Hes very helpful person who pointed in parts of my review which were inaccurate and helped me to get some insight into issue with my withdraws.

Update 27.03
Customer support on website replied on my tickets, asking me to provide screenshoots or documents about services i completed.Kinda cofused what they are asking of me, already provided screenshoots where customers confirmed that service is completed.Will update this review further with new information once i have them.

Update 27.03
My account is restored after review of transactions is completed, I requested withdraw, will update this review once withdraw is received. I will keep processing with them, feeling more comfortable now considering they are more familiar with my business model after this review is made.

Update 06.04
Still waiting on my last withdraw, expecting to receive it this week.

Goodpay.biz Review: Scam with no Persuasive Abilities

Goodpay.biz Review: Scam with no Persuasive Abilities


Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020 @ 11:46 am

Goodpay.biz is an investment scam. Before you get talked into investing your money in this dubious operation, you should think long and hard. Good Pay claims that they are the experts in the transport industry with many years of experience. However, when we continue to read further, we see Good Pay also claiming that they are an independent service provider and also a huge team who are working with bankers, brokers, auditors and many other professionals 24/7 a week. Somehow, Good Pay does not elaborate on their transport business and instead dwell on something else. In another part of the website, they switch the language and claim that they are ”trading specialists” who trade the markets according to the rules.

Their strategies of trading are allegedly safe and are able to generate consistent profits. However, they also refer to themselves as ”Permanent Earn Limited” which is a different entity altogether. This entity has no associations with Good Pay in any shape or form. It appears that these scammers copied these texts from the Permanent Earn Ltd website which is also another scam. All in all, we see that these are lazy scammers hiding behind Good Pay website and only copy-pasting texts because they want a quick buck which is gained by doing nothing.

By evaluating their about us section, we can see that Good Pay is not a legit trust fund, and must be avoided at all cost. It is allegedly registered as Goodpay.biz LTD, and they are claiming to offer the best terms to their investors. In addition to that, they claim that this platform is offering long term investment solution. What you should be aware of is that Good pay is actually not an investment platform but a ponzi scam. This is seen in the way they are not able to properly introduce their business to the audience they are targeting.

Let’s remove the mask and expose the rot behind Good Pay in this review. If you wanted to invest your money here, you better think long and hard. We recommend trading of financial assets and even Cryptocurrencies rather than putting money in a scam like Good Pay Ltd.

Good Pay Review

The site claims that they are honest and transparent with their fees and charges. They also re-assure their investors that the rate of earnings will be determined by the investment package chosen. But as you can see, this is a high yield investment scam with too good to be true returns. There are 3 high yield investment plans which, according to this ponzi scam, will earn you 500% per day and up to 50,000% in 3 days. And from what you can see, this is unreasonable earnings which can neither be explained by these scammers or the people who are considering investing in the scam.

The minimum investment is $30. However, Good Pay is encouraging investors to commit more by promising lucrative incentives for trusting them with a lot of money. That is the reason they are claiming that you will earn 50,000% in 3 days if you trust them with the third plan. But definitely anyone who takes this route will lose a lot of money and recovering from that lose will take some time. It is disappointing psychologically. $3000 is by no means a small amount to get scammed of. In fact, before you can send that amount, you should ask yourself several questions pertaining to the investment activities of the site, their licensing, experience, track record and qualifications for managing investor funds. If you don’t question these things and instead rush to make an investment decision, you will cry a lot in the end.

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Fake testimonials

There are a couple of fake testimonials on this site and the aim is to make people believe that these returns are achievable. The truth is that no one can achieve 500% daily ROI even if they invested in several business ideas at once. It just doesn’t make sense generating this much. For one to claim that they are generating a daily ROI of 500%, they must prove it because even the best hedge funds out there don’t generate anything close to 500% in a year. So definitely Good Pay is taking us for a ride here because they cannot prove their performance and source of income generation as well.

In addition to this, they are making a big mistake by faking testimonials in order to gain credibility. This is not how it’s done. And investors will definitely find out what is happening. It isn’t difficult to know that these fake testimonials are accompanied by stock photos instead of photos of the people who actually used this service. Even the statements sound fake as they lack the legitimacy that comes from people who are actually pleased with something they consider to be good.

A typical Ponzi scheme theme

Now, even if we don’t go into details, we can just look at the template to know how basic and unsophisticated this scam is. The template they are using is a basic Ponzi scam script which nearly all scammers in this industry are using. It’s very difficult to convince a serious investor that Good Pay is a genuine investment fund. They lack the ability to persuade us with evidence and facts. They don’t have the numbers to prove that they are actually generating a 500% daily ROI, yet this is the first thing any potential investor should be asking.

Our best advice for you

By now, we know that Good Pay is not involved in any legit investment activities, plus their claims are not verifiable. This scam is basically taking people’s money in form of Cryptocurrencies and putting it in their pockets. There is no genuine business operation here. Because of this, the site is going to collapse soon. We bet that 6 months won’t pass before it can disappear. If you are serious of investing, you must prepare to be a trader and actually use automated trading tools for this purpose. Otherwise, don’t believe in cheap scams. They are wasteful especially if you invest what you can’t afford to lose.

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